sleep, glorious sleep...

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

What do you do when there’s no electricity for 15 hours? Me? I slept. I spent the better part of Tuesday in my room, alternately sleeping and grumbling. :p

There’s a typhoon in the country and when there’s a typhoon, a blackout is expected. But 15 hours of with no electricity?! Dang! I did not expect that at all. We still don’t know what caused the power outage. It could be the because of the strong winds, which knocked out power lines, or a transformer blew up, or the power company just took precautions and cut the power. At this point I don’t really care what happened. I’m just glad the power is back.

The power outtage started at 12:30 pm, lasted until 12:30 am, then lost electricity again from 3 am till 6 am. Parusa talaga. Kakaines!

An hour after the power was cut, I thought I'd draw, so I got my HB & staedler pencils, my trusty eraser and my sketch pad. But I wasn't in the mood to draw, so all I could draw was a face. Then I thought I'd read, but because of the typhoon, it was kinda dark, so near-sighted me couldn't read well.

There wasn't anything much to do when there's no electricity and the weather was conducive to sleeping or cuddling, but I didn't have anyone to cuddle with (wahahaha!), so I slept. And I'd grumble and complain that there's still no electricity whenever I'd wake up from my long naps :p

I think I've been so used to the comforts of life that I didn't know what to do during the blackout, except sleep. Everyone at the house also slept or did their own thing, and I wasn't really in the mood to talk,and I guess so were they. :p I listened to the radio and I checked email until my cellphone's battery died out. But after that... yup, I slept again.

♥ JeN