Sunday, June 27, 2004

It's past 3 in the morning and I am still awake. My siblings and I just came from the Studio 23 event Baybreak at Roxas Blvd. I was already sleepy on the way home, but now that I am here, sleep evades me.

The event started around 5 pm, but my brother, Toppet and my cousins, Geng, Geebee & Tess, arrived there around 8 pm, coz the cool bands will perform starting at 9 pm. We met my sister, Chie and her friends, Dinah & her hubby Dennis, Laya and Des at the venue. We didn't see them at first (kasi labo mata ko. hihihi!), but I called my sister and we saw them standing at the island. They got a good spot, coz even if we weren't really close to the stage, we could see it clearly.

I was meeting friends there, too and they (Janice, DK & their friend, Nats) arrived about 15 minutes after we did. It was funny, coz we were trying to locate each other but couldn't. I was talking to DK on the phone telling her where I was and looking through the crowd. Then I turned around and I saw them across the street, and they were just a few feet away from us. We saw Eloisa & her friends after a few minutes, and we chatted in between band performances.

My cousin Caloy and his wife Rochelle, were still waiting for their friends at Robinson's Place, and they arrived a few minutes before 9 pm.

The event at the Roxas Blvd. baywalk was sponsored by Studio 23, they were relaunching the station and they also launched their new station ID. It was also a "party" for their target market (the young ones, me included. hihihi!).

There were 5 stages along the span of the baywalk, one for a genre of music. One stage was for acoustic & jazz acts, one for hiphop & r&b, pop, rock & reggae, and dance music (with world famous djs spinning. 50 bands & 30 performers were there to entertain the large crowd. The southbound lanes of Roxas Blvd. were closed to traffic from Quirino Avenue to Pedro Gil, and the 3 northbound lanes were reduced to one lane in front of the stages, coz of the crowd.

We were in front of Camp Green, as the organizers called it, which was the rock & reggae stage. Some of the bands scheduled to perform were at Camp Green were: Rivermaya, Greyhounds (who were awesome!), Itchyworms, Sugarfree, Kapatid, & Sandwich.

We went to Camp Yellow around 10 pm to catch Bamboo perform (woohoo! but why were they on the pop stage?). When we got there, Truefaith was wrapping up their set and Bamboo was next. That was when the rain decided to make an appearance. We looked for shelter and we found a spot near the Malate Church. When the rain stopped we went back to Camp Yellow just as Bamboo took the stage. They were awesome! Galeng talaga! Wala na ako masabing iba, basta ang galing nila! Ira, aside from being a total eye candy (hehehe!) played the guitar really, really well. They worked up the crowd and everyone was singing along and jumping around. Even the motorists had to stop and watch them. They sang four songs, of course their hits Noypi & Mr. Clay, and Awit ng Kabataan & Elesi, from Nathan & Bamboo's former band, Rivermaya (who were performing, at the same time, over at Camp Green).

I thought it was unfair that the two bands were made to perform simultaneously. I would have wanted to see both bands but I'd rather see Bamboo so we went over to Camp Yellow. As soon as Bamboo ended their set, we made our way back to Camp Green. I thought I'd still catch even a bit of Rivermaya's performance but they were done. My cousins told me they also performed Awit & Elesi, as well as Balisong, Umaaraw, Umuulan and 214 (shucks! I wanted to hear that song...) Greyhounds had started their set when we arrived. The crowd was loving it. Ang galing din nila. Super! Sayang lang talaga at kulang na sila ng isang member. Their guitarist died at a car accident recently. Sad... but it was good to see that the band was moving on and that they still perform at a 100%.

The itchyworms were performing their song Happy Birthday when it rained again. It was harder this time and they stopped their performance. Boohoo! We didn't leave our spots. to hell with getting wet (we were already wet anyway :p), and we waited for the show to resume. When the rain let up, the fireworks display, which were scheduled at 1 am were started. That was when we thought the show was over. It was a letdown. I wanted to see Sandwich perform and I didn't. Bummer.

We decided to hang out, chatting up a bit as the crowd began to thin out. We could still hear the music over at Camp Blue, and I said to myself, "Kaines.. buti pa dun, tinuloy yung show."

My friends left around 1 am and my siblings, our cousins, Laya, and I were just hanging out at the baywalk. We had coffee and snacks at Kafalua and that was when we felt how tired some of us were. Maybe it was also because we were disappointed that the show was stopped.

It was almost 2:30 am when we decided to go home. Caloy & Rochelle, went to meet some of their friends, and we all took cabs home. While Toppet, Chie & I were in the cab, Caloy called me on my cellphone and said that the bands were still performing over at Camp Yellow, and Sandwich was about to perform. Shet! I was even more diappointed. The organizers didn't announce that they were moving to the other stage. We could have hung out there and watch the other bands perform. As much as we wanted to get out of the cab, we didn't coz it was hard to look for a cab in the city whose driver wouldn't complain that he'd drive us all the way to Las Pinas. And by that time, too... our energy levels were low. I did see Marc Abaya's orange hair when the cab we were riding passed by the stage. huhuhu... Oh well, there's bound to be more events like this. I will get to see Sandwich perform. :)

I'm glad I went though. I got to see friends and my cousins. We were able to hang out. The bands I saw perform were great. And after cancelling gimmick nights the past couple of months, I was able to go. So.. Yay for me!!! hahaha!

Hmm... It's almost 5 am, I need to catch some zzzs now and recharge my batteries... they're almost empty.

♥ JeN