i promised a long entry and here it is. :p

Friday, May 07, 2004

Friends, my favorite sitcom of all time had it's last episode today. I couldn't wait for the ending to be shown here (coz the last season just started airing this month), so I bugged my friends from North America to tell me. Hehehe... Thank you Maus & Mylin!

I loved the ending. It was funny and I thought it was the right one. I'm not gonna spoil it for you (unless you want me to, so leave me your email address and i'll tell you how it goes - hehehe!). While Maus was telling me how the show went, it was so detailed that I could almost see it in my head. I was laughing at the situations they got into, mega-react talaga. Shuxxx! I am gonna miss The Gang & Central Perk.

I went to the official website and saw that the DVD of the 2 hour finale, with exclusives will be released in 5 days and it sells for $13.95. Haha! Grabeh. With all the hype, NBC is the biggest winner. $2 million for a thirty second commercial spot. Sheesh....


Monday morning, mom, my aunt Belle & I went to St. Luke's. Mom was admitted for her first chemotherapy session. Her chemo was supposed to start Tuesday morning but she needed to check in earlier for preparation. The session went well, and by that I mean it went smoothly.

We stayed in the hospital for 2 1/2 days and 2 nights. Knowing how easily I get bored, I packed quite a lot of stuff. Hehehe... I brought more things than my mom. It's my barkada trait - we're overpackers. :p Aside from clothes, my kikay stuff & my pillow, I brought 3 books, my diary (and 5 different colored pens), a deck of cards, my discman & my brother's watermelon design 24 cd-holder. O diba, feeling ko dun na ako titira.

I didn't get to read all 3 books, though I finally read The Alchemist. Yay!! And I got to listen to all the cds I brought. And I charged my phone 3 times coz I listened to the radio and checked my emails constantly (though when I got home after 3 days, my mailbox still had quite a number of emails). Hmmm... and I have a feeling I'll cringe when I see my cellphone bill. Nyarks!

Nagkaroon pa ako ng instant reunion sa hospital. We were surprised to learn that Lola Fracing's brother-in-law, who we visited at the ICU a few weeks ago was still there, but was now in a room two doors from where we were. And my friend Joanne, who I hadn't seen since College Graduation, was there, too. She's an E.R. doctor at St. Luke's, so I texted her to say that I was there, too. It turns out her baby boy Tye was confined for dehydration (kinda like my nephew, Gian). So we had our reunion at her baby's room on the 3rd floor. After our reunion, we vowed that the next time we see each other, it won't be at a hospital. :p We were actually supposed to meet for lunch a few weeks ago but it was postponed. Who ever thought it would push through at the hospital? haha!

Then I went to the office Monday after lunch. I was on the way back to St. Luke's when I was stuck in traffic, coz Ping Lacson was campaigning in Mandaluyong. He was going house to house. Syet! Lalo kitang hindi iboboto, antagal ko sa traffic, noh! Then when I was finally in Greenhills, yung convoy naman ni Erap on the way back to Tanay ang na-encounter ko. Haaay naku!

On Tuesday, mom's chemo session started at 9 am and ended around 5. It was good that she didn't feel discomfort during the session. She wasn't able to sleep well at night though, coz she said she might be missing her own bed and everyone at home. Wednesday morning, mom & I couldn't wait to go home. Aga namin nagising at nagpack. Hehehe... home sweet home, here we come ang motto namin that morning. :p

The effects of the chemo is already starting. I hope it won't be as hard as it was the previous sessions. All I could do is massage her when she's in pain. I hope it helps relieve her even a bit. Thanks talaga sa prayers. :)

Election na sa Monday. Pinagdadasal ko talaga di manalo ang bangungot ng bayan. I still don't have a list, that's how hard it is to choose from the candidates. I'm so tempted not to vote, but that would be a disservice. It's my right to vote, but geez.. with the line-ups, the only way to choose is to choose the lesser evil. I do hope the voters would think a gazillion times before voting. And I pray that the election would be peaceful and orderly. God Bless The Philippines.

♥ JeN

PS: hehehe.. ang haba :p

Kasi wala nang Friends...

Just Friends?
Friday, May 07, 2004

1. Do you believe that a guy and a girl can be just friends? Of course!
2. Do you have more guy friends than girl friends? I have more girl friends
3. Do you get along better with guys or girls? I think I get along with both sexes.
4. Have you ever fallen for a friend? Hahaha! Story of my life...
5. Is your best friend a guy or a girl? I have a guy best friend and I have a girl best friend.


1. Do you have a talent? If so, what is it?
Pakapalan na ng mukha :p I can draw and paint, which I don't do as much as I used to. I can sing, but I'm terrified of singing in front of many people, so hanggang videoke na lang ako. wahaha!
2. If you could have any talent in the world, what would it be? I would love to learn to play an instrument like the cello. Astig yun. And I'd love it if I could write a book or a screenplay.
3. Do you admire someone with a talent? Yes, I do.
4. Who's your favorite talented celebrity? hmmm... Mel Gibson
5. Do people admire you for your talent (if any)? Di ko lam eh. :p Sana... hahahah!

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