ano daw?

Thursday, June 10, 2004

I've had this question in my head since Tuesday and I read two of blog friends' latest blog entries about the same topic. What would you do if your family and friends discovered your blog and read it?

I don't really mind if my family and friends read about my blog (which they actually do :p), except for the times I want to blog about something that is a really BIG secret. You know, the type which you'd probably take to your grave, but you desperately want to let out. I have a handful of those. hehehe... I don't think I will ever have the courage to blog about it (or maybe I'll make another blog, which this time I will keep a secret from the people who personally know me - hahaha!)

Sometimes it's weird when I see friends or cousins and one of the first things they say to mo is, "Hey.. what's this I read in your blog about... blah-blah-blah..." It's kinda awkward when you're face to face and they ask you about something you blogged about (coz it's really easier to divulge spmething if you can't see the other person's face). The anonymity of it all, makes you brave enough to say stuff you wouldn't normally dare say to someone you know.

It makes me feel vulnerable sometimes that they know my thoughts and feelings. But sometimes I'm glad they know how I feel... it makes it easier to open up to them. Or we don't talk about it but at least they know. :)


Yesterday was M's birthday. I debated with myself the whole day if I should greet him or not. I didn't. Not even a text message. Good for me. :p Coz I dont know if I can handle it if our communication lines were opened again. Besides, he didn't greet me on my birthday - hahaha! ano ito.. gantihan?

Shuxxx... mag-wa-one year na pala yung kagagahan ko... O Chie wag na mag-react, isa yan sa sikretong malufet ko. :P


I read my sister's blog this morning and I saw the latest pics of our nephew Gian. Ang kulet ng pictures! Namiss ko tuloy sha bigla. Si Giantot papasok na sa pre-school next week... awww.. kawawa naman yung teacher. hahahaha!


My cousin Marlon's band Version will have a performance at the Music Museum this Saturday, with 3 other bands. ASTEEG! Oooooh, Yay! Gimmick time with the Teodosio cousins again.

♥ JeN


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