ang init!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 03, 2004

Andaming tao sa bahay... nawiwindang ako. Lola F arrived from Aklan and she was with Auntie Persing. My other aunts went to the house to visit lola who hasn't been here in a year. hehehehe... funny sila... sabay-sabay magsalita pero nagkakaintindihan.

Madaming tao sa bahay means, madaming huhugasang pinggan, kubyertos at baso. Ngek... dishwashing duty pa naman ako.

kitchen sink.. here i come!!!

♥ JeN

Long, long list...
Saturday, April 03, 2004

Give me your...
1. Top 5 favourite movies:
hard choice: hmmm... LOTR trilogy, the virgin suicides, bend it like beckham, the ring, never been kissed
2. Top 5 dates: ngek.... wala yata eh. wahahahah!
3. Top 5 drinks: coke, jose cuervo tequila, absolut citroen, smirnoff mule, white russian
4. Top 5 TV Shows: alias, CSI, sex and the city, friends, american idol
5. Top 5 websites: mine of course! hehehe, our family website, 99.5rt's website, friendster, tickle (emode)

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