friday na!!!

Friday, May 14, 2004

Boo-hoo! Di ko napanood yung premier ng Troy. Something came up, yoko na i-expound kasi baka maiyak ako ;). Sayang talaga, I was so looking forward to watching it. Shempre Brad Pitt movie yun, nandun pa si Orlando Bloom, eh di lalo na kasi libre ticket ko. Shuxx, talaga! Oh well... I can watch it some other time.

I had a haircut today. Finally got myself to do it. I've been thinking of getting a haircut for some time now, but I've been lazy and not so in the mood for it. My hair is short now. Okay yun, mainit pa din kasi, chaka parang gumaang yung ulo ko. hihihi! The only problem I see with this hair cut is when my naturally wavy hair acts up and I have a bad hair day. I wouldn't be able to tie my hair. Time to take out the straightening iron. Nyarks!

Hahaha! I forgot pa that I just brought some cute hair accessories. It would take a while before I can use it. Never mind, my hair grows fast anyway.

I'd post a pic of my new look soon (Wahaha! Kapal! :p). Chie is off to the Pahiyas Festival in Quezon, and she brought the digicam with her.

♥ JeN

Speak up!
Thursday, May 13, 2004

1. Do you speak any other languages than the one you speak everyday? English and Tagalog are the languages I speak fluently, I know basic Fookien words (hehehe... some of it bad :p) take note, WORDS lang ha. hihihi! I understand simple Spanish & Bicolano but I don't speak it.
2. Would you like to speak another language? Yep, I wanna learn French
3. Have you ever tried to learn how to speak another language? i just read the book and tried to learn on my own
4. If so how did that turn out? lost interest :p
5. Have you ever tried to speak another language without knowing what you were saying? nope

Let's get shopping!
Friday, May 14, 2004

1. What is your favorite shopping item? shoes!! cds, books, shirts/blouses, kikay stuff
2. How much money you spent buying something nice for you per month? uhhmmm... di ko lam :p (ayoko din alamin)
3. Do you buy usually with cash, bankcard or credit card? cash or card
4. Who is your favorite shopping partner? mommy, chie, toppet (pag nas mood sha - wahahaha!),
5. Where you usually shop? Glorietta, Southmall or SM Sucat (malapit noh :D)

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