the frustrated sleeper

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

I couldn't sleep last night and I got tired of tossing ang turning. Finally I couldn't stand it, so I got up and turned the lights on and sat on my bed for about five minutes thinking of something to do to make me sleep.

It was weird. I was sleepy but I couldn't sleep. I tried counting sheep (i reached 947 then gave up). I sprayed lavender cologne on my pillow, watched tv for a while, then I listened to the radio, and read a book (but I couldn't concentrate on what I was reading so put it down). Nothing worked. And yes, by the time I finished trying all those things, I was frustrated.

I scanned my room, looking for something to do and I found the journal I kept when I was a College freshman. It was wedged between Edith Hamilton's Mythology Book and Jostein Gaarder's Sophie's World. It attracted my eyes to that part of my bookshelf because I thought it was out of place. So OC Jennie got up and took it out of the bookshelf.

As I read my journal entries, I was laughing. I didn't realize I was cheesy until last night. Ahahaha! I tell you, it was kinda embarrassing to read some of my entries and I found myself saying. "YucK! Ang baduy ko, grabeh! I don't remember being this cheesy." Nyahahaha! I guess I'd cringe, too, if I'd read the diary I kept last year. But I wouldn't read that yet - or maybe I will when I can't sleep again. :p

I found this funny poem on my journal. I don't know who wrote it, but I remember I got this from my friend & blockmate, Erica.


I climbed the door and opened the stairs,
Said my pyjamas and put on my prayers,
Then turned off the bed and crawled into the light,
All because he kissed me goodnight.

Next morning I woke and scrambled my shoes,
Poloshed my eggs and toasted the news.
I couldn't tell my left from my right,
All because he kissed me goodnight.

That evening, I woke. At last I felt normal again,
So I picked up my mother and called up the phone,
I spoke to the puppy and threw dad a bone.
Even at midnight, the sun was still bright,

♥ JeN