Tuesday, May 11, 2004

hay... as usual di pa tapos ang canvassing of votes. malamang in 3 weeks or more pa malalaman kung sino nanalo. But I sincerely hope it won't be Panday. Our country needs to recover, not slump again.

hay nakoooo!!

As of lunch time, Pres. GMA is still leading FPJ. Sana, sana po talaga that would be the results.


Yesterday, I saw part of the Survivor All Stars Reunion show. I only saw part of it coz mom, dad & i went to Dr. Gorospe for mom's check-up (it was good, by the way). Even if I didn't watch the whole show, I already knew who was gonna win, coz while we were in traffic, i checke yahoo on my phone and it was on the headline. "Amber wins survivor, gains a fiance". SPOILER talaga! I didn't expect that it was gonna be there already when I checked. Di bale, I'm gonna watch the replay on Sunday.

No surprise really, I thought it was gonna be Rob or Amber, but i didn't expect Rob would propose to her. Dunno why, but I don't like Amber, even when she was in Survivor: Australian Outback. Ay naku, mashadong affected sa show. Hahahah!

I hope this week will be a good week for everyone :D

♥ JeN
What would you do if...
Tuesday, May 11, 2004

1. You and your worst enemy of the opposite sex were the last people left on earth..?Make up then repopulate the earth. bwahahahahaha!
2. Your best friend needed you to lend them a helluva lot of money, but you weren't sure they could pay it back..? first of all, i think I would be the one asking my best friend to lend her money, but if ever she does, I'd lend her the money. Coz I know if it were me who needs help, she wouldn't hesitate.
3. You were trapped on a desert island with nothing but a ball of string and a penknife..? look for food and shelter first
4. Your boyfriend/girlfriend ran over your cat..? i don';t like cats, but if i did have a act and my boyfriend ran oevr it, i'd feel sad, but i know it was an accident, so i won't get too angry with him
5. Your boy/girlfriend and your best friend where both being attack by giant green monsters but you could only save one of them..? oh no, ang hirap naman! di ko alam... :p

---from Daily Dirt