happy birthday, gian!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Today is my nephew Gian Carlo's 5th birthday. Yep, he's the makulit kid I talked about before. The family mascot. hahaha!

Wow. Time flies fast. He's already 5 years old! And to think just a few years ago we were videotaping his baby baths. I wonder how hed feel when he's older and he sees those videos. Hahaha! Pangblackmail :p

I called their house this morning and he was the one who answered. He sounded so perky that I thought he was his cousin Hannah. He, on the other hand thought I was my mom. He called me mommy. Nyahaha! I greeted him happy borthday and after saying thank you he gave the phone to his mom and told her, "Ma, ikaw na kumausap kay Tita Jennie" . Apparently, he wanted to watch tv, rather than talk to me. :p

I asked his mom how he was doing in school and she said he was doing well. Bibong-bibo ang little mama. His mom said that the other day he was complaining coz he always finishes first. He said, "Ma, bakit ba ang bagal nila? Ako mabilis." Wahahaha! Ang yabang, manang-mana sa ama. Hihihi!

Aww.. miss ko na si Giantot!

♥ JeN

PS: Chie, salamat sa pictures ni Gian, kinopy ko from your blog.

Hmm... controversial ito... wahahah!

My life is rated NC-17.
What is your life rated?


Tuesday, June 22, 2004

1. What kind of grades did you make/are you making while in school? pretty good, except for the math subjects. hehehe
2. What kind of student were you? for some reason, my classmates thought i was a nerd, but i really am not. but that's okay coz when there are pranks in school, my friends and i get away with it, coz the teachers thought we were goody-goody. hahahah!
3. What was did you do while you were bored in class? i was doodling. all my notebooks had drawings. passed notes. pag super bored, i made ballpen tattoos on my left hand.
4. What subject did you struggle in the most? The one you were good at? i hated trigonometry and geometry (i still don't see the point of proving theorems :p). I was good in english (grammar & lit) and art subjects
5. What do you regret the most about school? I regret not doing better. I mean, I wasn't delinquent or anything like that, but I felt like as long as I passed it was okay. I know I could have done better in some subjects. I felt that I was contented by mediocrity.