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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Awww shuxxx... Linkin Park concert tonight.. and I am not watching. I'm not watching for a number of reasons, in random order(hehehe.. parang pang-Ms. Universe :p) :

1. Tickets are expensive. There are more important stuff to spend it on;
2. Tonight is mom's tentative third chemo cycle, so I already blocked out the 15th in my calendar. (As of now though, I'm still not sure when it will push through - maybe on Thursday)
3. I'm wary of the Linkin Park "mosh pit" (lame excuse)
4. I didn't win the tickets RT was giving away, no matter how many times I texted in to join :p ;

Hehehe.. jinustify talaga :p

I wasn't able to watch last month's concert of the Black Eyed Peas either, but that's okay. Since ABS-CBN was one of the major sponsors, the group had a lot of appearances on the network & the network affiliates. Overexposure! :p Even the life story of the Filipino-American member, (Allan Pineda) was shown on "Maala-ala mo Kaya?", his reunion with his mother & his siblings were shown on another show, "Lukso ng Dugo", and several other shows. Heck.. even the concert was shown on Myx. Hahaha! So it was like I was there, too. :p

I wonder which popular foreign act will visit Manila next?

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Hmmmmm.. lately I've been getting questions like, "Aren't babies adorable? When do you plan to have your own?" My answer? Find me a father first. Wahahaahahaha!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

1. Has anyone in your family recently had a baby? Two cousins in law gave birth two months apart.
2. Do you want the near future. yup, i want 3 at most
3. What is your favorite baby name for a girl? I know I made a list somewhere... But what I remember are Meredith and Danielle
4. What is your favorite baby name for a boy? Matthew Benedict or Nathaniel
5. What's the one thing that makes you NEVER want to have kids? child birth. wahahahaha!

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