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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Happy Birthday Tito Ricko & Tito Gerry!!! Happy Anniversary Tita Belle & Tito Gerry!!! :D

And speaking of birthdays, I asked myself a few days before my birthday what I would do if M should call to greet me. And how I would feel if he forgets.

When he didn't call me on my actual birthday I admit I was a bit disappointed. Sabi ko pa para akong tanga. Kasi ang tagal ko nang sinasabi na sana wag na sha tumawag ever again. Tapos nung hindi nga tumawag, naasar ako. Does that mean I'm not over him? O kaya lang ako naasar kasi nakalimutan nya at feeling ko forgettable ako? Grrr! I don't know the answer to those questions, coz when it comes to M, I get really confused.

Labo talaga... the last time I talked to him I said I'd prefer it if he never calls me again. Yung parang nagdisappear na sha on the face of the earth. As if he never existed. I should be happy he followed my preference, but why am I not happy about it? ARGH, talaga!

♥ JeN

Fairest of them all...
Tuesday, April 20, 2004

1. What hair color do you think is the most pretty for a girl and for a guy? Hair color doesn't particularly matter to me. As long as the hair is clean and neat. hehehe... he could have green hair and as long as it fits him, i'm up for it.
2. Blue, Brown or Green Eyes? There's something mysterious about green & gray eyes. :D
3. Most attractive skin tone?Skin tone ng Pinoy! AYoko ng lalaking mashadong maputla. hehehehe...
4. Long hair or short (guys and girls)? doesn't matter as long as it is neat, cleans, fits the person's personality & he/she can carry it well.
5. Tall or short? tall

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