yeehah! friday na! :D

Friday, April 02, 2004

Ah yes, it's Friday once again. Woohoo! Can you tell I love Fridays? :p

April Fool's Day yesterday, were you able to prank someone? I wasn't able to. I had no creative ideas. Kawawa naman :p I was pranked by my favorite radio station, though. I didn't listen yesterday until it was about 3 pm. So I turned the stereo on and I heard different voices. I thought I was at a different station. :p It turns out the 99.5 RT deejays of The Playground (show title) switched places with the deejays of a sister station, Magic 89.9TM, for an hour. It was a cool prank, I got confused and from what I've heard, so did they. Hahaha! I wish I could come up with a creative prank like that. Sounded like fun. :D

I still haven't started reading The Alchemist. It has been by my bedside for a week and I still hadn't read a page. Weird. I haven't been in the mood to read. Hopefully this Holy Week I would be able to.

I need to clean out my room. That is one of the things I plan to do this Holy Week. I bet there are a lot of stuff I could live without, but is still somewhere in my room.

I'm a certified pack-rat.

Last year when we had the garage sale, I had every intention of disposing of lots of stuff. But some of it are still here coz it has sentimental value. Everytime I clean out my room/closets, I end up doing it the whole day because i look at every stuff. Like if I see a letter, i'll reread it. Or when I saw my old sketch pads, I browsed at every page.

I keep concert tickets, old letters, stuff given to me but I have outgrown. Anything that has a story behind it (which is most of it). But I'm surprised that my room is relatively neat. hehehe. I'm sure my mom would disagree.

♥ JeN

This or That...
Friday, April 02, 2004

1. Coffee OR Tea?coffee. though i like green tea :D
2. TV OR Radio? tough choice. but i guess radio.
3. Flirting OR Dating?dating
4. 'Friends' OR 'Sex And The City'?both. what? choose only one? please don't let me choose... :p
5. MSN OR AIM? MSN, but i prefer Yahoo! Messenger or Trillian so all my messengers are open but with only one window. :D

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