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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

I was supposed to be on a date last night but I cancelled it Monday night. I cancelled not because I didn't like him, but because I didn't feel comfortable going out and having fun, while my mom was recovering from her chemotherapy. Mom said it was okay (not that I still needed to ask her permission if I could go out on a date or not), but I felt I wouldn't enjoy it coz my mind would be on how she was doing. And that would be unfair for my date. I decided to put my social life on hold until mom gets better (what social life? :p). It's okay really, I'd feel guilty if I was having fun while mom was sick. Besides if he really likes me or at least willing to get to know me more, he'd understand the situation. If he doesn't well, he's not worth it.

Tomorrow night though, I will watch the premier of Troy. Ngek! labo ko no? Ayaw da umalis, pero manonood? Justification ko dun, I'm not on a date. :P Just watching a movie with friends, which I hadn't done in a while. Ewan. This is what happens when I'm thinking too much. Hahaha!

♥ JeN

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

1. Do you consider yourself superstitous? to a certain extent, yes I think I am a bit superstitious
2. Have you ever experienced a supernatural event? Seeing ghosts is a supernatural event, right? So yup I have experienced that, about 3 times at a friend's house while we were finishing our thesis. We saw & felt a ghost of a Japanese soldier who was killed during WW2. katakot!
3. Have you ever stayed at a house you believe to be 'haunted'? If not, would you? We didn't know it was haunted, after all, it was a newly built building and at this day and age, it doesn't seem plausible. But we did experience creepy stuff when we were there, but they didn't harm us or anything, just scared the living daylights out of us. We had no choice but stay there coz we were finishing our thesis, the condo was near the university and was convenient for all of us.
4. Do you have any superstitous habits (eg. throwing a pinch of salt over your shoulder before eating)? knocking on wood, that's all i can remember right now
5. Do you have any good luck charms? when I was in school I wore my "lucky" shirt when I felt I needed it

---from Daily Dirt