ang lameeeg!!!

Monday, June 07, 2004

Ayan.. i added the haloscan comment box again. para yun sa mga walang blogger account, kasi anonymous ang lumalabas pag nagcomment eh. hahaha! ang arte ko talaga ;p

There's another storm in the country, just in time for the first day of classes in all public schools & some private schools. I'm sure the grade school kids are very happy, coz classes in their level wwre suspended. I remember feeling ecstatic everytime classes were suspended due to typhoons, except when i was in college coz DLSU wouldn't suspend classes unless roofs were flying. :p

Actually, the storm isn't that strong. It's just been raining nonstop and there are only wind gusts once in a while. Bed weather :) Super nice to stay snuggled in bed and sleep (or do whatever it is you have in mind. wahahah!).

ang lameeeg!!!

♥ JeN