Thursday, April 22, 2004

My sister has uploaded some of the pictures from our swimming trip last week. You can see them all here. Ang kukulet!


yan ang ilan sa mga pinsan ko :P

(my brother toppet & his friends) Ready...


Gian: "Pa, gusto ko pa mag-swim!"
Caloy: "mamaya na uli, nanginginig ka na."
Gian: "Pa.. sige na!"



A couple of weeks ago, mom asked me if my resume was updated. I said yes it was and asked her why. She said her friend was inquiring about me, and if I would be interested to try out for a position at a client's company. The General Milling Corporation was starting their own insurance department and was looking for someone to head it. I saw nothing wrong with it and submitted my resume, thinking there's no harm in trying.

This morning mom called and said her friend updated her on the status of my application. He said that the company was interested in me, the only problem was that I was overqualified for the job. They were thinking of getting me as a consultant, which would require me to go to the office for only 3 times a week. I was surprised and kinda scared that they had such high expectations of me. What if I don't cut it? Nyarks!

They hadn't called yet, but my mom's friend said to expect a call within the next few weeks, coz they were still trying to figure out where to put me. Hahaha! Shucks! Jennie the consultant sounds sooooo nice! :D But along with that title comes bigger responsibilities I hope I can handle. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it pushes through...

Roller coaster ride talaga... yesterday I was sad.. now comes good news. :D

♥ JeN

Entertainment Faves
Thursday, April 22, 2004

1. Favorite Movie? too many! 50 first dates, the passion of the Christ (huhuhu.. :'( ), minority report, LOTR, never been kissed, the ring, the virgin suicides, braveheart, the wedding singer, dead poet's society, ever after, dazed & confused, zoolander, band of brothers, clueless, empire ecords, bend it like beckham. all time faves: circle of friends, 16 candles, the breakfast club... and many more i can't remember right now :p
2. Favorite TV Show? american idol (simon cowell, YOU ROCK!), friends, alias, e.r., c.s.i., boomtown, 24, the amazing race, taken, boston public, will and grace, law and order svu, the guardian, sex and the city, six feet under, scrubs, the west wing, who's line is it anyway?, (yes, i loooooove my TV!)
3. Favorite Band/Singer? i like diff. types of music except for country music and those annoying Filipino novelty songs (sex bomb, masculados....grrr!!). if I list it all down it wouldn't fit here :p but it depends on my mood, really. sometimes i like ballads, sometimes new wave, or alternative, etc... i think you get the picture. hahahaha!
4. Favorite Song? i can't shoose just one song :p - love moves in mysterious ways-julia fordham, the reason-hoobastank, when i'm thinking about you-the sundays, 8th world wonder-kimberly locke, bring me to life & my immortal-evanescence, somewhere, somehow-michael w. smith & amy grant, echo, wish you were here, pardon me & drive by incubus, try-nelly furtado, weak-svw
5. Favorite Celebrity? adam sandler, drew barrymore, julia roberts, jennifer aniston, brad pitt, colin farrell, nicole kidman, tom cruise, naomi watts, mel gibson, jim caviezel, kimi raikkonnen

---from Daily Dirt