i want easter eggs... but i'm too old for it. hehehe!

Sunday, April 11, 2004


The long vacation is over and tomorrow it's back to normal. I still haven't read The Alchemist, damn shame. :p

WOOHOO!!! Swimming will definitely be on Friday, day after my birthday and day before Lola F's flight back to Alaska.

counting the days till then...

♥ JeN


Which ____ couldn't you live without?
Sunday, April 11, 2004

i can't choose only one :p

1. CD (Album OR Single): The Julia Fordham Collection, Pure Jazz, Plumb's candycoatedwaterdrops & Beautiful Lumps of Coal, Singles & 50 First Dates OST
2. Book: The Purpose Driven Life, A Knight in Shining Armor (hehehe), Chicken Soup for the Soul series
3. Video/DVD: Ever After, Never Been Kissed, Clueless, LOTR, Dead Poet's Society
4. Website: my blog, the most hit music, our family website, friendster
5. Person: family, best friends, and.... secret!

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