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Thursday, April 29, 2004

We got the results of mom's bone scan this morning and it was normal. :D My family & I are very happy that Mom's medical test results have been favorable. Big sighs of relief, talaga. :) From what I understand though, from what Dr. Gorospe said, whether the results are good or not, mom would still have to undergo chemotherapy. Pero at least, alam namin na hindi kumalat yung sakit. Situated lang sha sa isang area - mas madaling gamutin.

I think in situations like this, it's always good to look at the brighter side of things rather than dwell on the negative. I guess that kind of thinking is one of the reasons that give me strength, especially when sometimes at night, mom would cry to me coz the pain is unbearable. We just stay in their room, I massage her (even if i know that sometimes it doesn't relieve her of the pain), and I tell her how my day went, what i saw on tv, what I read, and just about anything, just to distract her. But sometimes it hard, masakit sa dibdib, coz I try very hard not letting her see me cry, and act as normally as possible.

I sometimes find it hard opening up to other members of my family about how I feel when mom cries to me. Not because we aren't close but I feel that if I breakdown in front of them, they would, too. Ewan. Feeling malakas ang loob pero sa totoo hindi. Hindi naman masamang umiyak sa harap nila, di ba? Pero ewan ko ba, when I feel down, I cry in my room o kaya minsan when I take a shower. Hindi ko pinapakita sa iba. Minsan pag di ko na talaga kaya, I call my tita Belle, or my best friend Maita. Kaya thankful ako nandun sila.

Hay naku, tama na muna, yoko na ng cry fest. hihih!

4th Pulp Summer Slam tomorrow. I wanna watch coz the band line-up is great. Plus some friends from RT will be going - shempre GT na! Kaya lang mejo malayo sa amin yung venue. tapos di ko sure yung sked namin ni mommy bukas. Hmmm... Chaka honestly, pag ganyang event mejo takot ako. Kasi madaming jologs na rowdy (ay ang bad!), lalo na yung 2nd Summerslam, shucks ang gulo nun grabe. Daming gatecrashers.

The Pulp Summer Slam is kinda like a one day Lollapalooza, sponsored by Pulp Magazine. 1:30 pm pa lang umpisa na yung show tapos pamoringan. Saya nun!

Andrea Bocelli is also here for a concert tomorrow at the Araneta Coliseum. Shucks! I wanna watch it, too. But dang! Since super big name artist si Mr. Boccelli, tickets for his show are really expensive. I'll just content myself with listening to his cd (c/o Chie).

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Whats better...
Thursday, April 29, 2004

1. Kissing or hugging? pwede ba both? :p
2. Eating or Drinking? eating, hehehe... sarap kumain eh!
3. Dancing or Singing? singing
4. Laughing or giggling? laughing
5. Meeting a celebrity or knowing a celebrity? knowing a celebrity

---from Daily Dirt

Thursday Tattle


1. Do you sing in the shower? Sometimes I do
2. Do you sing in the car? Yup yup yup!
3. Do you ever cry in the car while listening to the radio? Ngek! ano yon nag-e-emote? Hahaha! hindi noh
4. Have you ever been singing in the car and realize that the person in the car next to you is watching you? Hahaha! Sometimes. I'd get really embarrassed & look away, but I'd still sing.
5. Do you listen to the radio loud or soft? Yung tama lang, but when I like the song playing, I'd turn the volume up.