Saturday, May 22, 2004

It's been a while since I last blogged. The prevous one doesn't count coz I just copied the lyrics from here. hehehehe...

I haven't blogged for a number of reasons. 1. I've been quite busy, 2. I wasn't in the mood to blog (writer's block maybe?), 3. I wanted to write something but I couldn't, coz it involves someone who reads my blog and I don't want that person to know about it (yoko nga, hiya ako eh. wahahaha!). I wrote it on my diary at home though. :p

Ay, before I forget, happy birthday to my cousin, Caloy! Actually, his birthday was yesterday, but I didn't blog :p. Hmmm.. Shel, if you're reading this, pakisabi kay Caloy inaantay ko pa din yung libre nya. hihihi!

Hay shucks! gustong-gusto ko talaga isulat dito. Jennie, STOP IT! hindi pwede! delikado, mabubuko ako. hihihi! O sige clue na lang... may connect yung kanta na pinost ko sa gusto kong isulat. nyarks! *hides under a rock*

Wahahahaha! I just remembered something that when I first read it made me laugh so hard, tears rolled down my face. Backgrounder muna: My favorite station, is sponsoring a Tribute to Pinoy Bands Concert, entitled, Ripe Tomatoes. It will be held on May 28, 2004 at Eastwood, Libis. This concert is free and the registered users/forumers at the RT website are entitled to one free beer yata, basta ipapakita kay Raleigh (WebJock) yung printout ng pinadala nyang newsletter. :p This event will also serve as a Grand EB of sorts for the RT community (jocks, forumers, chaddiks, & listeners).

Anyway, there's this forum thread at the website which asks, "Who is going to Ripe Tomatoes?". There was this one post from someone, who I'd rather not identify (hahaha!). And she said she'll go, she hopes to meet other forumers there, etc. Then she asks, "ano kaya ang attire? hmmm.... Casual or "semi-casual?" WAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! SEMI-CASUAL?!! foocha! sumakit ang tiyan ko, kakatawa! ano yung semi-casual? di ko maimagine. formal top & jeans? t-shirt & pouffy skirt with petticoat? hihihi!

Yoko na... naiiyak na naman ako kakatawa!! wahahahahahahah!

♥ JeN