hay nakoh...

Thursday, June 17, 2004

It's 12 minutes past midnight. I should be sleeping already coz we're leaving early for the hospital tomorrow (er.. technically it's today ;p). Third chemo cycle ni mommy... I hope it will be the last.

Shet... I'm on emote mode again. I was actually distracting myself since this afternoon so I wouldn't dwell on it. but it's not working. Specially since I read my sister's blog. Haay..

Weird. My siblings and I don't talk about it much, but I know we're all feeling the same thing. They ask me about it, coz I'm always the one accompanying mom to the doctor, for tests and her chemo. But we don't talk about how we feel. I guess we don't talk about it coz we don't want to have a crying fest. That's why I'm grateful that I have friends who I could talk to when I'm feeling down. Like now, as I am writing this, I'm talking to 3 friends who are making me laugh - Mylin, Neil & Clare. Oh and Eloisa on text, 4 friends pala. Yep multitasking again. :) Thanks guys! :D

Blogging and keeping a diary helps, too. At least I can write down how I feel and it somehow eases the pain and it makes me feel better. Thanks to blog friends, too, coz your comments, especially when I'm in this kind of mood, makes me feel so much better.

Hay.. tama na... I gotta get out of this mood. And I gotta catch some zzzs so I won't feel like a zombie in the morning.

♥ JeN