kung bakit bad trip ako ngayon

Monday, May 31, 2004

I was in dreamland. I don't remember what the dream was about, but I know it was pleasant. Then the phone rang. Dang it! I had no plans of answering it, I wanted to go back to my dream. But the ring of the phone became quite irritating so reached out and answered it (besides, I thought it might have been an emergency).

Of course I was grumpy. Who wouldn't be, fi the phone rang at 3:00 in the morning? I said, "Hello", and there was a guy on the other line looking for a girl named Sheila. Apologetic naman sha for waking me up, pero Leche! Binulabog mo ako, wrong number ka naman?! So I said, sorry wrong number. I was about to put the phone down and go back to sleep, when he said he got the number from a business card sent to him. Lalo ako nainis. Sarap ng tulog ko noh? I told him, "There's no one by that name living here." Then he said something. I got even more pissed off. OO perv sha!

I think I cursed him all the curses I know (hehehe... madami-dami yun, sobrang bad trip ako eh). Sus noh, sarap sarap ng tulog ko pos gigisingin ako ng pervert?! Grrr!

Bakit ba may mga taong ganun?!

♥ JeN