boring saturday

Saturday, April 10, 2004

I should be swimming right now. I should have be quite tanned by now. Instead I am at home... blogging. :(

We were supposed to be on our annual family outing, but Lola F didn't want to leave coz it's Holy Week. Lola is a devout Catholic and Holy Week is very important & solemn to her. So mom & my tita Belle decided to postpone the outing. We'd feel really guilty if we left Lola here while we were all having fun swimming.

But dang it! Swimming until my fingers look like prunes sounds soooooo nice! Only thing I don't like about swimming is sunburn. I really wish we could swim to our heart's content without ever getting tan (unless we want to). haaaaay....

My nephew Gian is better. His dad texted me and said he's makulit again. That's a good sign. There's a chance he might be discharged tomorrow. I really hope so. :)

♥ JeN

What is worst...
Saturday, April 10, 2004

1. Seeing your boyfriend kissing a girl at the mall or your best friend telling you that she dates him? my best friend telling me she's dating him. That would be double betrayal. grrr!
2. Getting a punishment or getting a negative test? punishment
3. Being called a loser by your crush or being called a freak by your friends? being called a freak by my friends
4. Someone making you take drugs or someone making you smoke? someone making me take drugs
5. Your dog dying or your sister disappearing? sus! shempre my sister disappearing, noh. Even if we don't always get along, she's more important than my dog.

---- from Daily Dirt