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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Certified blog addict talaga ako. :p I wrote an outline of what I am gonna blog about today, while mom & i were at the Floating Restaurant in Makati Medical Center. On a paper napkin. Hahaha!

I accompanied Mom to Makati Med and we arrived a quarter past seven in the morning. Kelangan maaga sha para masingit sha sa Ultrasound, kasi sa appointment book, pinakamaagang pwede is May 6 na, eh kailangan ni mommy ng test results ASAP. Plus, mom's bone scan appointment was at 9:30 (for radioisotope injection, but the bone scan was 3 hours after the injection). We waited quite a while before mom's name was called. While we were waiting, I listened to the radio & checked my email via my phone (thank you, technology!), and read a book (Confessions of a Shopaholic).

In between all that, I was people watching, something I like to do sometimes. A little after 9 am, Paolo Abrera (former host of Gameplan) walked in. Ang guapo pala nya sa personal, on tv he looks kinda cute but ordinary. In person, ang lakas ng dating nya! He looked like he lost weight (probably because his dad just past away in a freak accident). He was seated near me and I wanted to say hi & offer my condolences. Haha! showbiz ako! :p I texted my sister as soon as I saw him.

There were a lot of patients waiting for their ultrasound, which led me to think that more & more people get sick nowadays. Hay naku...

When mom was inside the Ultrasound room, a cute guy sat beside me and we chatted up a bit. Shyet! ang bobo ko pa, hindi ko natanong kung ano name nya. Hahaha! kakaiba no? Nasa hospital na, nagpapa-cute pa. :))

Anyway, after a few minutes mom went out of the ultrasound room and said she wasn't done yet but the doctor wanted her to eat & drink lots of liquids, before her gall bladder ultrasound. (mom was told to fast at least 8 hours before her stomach ultrasound) So we went up to the third floor where the Floating Island Restaurant was located. Mom had the Special of the day & I had Fetuccini Alfredo - yummm...)

While we were waiting for our order, I told mom I was gonna buy a magazine from the gift store. I ended up buying a book, Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code. I have been looking for that book for a while now, but it has been out of stock at all the National Bookstores I went to, so as soon as I saw it, i grabbed it. I didn't see the books at first coz it was at a corner, and I was browsing for magazines, which were ghastly overpriced.

After eating brunch, we went down to the Ultrasound & Radiology Dep't of the Hospital for mom's gall bladder ultrasound. Right after that mom went to the 2nd floor at the Nuclear Medicine Dep't. for her bone scan. I stayed downstairs to wait for her ultrasound results. It was the longest 30 minutes of my life. My heart was pounding so hard & I kept looking at the door to see if the doctor has the results already. To distract myself, I read the "Confessions.." book.

Exactly as I finished reading the book (yey! masisimulan ko na yung Da Vinci Code mamaya) mom's name was called & I immediately stood up & went to get it. By that time, my heart was beating frantically. I scanned the one page result & saw quite a lot of NORMALS. WOO-HOO!!! Thank you, God! We'll know for sure when we go to Dr. Gorospe on Friday, for her interpretation of the test results, but what I read was really good news.

I hurriedly went up 3 flights of stairs (i didn't bother to wait for the elevator) to give mom the good news. I know how much torture it was to wait for test results so i wanted her to read it ASAP. My big smile, when I walked in the Nuclear Medicine Dep't., gave me away. I was walking to where mom was seated with this crazy grin on my face & I saw mom's face light up. That was priceless. :)

We stayed there for almost an hour & half (waiting & actual bone scan), but we weren't able to get the results coz the doctor, who would analyze & compare it with last year's bone scan plates, wasn't there. Tomorrow pa daw. Shucks! I hope the results would be like the other medical exams mom took.

After Makati Med, we went to Museo Pambata to fetch Chie (who could get off work early), and the three of us went home.

Hay... kakapagod din pala yung matagal na naka-upo. Hahaha!

♥ JeN

Age Ain't Nothin' But A Number
Wednesday, April 28, 2004

1. Have you ever dated a younger guy/girl? Younger ng 4 months lang, but i had a crush on an 18 year old. hehehehe! shyet, kasing-edad ng brother ko. wahaha!
2. If yes, did it work out? If no, would you? Nope, didn't work out.
3. Have you ever dated an older guy/girl? yup
4. If yes, did it work out? If no, would you? obviously hindi din. hay.. kaines! :p
5. Which do you prefer: dating an older or younger guy/girl? age shouldn't matter if you like/love the person, you get along, you enjoy each other's company, but i'd still prefer someone older than me.

---- from Daily Dirt