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Sunday, April 04, 2004

A lot of people have been asking me why my blogname is videokequeen. It's quite simple really. I love to sing but it wasn't until recently that I've been "thick-skinned" enough to sing with people around. Hihihi!

I love music and I would always sing along when I hear a song that I like. But I don't sing when there are other people around to hear me. I feel really conscious. Now however, I've learned to "let go" when I'm singing. I don"t care if someone hears me, just as long as I am enjoying what I do. Pero di naman ako nangbubulahaw tulad ng kapitbahay naming super sintunado. Grabe yung mga yun. Walang tatalo! Mwahahaha!

During our graduation song practice in High School, our Music teacher had each of us sing so he'd know where he would classify us, and which part of the graduation song we would sing. That was terrifying. Singing in front of him & the whole class, while he's playing the piano. Having a surname which starts with S, I was naturally one of the last ones called so the anticipation almost killed me. When my name was called, I was petrified, so I sang with my eyes closed. After I sang our teacher, Mr. Reyes looked at like he was angry and he stood up and jokingly strangled me and said, "Why didn't you join the Glee Club?!" I was so stunned I couldn't say a word and I just smiled weakly. That was the first time someone besides family told me I had a good voice, and I was surprised coz I thought they only say that coz they're family. Wala lang pala akong bilib sa sarili ko. But I didn't let that get into my head, basta kakanta ako pag feel ko :p Hanggang videoke lang naman ako eh. Hahaha!

Looking back, I kinda wanted to be in the St. Scho Glee Club, but I was terrified to audition so I didn't. And admittedly, some of the people in the Glee Club were not my favorite people. Sayang din, when I think about it. It would have been fun.

Whenever we have family gatherings, my cousin Geng & I are usually the ones who would hog the videoke. :p My signature song is "Weak" by SWV. Itaga mo sa bato, kahit saan, basta kasama yung kantang yan sa selection, kakantahin ko. :D

Actually, I think my blogname should be Ms. Sing-along, coz I sing along to the songs I like and I grew up in Singalong, Manila. Heehee! Ang corny. :p Pero, totoo naman eh. :) We lived in the Singalong area before we moved to Las Pinas, when I was seven. And my school was in the area too. My maternal grandparents lived in the area and I would always stay there with my cousins after class, until it was time for mom & dad to pick us up.

Inulut-ulit kong sabihin sa utak ko yung ms.singalong. Di ko type. Parang ang pangit pakinggan. Bwahahaha!

♥ JeN

Hocus Pocus...
Sunday, April 04, 2004

1. Can you perform magic tricks? nope. does disappearing food in my plate count? hahaha!
2. Who's your favourite magician? David Blaine! He ROCKS!
3. What's the most intriguing magic trick you've seen? any trick David Blaine does is intriguing. Creepy even :p
4. Who's your favourite TV witch/genie/fairy? genie from Alladin
5. If you have magic powers, which power would you like? the power to heal, so I could heal my mom. :)

-----from Daily Dirt