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Monday, June 14, 2004

In my barkada, June is the busiest month. Five friends celebrate their birthdays in June - Bula (June 1), Ria (June 13 - which is also her wedding anniversary), Aimee (June 14 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MEEH!), Maita (June 20) & Gerbee, Maita's husband (June 21).

Since it's their birthdays and we haven't seen each other in months, Aimee is coordinating the "get-together" this Saturday, somewhere in Makati. Maita called this morning and said it's probably going to be at their house. I hope I could come, it's been months since I last saw them, but this week mom is due for her third session. We'll know the exact date tomorrow, when we go to St. Luke's for mom's check-up.

My barkada and I have been together since second year high school... more or less, 13 years. Wow... It's been that long already?! nyahahaha! I've known most of them since Grade School, but we became close only in second year. We've been through a lot together, in good times and in bad, and even if we don't see each other that often, we're still here for each other. There may have been conflicts over the years, but we've manage to get through it. High school wouldn't be as fun if I didn't know them - we had so many adventures together, it's a wonder none of us ever got suspended. Hahahaha!

If there's one thing I really like about my barkada, it's how we get to be ourselves, maintain our individualities, and still get along. We're not part of a herd, we think for ourselves and we may disagree about some stuff, but we stick together. We may have other sets of friends, we may not see each other as often as we used to, but I know they're still there in good times and in bad. When have get togethers, we're still the noisy, talkative, naughty, fun-loving bunch we've been since high school. Pag nagkita kami, parang hindi kami matagal na hindi nagkikita. Walang nagbabago. Masaya :D

We've grown together, though the tears and the laughters. and I'm really glad they're my friends.

hooo.. tama na, baka maiyak na ako. hihihi!

♥ JeN

Yes, I'm a survey freak... :p

Monday, June 14, 2004

1. What is your favourite film? too many to list down, see my profile :p
2. What is your favourite type of film? romantic comedy & horror (pero duwag ako :p)
3. When was the last time you went to see a film? 2 wednesdays ago, my siblings and i watched Harry Potter 3: The Prisoner of Azkaban
4. Who do u like going to see movies with? friends & family (kung meron s.o, di shempre sha ;p)
5. Finally, if you could be in a film, what character would u be?

Last thing...
1. What's the last thing you did before you came online? talked to Maita on the phone
2. What's the last thing you ate? cheese rings, hehehe
3. Who's the last person you borrowed money from? mommy :p
4. who's the last person you kissed? mom din
5. When's the last time you took a shower? this morning

Pick one...
1. chocolate or ice-cream?
i like both but if I were to choose only one, i choose chocolate (especially almonets, ferrero & cadbury dairy milk :p)
2. banana or peach? peach
3. vanilla or whipped cream? whipped cream
4. strawberry or rasberry? neither. i like blueberries
5. hot chocolate or cold tea? hot choco

Odd habits...
1. Do you talk in your sleep?
sometimes, especially when i'm very tired
2. Do you talk to yourself? hahaahaha! yup... pos i talk back.. hahaha! baliw :p
3. Do you sleepwalk? no
4. Do you snore? hehehe.. oo daw, pos pag super pagod or drunk.. malakas daw :p shucks...
5. Any other interesting habits? i can't think of any right now