i am grateful for....

Sunday, May 09, 2004

Oh my Gawd, I am such a boob! I almost forgot to greet my mom, so before anything else....


... and happy mother's day to all the mothers and grandmothers in the world!

I've been feeling kinda down lately so I decided to list down some of the things I am grateful for in my life. Here are some of the things I came up with:

Things in my life I am grateful for:

- i have a supportive family
- i have a great relationship with my parents & my siblings (even if sometimes we're all masungit :p)
- my cousins and i get along
- i have aunts & uncles i can run to, and they'd never hesitate
- i have amazing friends
- my parents sent me to good schools
- i love all 3 schools i went to (pre-school, gs & hs, & college)
- the schools I went to honed my love for the arts - music, visual arts, theater arts
- i was taught to be a free thinker
- i was taught to have conviction for what I believe in
- we're not rich, but we live comfortably
- all we ever wanted (reasonably) our parents gave us and if we couldn't afford it, they did told us nicely that we couldn't, but sooner or later, they give it to us.
- i met wonderful people who taught me what's important in life
- i'm grateful to the teachers who inspired me
- i'm proud to say this: :D my siblings and i never gave our parents BIG headaches.
- i had bitchy bosses who made me stronger by challenging me to be better than they are. hahaha!
- i left these bitchy bosses and they learned my value
- all challenges life threw at me when i overcame it, made me a better person
- an a**hole ex who made me realize it's not me, but him (hahaha! wish ko yun :p)
- i may not be a regular churchgoer but God is always there to guide me and help me whenever i needed help
- i have friends that no matter how long we hadn't seen each other, would still be there whenever i need them
- great doctors who take really good care of my mom
- good music which have the power to soothe me, move me, make my day, change my mood. basta! i'm grateful for the music in my life
- great books which inspire me, make me go places without leaving my room (haha!)
- i'm grateful for Yahoo Messenger, which let me communicate with friends from other parts of the world
- i'm grateful for technology in general for making the world seem smaller, and lets me communicate with friends and family who are in other parts of the world
- i'm grateful that even if life seems so unfair sometimes, there are things that happen that make me believe otherwise.

--- to be continued...

♥ JeN

Do It Yourself
Would you be able to do these things yourself or have someone do it for you?

1. Fix a flat tire. technically, i know how change a flat tire, but i'd rather somene do it for me. paano kung maluwag pagkaka-ikot ko ng bolts? ngiii.. baka madisgrasha ako :p
2. Fix a tear or make alterations to clothing. if it's small i can do it, but if it needs major alteration, someone does it for me
3. Unclog a severely plugged up sink or toilet. OC ako. I have done that. I won't stop until it's unclogged.
4. Change the oil in your car. hehehe.. punta na lang sa shop/gasoline station and have someone do it for me.
5. Put together an unassembled toy or piece of furniture out of the box. I have done it. Masaya nga eh. :p

-- from Sunday Brunch