yey! thursday na...

Thursday, April 29, 2004

We got the results of mom's bone scan this morning and it was normal. :D My family & I are very happy that Mom's medical test results have been favorable. Big sighs of relief, talaga. :) From what I understand though, from what Dr. Gorospe said, whether the results are good or not, mom would still have to undergo chemotherapy. Pero at least, alam namin na hindi kumalat yung sakit. Situated lang sha sa isang area - mas madaling gamutin.

I think in situations like this, it's always good to look at the brighter side of things rather than dwell on the negative. I guess that kind of thinking is one of the reasons that give me strength, especially when sometimes at night, mom would cry to me coz the pain is unbearable. We just stay in their room, I massage her (even if i know that sometimes it doesn't relieve her of the pain), and I tell her how my day went, what i saw on tv, what I read, and just about anything, just to distract her. But sometimes it hard, masakit sa dibdib, coz I try very hard not letting her see me cry, and act as normally as possible.

I sometimes find it hard opening up to other members of my family about how I feel when mom cries to me. Not because we aren't close but I feel that if I breakdown in front of them, they would, too. Ewan. Feeling malakas ang loob pero sa totoo hindi. Hindi naman masamang umiyak sa harap nila, di ba? Pero ewan ko ba, when I feel down, I cry in my room o kaya minsan when I take a shower. Hindi ko pinapakita sa iba. Minsan pag di ko na talaga kaya, I call my tita Belle, or my best friend Maita. Kaya thankful ako nandun sila.

Hay naku, tama na muna, yoko na ng cry fest. hihih!

4th Pulp Summer Slam tomorrow. I wanna watch coz the band line-up is great. Plus some friends from RT will be going - shempre GT na! Kaya lang mejo malayo sa amin yung venue. tapos di ko sure yung sked namin ni mommy bukas. Hmmm... Chaka honestly, pag ganyang event mejo takot ako. Kasi madaming jologs na rowdy (ay ang bad!), lalo na yung 2nd Summerslam, shucks ang gulo nun grabe. Daming gatecrashers.

The Pulp Summer Slam is kinda like a one day Lollapalooza, sponsored by Pulp Magazine. 1:30 pm pa lang umpisa na yung show tapos pamoringan. Saya nun!

Andrea Bocelli is also here for a concert tomorrow at the Araneta Coliseum. Shucks! I wanna watch it, too. But dang! Since super big name artist si Mr. Boccelli, tickets for his show are really expensive. I'll just content myself with listening to his cd (c/o Chie).

♥ JeN

Whats better...
Thursday, April 29, 2004

1. Kissing or hugging? pwede ba both? :p
2. Eating or Drinking? eating, hehehe... sarap kumain eh!
3. Dancing or Singing? singing
4. Laughing or giggling? laughing
5. Meeting a celebrity or knowing a celebrity? knowing a celebrity

---from Daily Dirt

Thursday Tattle


1. Do you sing in the shower? Sometimes I do
2. Do you sing in the car? Yup yup yup!
3. Do you ever cry in the car while listening to the radio? Ngek! ano yon nag-e-emote? Hahaha! hindi noh
4. Have you ever been singing in the car and realize that the person in the car next to you is watching you? Hahaha! Sometimes. I'd get really embarrassed & look away, but I'd still sing.
5. Do you listen to the radio loud or soft? Yung tama lang, but when I like the song playing, I'd turn the volume up.

busy, busy wednesday!

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Certified blog addict talaga ako. :p I wrote an outline of what I am gonna blog about today, while mom & i were at the Floating Restaurant in Makati Medical Center. On a paper napkin. Hahaha!

I accompanied Mom to Makati Med and we arrived a quarter past seven in the morning. Kelangan maaga sha para masingit sha sa Ultrasound, kasi sa appointment book, pinakamaagang pwede is May 6 na, eh kailangan ni mommy ng test results ASAP. Plus, mom's bone scan appointment was at 9:30 (for radioisotope injection, but the bone scan was 3 hours after the injection). We waited quite a while before mom's name was called. While we were waiting, I listened to the radio & checked my email via my phone (thank you, technology!), and read a book (Confessions of a Shopaholic).

In between all that, I was people watching, something I like to do sometimes. A little after 9 am, Paolo Abrera (former host of Gameplan) walked in. Ang guapo pala nya sa personal, on tv he looks kinda cute but ordinary. In person, ang lakas ng dating nya! He looked like he lost weight (probably because his dad just past away in a freak accident). He was seated near me and I wanted to say hi & offer my condolences. Haha! showbiz ako! :p I texted my sister as soon as I saw him.

There were a lot of patients waiting for their ultrasound, which led me to think that more & more people get sick nowadays. Hay naku...

When mom was inside the Ultrasound room, a cute guy sat beside me and we chatted up a bit. Shyet! ang bobo ko pa, hindi ko natanong kung ano name nya. Hahaha! kakaiba no? Nasa hospital na, nagpapa-cute pa. :))

Anyway, after a few minutes mom went out of the ultrasound room and said she wasn't done yet but the doctor wanted her to eat & drink lots of liquids, before her gall bladder ultrasound. (mom was told to fast at least 8 hours before her stomach ultrasound) So we went up to the third floor where the Floating Island Restaurant was located. Mom had the Special of the day & I had Fetuccini Alfredo - yummm...)

While we were waiting for our order, I told mom I was gonna buy a magazine from the gift store. I ended up buying a book, Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code. I have been looking for that book for a while now, but it has been out of stock at all the National Bookstores I went to, so as soon as I saw it, i grabbed it. I didn't see the books at first coz it was at a corner, and I was browsing for magazines, which were ghastly overpriced.

After eating brunch, we went down to the Ultrasound & Radiology Dep't of the Hospital for mom's gall bladder ultrasound. Right after that mom went to the 2nd floor at the Nuclear Medicine Dep't. for her bone scan. I stayed downstairs to wait for her ultrasound results. It was the longest 30 minutes of my life. My heart was pounding so hard & I kept looking at the door to see if the doctor has the results already. To distract myself, I read the "Confessions.." book.

Exactly as I finished reading the book (yey! masisimulan ko na yung Da Vinci Code mamaya) mom's name was called & I immediately stood up & went to get it. By that time, my heart was beating frantically. I scanned the one page result & saw quite a lot of NORMALS. WOO-HOO!!! Thank you, God! We'll know for sure when we go to Dr. Gorospe on Friday, for her interpretation of the test results, but what I read was really good news.

I hurriedly went up 3 flights of stairs (i didn't bother to wait for the elevator) to give mom the good news. I know how much torture it was to wait for test results so i wanted her to read it ASAP. My big smile, when I walked in the Nuclear Medicine Dep't., gave me away. I was walking to where mom was seated with this crazy grin on my face & I saw mom's face light up. That was priceless. :)

We stayed there for almost an hour & half (waiting & actual bone scan), but we weren't able to get the results coz the doctor, who would analyze & compare it with last year's bone scan plates, wasn't there. Tomorrow pa daw. Shucks! I hope the results would be like the other medical exams mom took.

After Makati Med, we went to Museo Pambata to fetch Chie (who could get off work early), and the three of us went home.

Hay... kakapagod din pala yung matagal na naka-upo. Hahaha!

♥ JeN

Age Ain't Nothin' But A Number
Wednesday, April 28, 2004

1. Have you ever dated a younger guy/girl? Younger ng 4 months lang, but i had a crush on an 18 year old. hehehehe! shyet, kasing-edad ng brother ko. wahaha!
2. If yes, did it work out? If no, would you? Nope, didn't work out.
3. Have you ever dated an older guy/girl? yup
4. If yes, did it work out? If no, would you? obviously hindi din. hay.. kaines! :p
5. Which do you prefer: dating an older or younger guy/girl? age shouldn't matter if you like/love the person, you get along, you enjoy each other's company, but i'd still prefer someone older than me.

---- from Daily Dirt

tuesday ramblings

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Good news! We got the results of mom's first two medical exams yesterday. Her chest x-ray shows that her lungs are clear and her blood tests were all within the normal range. We have to hear her doctor's interpretation, but it looks good to me. I hope I am right.

Whew! That certainly was a load off my chest. Only two more tests to go and I hope the results are negative also. I'm going to accompany mom to the Makati Medical Center tomorrow for her bone scan and abdominal ultrasound. I'm praying really hard that the results would turn out all right. :)

I've started reading one of the books my sister gave me for my birthday: Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella And it's funny. The main character Becky kinda reminds me of me when I first got my own credit card, pero mejo mas malala naman sha. Hahahaha! The situations she gets herself into I can relate with. Ang galeng ng choice mo, Chie!

Credit cards can be a boon or a bane, depending on how you use it. At 21, right after graduation Mastercard & Visa sent me pre-approved credit cards. (I think they sent everyone on the graduating students list of DLSU - smart move by the credit card company :p). I've had an extension card from my mom's card, but it was for emergencies & if I want to use it, there's an unwritten rule that I have to ask her first. So getting my own card was like having a license to shop. Hehehe... I think you can guess the results. Haha!

I thnk during that time almost half my salary goes to the credit card company. I don't just buy stuff for myself though (uy, defensive hahaha!) I used to buy books, cds or kikay stuff every payday. Until one day I realized i was spending too much & wasn't saving enough. I didn't renew the cards when it expired, but I was still paying it off that time.

Now I have new cards, but I am wiser now. No cards unless for emergencies and pay cash as much as possible. Ang laki ng interest, noh. Sayang din yun :p

♥ JeN


1. Who is your favorite stand-up comedian of all time? I like Jimmy Fallon (teka, stand up comedian ba sha?). Ray Romano is funny but he doesn't do standups anymore. I know Conan O'Brien isn't a stand-up comedian, but i find his monologues at the start of his show hilarious. Besides, he was a writer at SNL. Locally, I like Aiai delas Alas. Shyet! Pamatay pag humirit, sakit tummy kakatawa.

2. Which one could you do without? (Not your type of humor, or just plain stupid!) Chris Rock. His humor can be irritating & oft-putting sometimes.

3. Which comedian do you think has gone on to have a great career aside from doing stand-up? Ray Romano - imagine getting $2 million per episode of Everybody Loves Raymond. WOW!

~Bonus~ If you went to a comedy club on amateur night, and they gave you some jokes and a microphone, would you go onstage? hahaha! probably not. What if they don't find my jokes funny? That would really suck. :p

Around the Globe...
Tuesday, April 27, 2004

1. Where do you currently live? Las Pinas City, Philippines
2. Name all the places in the world that you can think of that you've been to. ay nako... wala ako maisip. wahahah!
3. What place in the world do you want to go to that you haven't been to yet? madami! Ireland, Boston, New York, Italy, Scotland, New Zealand, France (mas gusto ko makita yung countryside kesa sa Paris. weird noh? :p)
4. What's your favorite place in the world, so far? shempre my country. makabayan ako! haha!
5. What's the worst place you've been to, so far? wala pa naman

---- from Daily Dirt

crazy neighbors

Monday, April 26, 2004

Have you ever had neighbors you wanted to throw stones at? Hehehe! Bad no? Pero kami merong mga kapitbahay na gustong-gusto kong batuhin minsan. Lalo na yung nasa tapat namin.

Minsan nagvivideoke sila ng pagkalakas-lakas. Okay lang yun... kung ang boses nila ay hindi katunog ng pinitpit na lata. O sana man lang ay nasa tono. Pero wala akong magagawa, dahil tulog yata sila nung nagsaboy ng kagandahan ng boses ang Diyos. Hehehe. actually, okay lang kung kumanta sila, right nila yun eh. Kaya lang minsan tanghaling tapat sila kumanta o kaya gabing-gabi na. Pag gabi tuloy sila nagkakantahan, yung aso naming si Laika, umaalulong. I swear.

Tapos, babanat sila ng "... ayb been weyting por yu-hoo, hir insayd mah heart, aym di won hu wants tu lab yu mo-ho-ho-hore.." Shyet! paulit-ulit pa yun. minsan 5 times na yun ang kanta sunod-sunod. Nakaka-windang! Magtitinginan kami ni Chie, sabay "roll ng eyes" at sabing, "Ano ba yan?!"

Minsan pag may topak ako, at si mommy at si daddy ay either wala sa bahay o kaya nasa likod sila sa aming bahay kubo sa garden ni daddy, nilalakasan ko yung stereo. Yung tipong sa lakas eh, nagse-shake yung bintana. Maya maya di na sila kumakanta. Ang salbahe ko talaga! Wahaha!

Tapos, pag dadating yung amo na lalaki at hindi agad nabuksan yung gate nila, ayan na, magrerebulusyon na sha. Magbubusina ng paulit-ulit at minsan walang patid. Yung tipong ganito: "beeeeeeeeeeeep! beeeeeeeeeeeep! beeeeeeeeeep! beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! Ay! kaines talaga, di na lang sha bumaba ng sasakyan at sha ang magbukas ng gate. Minsan di kami nakatiis, labas talaga kami to complain. Kasi ba naman, sa tapat sha ng bahay namin nagbubusina (para may bwelo sha pagpapasok na sa garahe nila). Hehehe... andami nagtaray sa kanya. Never na nya inulit, buti naman.

Yung kapitbahay naman namin sa kanan (kasi sa kabila, vacant lot.. buti na lang), pag nag-away sila (madalas yun :p) rinig na rinig. Ganoon kalakas boses nila. Katakot kung minsan. Kahit ayaw mong makinig, wala kang choice kasi malakas talaga.

It's a good thing our other neighbors aren't like those 2, if they were I'd go crazy, surrounded by them. hehehe!

♥ JeN

Monday, April 26, 2004

1. you could have a lifetime supply of something, what would you want? lifetime supply of money. hehehe...
2. you could be an object, what would you be? radio, shempre love ko music eh
3. you could steal something of your crush's room, what would you get? pillow or t-shirt. yuck! stalker moment! :D
4. you could travel right now, where would you go? Ireland or New York. O kaya sa Sanfo para ma-visit ko si Mylin.
5. you could date someone famous, who would you date? hello? kelangan pa bang tanungin? Si Papa Colin or si Papa Kimi. mwahahaha!

Sunday na naman :p

Sunday, April 25, 2004

I wish everything that happens in life will always be good ones. But if we don't experience challenges, we wouldn't realize how precious the good ones are. This is what I always tell myself (feeling ko si Ally McBeal ako kasi kinakausap ko sarili ko - wahaha!) when I'm questioning why unpleasant things happen.

Thank you friends for your words of comfort & for your prayers. I am etenally grateful. ♥ Labs yu! ♥

♥ JeN

Sunday, April 25, 2004

1. What's your favorite trait? i always try to look at things positively, i'm trying to be more responsible, and i like to make people laugh
2. What's your worst trait? quick tempered (but i'm not as much of a hot head as i was before. promise, nagbago na ako :p) procrastination. cramming queen ako, pero sa school, mas mataas yung grades ko sa projects pag ginawa ko a day before the deadline kesa yung maaga kong natapos. weird. or is it because I work better under pressure? :p
3. What trait do you wish you could have? patience
4. What trait do you have that you wish you haven't inherited? (besides your worst trait) hmmm.. isip ako
5. From whom do you think you inherited the most traits from? madami nagsasabi si mommy daw.

---from Daily Dirt


1. Which television series do you think had the best final episode? Sex & the City
2. Do you own something that you really should throw away but can't part with? i have lots of those. packrat ako eh.
3. Would you be willing to spend a night alone in a house that is supposedly haunted? no way! even if you pay me a million dollars I won't. Josme, ako pa, eh takot ako sa dilim... tapos haunted house pa. inaaang! Pero siguro kung may kasama akong papa-licous, papayag ako. bwahahaha!
4. Go back to your childhood ... What did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to be an architect like my dad, then a doctor (pero takot ako sa needles at sa dugo so di pwede :p), then i wanted to be a lawyer, but i ended up taking up beahavioral science & business management.
5. What do you need to make your favorite pizza? lots of cheese, pinapples, onions, green pepper, salami, ground pork, mushrooms. As i was writing this, my sister Chie just came home from the Museo Pambata Summer Camp, with PIZZA! chige.. kain muna ako :p

---Sunday Brunch

i believe in the power of prayer

Friday, April 23, 2004

Sometimes I dread getting good news coz I have a feeling bad news is gonna come next. My life has been like an emotional rollercoaster ride lately. I don't want to make generalizations, but it seems everytime i receive good news, a few days after, I receive news that I don't want to receive.

Yesterday I was very happy and that was because of the new employment opportunity knocking at my door. Honestly, right after getting the phone call from mom, I thought to myself, "Shet, great news ito, ano kaya ang kapalit?"

Well, I knew the answer just a day later... and it's news that I have been dreading for sometime.

There's a big chance my mom is going to undergo chemotherapy again. Pootah! minsan di ko alam kung kakayanin ko pa, but when I see my mom, I know I have to be strong. Kasi pag nakita nya na parang nag-gi-give up ako, alam ko pati sha ganoon din ang pakiramdam.

I accompanied my mom to St. Luke's Medical Center today. She wanted to get a second opinion and I guess she wanted to see if Dra. Gorospe is a good doctor. Mejo sumama kasi ang loob ni mommy sa current doctor nya. I dunno. I guess my mom took what Dra. Tamayo said differently. I understand that, coz if I were in my mom's shoes, I'd be really sensitive, too. It's my life i'm fighting for.

Mom has to undergo some tests to determine if the cancer has metastesized to other organs. God, i really hope not. From the results, Dra. Gorospe would plan mom's treatment, but she also said that regardless if the test results are negative, mom still has to undergo chemo. Her chemo drug combinations will be changed coz the cancer cells already know how to fight it. It's like they were immunized. I should be used to this coz if ever, this will be mom's third chemo (she had 3 cycles in 2001 & 6 cycles last year). But no one ever gets used to it. It's ironic coz the one treatment that could prolong your life would make you feel like hell.

Sometimes i find myself questioning God & my faith. But I need something & Someone to hold on to, coz if I don't, I couldn't take it. I'd go crazy.

At one point during mom's & Dr. Gorospe's conversation, mom cried. I had to steel myself so I wouldn't cry, too. That's when I realized that I'm quite adept in keeping my emotions in check. Dapat kasi hindi ako emotional kasi lalong bibigat yung nararamdaman ni mommy. But i so wanted to cry. Ang sikip ng dibdib ko kasi pinipigil ko. I told myself I have to be strong. Walang mangyayari sa amin kung makiki-iyak din ako. As mom was composing herself I was the one who talked to the doctor. I couldn't believe how I got through that conversation without ever shedding a tear.

I shed a tear when mom was in the ladies room and I texted some friends. I couldn't stop the tears when I read their messages of comfort. But when I sensed that mom was nearby, parang faucet na sinara yung tear ducts ko. :)

I know we'll get through this. We have before & we will again. With prayers I know we will...

♥ JeN

I needed a distraction, so even if I feel sad, I have time to answer some memes. :)

Would you...
Friday, April 23, 2004

1. eat a slug for $10? No way!
2. jump off the roof of your house for $15? (no safety nets or harnesses!) hahaha! no, siguro kung taasan yung amount. wahaha!
3. lick a taxi drivers armpit for $50? eeeeeeeew!!
4. french kiss michael jackson for 10 minutes for $60? bwahahaha!
5. moon in front of 100 people you know and know of for $100? no

I'm not much of a daredevil am I? I swear I wouldn't win in Fear Factor.

---from Daily Dirt


Thursday, April 22, 2004

My sister has uploaded some of the pictures from our swimming trip last week. You can see them all here. Ang kukulet!


yan ang ilan sa mga pinsan ko :P

(my brother toppet & his friends) Ready...


Gian: "Pa, gusto ko pa mag-swim!"
Caloy: "mamaya na uli, nanginginig ka na."
Gian: "Pa.. sige na!"



A couple of weeks ago, mom asked me if my resume was updated. I said yes it was and asked her why. She said her friend was inquiring about me, and if I would be interested to try out for a position at a client's company. The General Milling Corporation was starting their own insurance department and was looking for someone to head it. I saw nothing wrong with it and submitted my resume, thinking there's no harm in trying.

This morning mom called and said her friend updated her on the status of my application. He said that the company was interested in me, the only problem was that I was overqualified for the job. They were thinking of getting me as a consultant, which would require me to go to the office for only 3 times a week. I was surprised and kinda scared that they had such high expectations of me. What if I don't cut it? Nyarks!

They hadn't called yet, but my mom's friend said to expect a call within the next few weeks, coz they were still trying to figure out where to put me. Hahaha! Shucks! Jennie the consultant sounds sooooo nice! :D But along with that title comes bigger responsibilities I hope I can handle. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it pushes through...

Roller coaster ride talaga... yesterday I was sad.. now comes good news. :D

♥ JeN

Entertainment Faves
Thursday, April 22, 2004

1. Favorite Movie? too many! 50 first dates, the passion of the Christ (huhuhu.. :'( ), minority report, LOTR, never been kissed, the ring, the virgin suicides, braveheart, the wedding singer, dead poet's society, ever after, dazed & confused, zoolander, band of brothers, clueless, empire ecords, bend it like beckham. all time faves: circle of friends, 16 candles, the breakfast club... and many more i can't remember right now :p
2. Favorite TV Show? american idol (simon cowell, YOU ROCK!), friends, alias, e.r., c.s.i., boomtown, 24, the amazing race, taken, boston public, will and grace, law and order svu, the guardian, sex and the city, six feet under, scrubs, the west wing, who's line is it anyway?, (yes, i loooooove my TV!)
3. Favorite Band/Singer? i like diff. types of music except for country music and those annoying Filipino novelty songs (sex bomb, masculados....grrr!!). if I list it all down it wouldn't fit here :p but it depends on my mood, really. sometimes i like ballads, sometimes new wave, or alternative, etc... i think you get the picture. hahahaha!
4. Favorite Song? i can't shoose just one song :p - love moves in mysterious ways-julia fordham, the reason-hoobastank, when i'm thinking about you-the sundays, 8th world wonder-kimberly locke, bring me to life & my immortal-evanescence, somewhere, somehow-michael w. smith & amy grant, echo, wish you were here, pardon me & drive by incubus, try-nelly furtado, weak-svw
5. Favorite Celebrity? adam sandler, drew barrymore, julia roberts, jennifer aniston, brad pitt, colin farrell, nicole kidman, tom cruise, naomi watts, mel gibson, jim caviezel, kimi raikkonnen

---from Daily Dirt

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

I reread what I wrote yesterday and I found myself shaking my head. I wanted to delete it but what's the use? Whether I delete it or not, it wouldn't change a thing. I'd still feel the same way. Asar...

Anyway, Daddy has been down with the flu since Saturday night. Wawa naman. He looks like he lost a lot of weight already coz he has no appetite & ha has to force himself to eat. But he looks like he's better today. I hope he gets well soon.

I just got off the phone. Mom called. She told me she was gonna go to St. Luke's within the week to consult with another doctor. I'm scared. It seems the pain is getting worse coz she told me her old pain reliever dosage doesn't seem to work much. I didn't want to say it out loud but I have a sinking feeling that there's another recurrence. I hope & pray that I am wrong. Please let me be wrong.

I've been having these awful dreams lately. I guess these are my fears that i can't voice out.

Life lately has been a series of ups & downs. Sometimes it gets really frustrating. Napansin ko lang pag merong isang event na ang saya saya namin, in a few days meron namang isang event na ang lungkot. Sabi nga nila, "Life isn't fair. ewan...

♥ JeN

Couch potato...
Wednesday, April 21, 2004

1. What shows do you watch? CSI, Alias, friends, boston public, scrubs, who 's line...? , American Idol, Survivor All Stars, Law & Order SVU, Sex & the City, six feet under,
2. As a child, which shows/cartoons did you always watch? Hanna Barbera Cartoons, Bugs Bunny, Scooby Doo, Astroboy, SUPERFRIENDS!, Voltes V, Candy Candy, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty
3. Approximately how many hours a week do you spend watching TV? i have no idea... but i love cable tv. hahaha!
4. What kind of shows do you like to watch? (reality/cartoon/soapies etc) i'm a sucker for reality TV (specially American Idol - Simon Cowell, YOU ROCK!!), i like Spongebob Squarepants & the Sinmpsons:D
5. Do you tape any shows? I used to tape friends & the music award shows like AMA, Grammy, MTV Video & Movie Awards.

---- from Daily Dirt

Wednesday Whatevers

1. What era would you have liked to live in? Victorian or Elizabethan Eras sound like amazing eras but i'd still prefer the present coz one of the problems during those times is hygiene. OC ako when it comes to that. Hahaha!.
2. Why does history repeat itself? people don't learn from their mistakes
3. Why did you choose the email username that you did? my friends call me jennie & bebe, so i put them together

oh well....

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Happy Birthday Tito Ricko & Tito Gerry!!! Happy Anniversary Tita Belle & Tito Gerry!!! :D

And speaking of birthdays, I asked myself a few days before my birthday what I would do if M should call to greet me. And how I would feel if he forgets.

When he didn't call me on my actual birthday I admit I was a bit disappointed. Sabi ko pa para akong tanga. Kasi ang tagal ko nang sinasabi na sana wag na sha tumawag ever again. Tapos nung hindi nga tumawag, naasar ako. Does that mean I'm not over him? O kaya lang ako naasar kasi nakalimutan nya at feeling ko forgettable ako? Grrr! I don't know the answer to those questions, coz when it comes to M, I get really confused.

Labo talaga... the last time I talked to him I said I'd prefer it if he never calls me again. Yung parang nagdisappear na sha on the face of the earth. As if he never existed. I should be happy he followed my preference, but why am I not happy about it? ARGH, talaga!

♥ JeN

Fairest of them all...
Tuesday, April 20, 2004

1. What hair color do you think is the most pretty for a girl and for a guy? Hair color doesn't particularly matter to me. As long as the hair is clean and neat. hehehe... he could have green hair and as long as it fits him, i'm up for it.
2. Blue, Brown or Green Eyes? There's something mysterious about green & gray eyes. :D
3. Most attractive skin tone?Skin tone ng Pinoy! AYoko ng lalaking mashadong maputla. hehehehe...
4. Long hair or short (guys and girls)? doesn't matter as long as it is neat, cleans, fits the person's personality & he/she can carry it well.
5. Tall or short? tall

--- from Daily Dirt

Lunes na naman...

Monday, April 19, 2004

I wasn't in the mood to blog for the past few days. My sunburn hurt like hell. Wahahahah! But i still don't regret swimming. I love the water too much. As a matter of fact, some friends and I are planning a beach trip. :D I hope it pushes through.

I saw the pics of the family outing my sister took last Friday, it still has to be edited so I didn't post it yet. It was kinda hard to laugh, coz my cheeks hurt when I do, but the pics were so funny that I laughed so hard. :p

Lola F flew back to Alaska Saturday morning and she called around 5 pm Sunday to tell us she arrived around 2 pm our time. Good to know she arrived safe & sound. I'm gonna miss Lola F. :)

♥ JeN

Meme time!

Monday, April 19, 2004

1. What time do you usually go to sleep? between 2-3 am
2. What time do you wake up? depends
3. What's the last thing you do before you go to bed? turn radio on
4. What's the first thing you do when you wake up? open my eyes... hehehe! fix my bed then go to the bathroom
5. Do you have naps? nope

Sunday, April 18, 2004

1. What are your nicknames given to you by your friends? Jay (coz there are lots of Jennifers/Jennys in school, to distinguish me from everyone else, they called me Jay - & my hs crush's nickname is Jay, too :p), my friend Gilbert called me Bebe, i still don't know why but it stuck and became Jennie_bebe
2. Do you have any embarassing ones? If so, what are they? my cousin Kuya Gani, used to call me Jepotski, now he calls me Jep (shortcut, wahaha!); my friend Jane called me Jepotski-doodle-doo in grade school (made me sound like a poodle. bwahahaha!
3. What are your nicknames for your significant other (if you have one)? Bi (bee)
4. What are your significant other's nicknames for you? Bi
5. Do you nickname objects? nope

--- from Daily Dirt

hola from the red lobster!

Friday, April 16, 2004

I spent the day swimming with my family. Finally! Our long awaited swimming "party" pushed through. WOO-HOO!!!!

It was a celebration of sorts: my sister, Tito Gerry's & my birthdays, Tita Belle & Tito Gerry's anniversary, & lola's despedida (Lola F is flying back to Alaska in the morning).

We weren't complete - our 2 oldest cousins & their families couldn't go coz of work & other reasons and as usual my other aunt & her husband (yes, the same ones - and we actually didn't mind that they weren't there. heehee!). Pero okay lang, masaya kami!

Aside from family, my brother's friends were there, too. Makukulit din kaya ang ingay naming lahat.

Sunblock with SPF 45 wouldn't work if most of the day was spent in the pool. hehehe... so you can imagine how red I am today. My shoulders are aching, my cheeks burn, but I don't really care much. I had tons of fun. Well, maybe in a few days I will regret staying in the pool that long, but not right now. :p

And the food was, for lack of a better word, GRABEH! Yummy talaga. Paano ka ba naman papayat, kung lahat sa pamilya mo masarap magluto? :p Hay naku....

My cousins & I really enjoyed ourselves (asus! we always do :p), everyone was hyper, laughing, goofing around, singing along to the music. Even our aunts & uncles were. That's why I love our family outings & other get-togethers. it's never boring.

Ang kukulet habanag nagsuswimming, kaya naman sa van namin nung pauwi, lahat tulog. Sigurado ako dun din sa ibang sasakyan, ganun din. Sigurado din ako, lahat kaming magpipinsan bukas, dumadaing na masakit ang mga katawan, lalo na ang mga balat. MWAHAHAHA!

Ulitin natin! BITIN!!!

♥ JeN

PS: peechurs to be posted as soon as uploaded. :D

PPS: my sister gave me two books for my birthday, "Confessions of a Shopaholic" (bagay :p) and "The Unbearable Lightness of Being". Shucks! nape-pressure ako. Di ko pa din nababasa yung "The Alchemist" meron na namang nakapila. hehehe...

The first thing that comes to mind when you see this is:
Friday, April 16, 2004

1. Foot - shoes!!!
2. Family - love
3. Television - american idol
4. Hair - long
5. School - friends

--- from Daily Dirt

yo shorty, it's mah birthday....

Thursday, April 15, 2004


hehehe.. talk about self-promotion :p

Thank you to all my friends who greeted me here, over at friendster, myspace, called me on the phone (yung mga nakasingit :p), texted me since midnight, chatted with on YM, AIM & MSN, emailed, sent me e-cards. Friends like you make my day even more special.

And to my family (mom, dad, chie, toppet, my aunts, uncles, grandparents, loving cousins, who are always there for me in good times and in bad.

I love you guys!

♥ JeN
Oh dear...
Thursday, April 15, 2004

1. Have you been so terribly sick in your life?I was hospitalized for 4 days in Nov. 2002 for a typhoid-like virus (which up to now, we don't know what it was). That was the first time I was hopitalized & dextrosed. yikes!
2. Have you been so depressed? i'm generally a happy person, so when i do feel sad, it doesn't last long.
3. Have you fallen so much in love? At that time I thought i have. Looking back now, it doesn't seem like it.
4. Have you been hurt so bad?yes, and i think it has made me stronger
5. Have you wondered why are you brought into this world?hmmm... i'll give my answer as soon as I finish reading "A Purpose Driven Life" ;)

---- from Daily Dirt

one day to go...

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Yikes! I'll be turning 28 tomorrow... argh!

Don't get me wrong, I love birthdays, it's just that when it's my turn I get a little apprehensive. Not because I have age issues but because I'm dreading the reactions I'll get from some people, especially my family (nuclear & extended families).

Whenever we have family get togethers, I swear, at least three people will ask me when I am getting married. Sheesh...

That reminds me of a joke someone sent me that goes something like this:

During weddings my nosy elderly aunts always poke me and say, "You're next!" I got sick and tired of it so when we saw each other at a funeral, I poked them and said, "You're next!"

BWAHAHAHA! Grabeh, ang sama, noh?

I know people mean well when they ask me that, but it gets irritating sometimes. All I can do is smile and say, "You're the first person I'll look for when I do." :p

I actually don't feel like 28 - and they say I don't look 28 (hehehe! buti naman :p). Besides, age is just a number right? :D

Sometimes I think I have quarter-life crisis. I feel like there are some goals I've set that I've yet to accomplish/achieve. But then I'll realize, I still have lots of time. di ba?

♥ JeN

Wednesday Whatevers

1. Would you prefer to live in an urban, suburban, or rural area; and why? I prefer to live in the suburbs. Until I was 7 we lived in an urban area and it was kinda chaotic. it's noisy, too fast paced for me, pollution - eep!. We've lived at the suburbs for the past 21 years and i love it here.
2. If a fountain of youth did exist, would you drink from it? I probably will. hehehehe
3. What do you want your dying words to be? ooh.. tough one. I prefer to die in my sleep (as if I could choose how I'd die - haha!) so I probably won't say anything. Hahaha! But seriously, I'd probably say goodbye & I love you to my loved ones, and for them to take care of each other.


all blogged out

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

I am all blogged out. I couldn't think of anything to blog about. Pero weird naman ako, gusto ko meron akong blog everyday. Labo. :p So I blog hopped and looked for memes.

What are memes?

meme n (mëm): A unit of cultural information, such as a cultural practice or idea, that is transmitted verbally or by repeated action from one mind to another. From the Greek mimëma, something imitated, from mimeisthai, to imitate.

In Blogspeak, a meme is an idea that is shared and passed from blog to blog, like a question posted in one blog and answered in many other blogs.

---from I am Pariah - The Memes List

I was supposed to answer the memes i found (and they were quite a lot!) but the questions for the day didn't really interest me. Ewan.. ang labo ko talaga. :p

I think I just need sleep. And I hope tomorrow will be a more productive day, blogwise. Wahahahah!

Oooooh! I have a confession to make... I am Jennie... and I AM A BLOG ADDICT! Is there a BLOGGER'S ANONYMOUS out there? :D

♥ JeN

monday blues

Monday, April 12, 2004

back to normal. nothing much to blog about. hehehe.. so i thought i'd answer some survey questions.

i don't like mondays... i always seem to have monday morning blues. maybe i was Garfield in an earlier incarnation. hihihi!

♥ JeN

All Garfield pictures are copyrighted © PAWS


Let's do something with colors this week...Each question will begin with 'What color is your favorite...'

1. Vegetable green
2. Beverage dark brown
3. Room green
4. Outfit black
5. Mood pink
6. Season blue
7. Fruit yellow
8. Dessert brown, mocha & white (chocolate mousse) :p
9. Pair of shoes black
10. Color???? blue

What would you do if...
Monday, April 12, 2004

1. Your best friend betrayed you? confront her
2. Your life turned upside down one day? try my best to get my wits back together
3. You had no one you could trust? pray that someone trustworthy would come along ;)
4. Your boyfriend flirted with your friends right in front of you? when we're alone i'll tell him i didn't like it that he flirted with my friends (though it may be harmless flirting, i'll tell him how i felt when he flirted with my friends),
5. You messed up a perfect friendship? try my best to mend things and hopefully we'll be friends again

---- from Daily Dirt

i want easter eggs... but i'm too old for it. hehehe!

Sunday, April 11, 2004


The long vacation is over and tomorrow it's back to normal. I still haven't read The Alchemist, damn shame. :p

WOOHOO!!! Swimming will definitely be on Friday, day after my birthday and day before Lola F's flight back to Alaska.

counting the days till then...

♥ JeN


Which ____ couldn't you live without?
Sunday, April 11, 2004

i can't choose only one :p

1. CD (Album OR Single): The Julia Fordham Collection, Pure Jazz, Plumb's candycoatedwaterdrops & Beautiful Lumps of Coal, Singles & 50 First Dates OST
2. Book: The Purpose Driven Life, A Knight in Shining Armor (hehehe), Chicken Soup for the Soul series
3. Video/DVD: Ever After, Never Been Kissed, Clueless, LOTR, Dead Poet's Society
4. Website: my blog, the most hit music, our family website, friendster
5. Person: family, best friends, and.... secret!

---- from Daily Dirt

boring saturday

Saturday, April 10, 2004

I should be swimming right now. I should have be quite tanned by now. Instead I am at home... blogging. :(

We were supposed to be on our annual family outing, but Lola F didn't want to leave coz it's Holy Week. Lola is a devout Catholic and Holy Week is very important & solemn to her. So mom & my tita Belle decided to postpone the outing. We'd feel really guilty if we left Lola here while we were all having fun swimming.

But dang it! Swimming until my fingers look like prunes sounds soooooo nice! Only thing I don't like about swimming is sunburn. I really wish we could swim to our heart's content without ever getting tan (unless we want to). haaaaay....

My nephew Gian is better. His dad texted me and said he's makulit again. That's a good sign. There's a chance he might be discharged tomorrow. I really hope so. :)

♥ JeN

What is worst...
Saturday, April 10, 2004

1. Seeing your boyfriend kissing a girl at the mall or your best friend telling you that she dates him? my best friend telling me she's dating him. That would be double betrayal. grrr!
2. Getting a punishment or getting a negative test? punishment
3. Being called a loser by your crush or being called a freak by your friends? being called a freak by my friends
4. Someone making you take drugs or someone making you smoke? someone making me take drugs
5. Your dog dying or your sister disappearing? sus! shempre my sister disappearing, noh. Even if we don't always get along, she's more important than my dog.

---- from Daily Dirt


Friday, April 09, 2004

My nephew Gian Carlo was rushed to the hospital today coz of dehydration. My cousin Caloy, his dad, said that Gian had been sick for a few days and he hasn't been eating well. Poor baby! Only 4 years old and he's already been dextrosed. Ako nga, 25 na nung nadextrose, sha 4 pa lang. Wawa naman... :(

Gian is my favorite nephew coz he's so smart and lovable. He's very sweet and even if he's "tinotopak" sometimes, we just can't stay mad at him for long. Miss ko na nga sha. My mom & I were just talking the other day and she mentioned she was thinking of inviting them for a vacation here.

I hope he gets well soon.

Love you Gian!

♥ JeN

Here are some pictures of Gian we took 2 years ago, while he was trick of treating here at our village:

feel nya talaga... :p

hehehe, feeling spiderman!
he was on top of our car
and my sister told him
"to be like spiderman"

chweek ow chweet?

ang yabang nung mama, oh!

heehee... ampanget!

asus! pa-cute!

Friday, April 09, 2004

1. Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, find line 4. Write down what it says: He decided to wait until the sun had sunk a bit lower in the
2. Stretch your left arm out as far as you can. What do you touch first? aray! window
3. What is the last thing you watched on TV? exotic foods on national geographic
4. Before you came to this website, what did you look at? my yahoo email account
5. Tell me something about you that I don't know: i taught myself how to write with my left hand when i was in grade 4, my grade 1 artwork was exhibited at the CCP, i've always been the head of the props/art department from 4th grade to 4th year hs, during school & class productions.

---from Daily Dirt

happy birthday, chie!

Thursday, April 08, 2004


Today is my sister's birthday. Heehee! Maundy Thursday, kaya walang celebration. Kami-kami lang pero may konting handa din. :) Swerte nga sha kasi ako noon good Friday ang birthday. :p

Our birthdays are a week away. When we were kids she asked me, "ate Jen, di ba mas matanda ka sa akin? eh, bakit mas una birthday ko sa iyo?" Ang sagot ko naman, "Ewan ko. Pero oo nga ano?" Sheesh.. She must have been 3 that time and I was 6. That was also probably the year my birthday was a Good Friday. :P Hehehe! Nagtaka din ako kung bakit una birthday nya nun, di namin naisip na una naman yung taon kung kelan ako pinanganak. wahaha!

yummy... may ice cream.. kain muna ako. hehehe!

♥ JeN


Thursday, April 08, 2004

1. Coffee, cigarette or drugs? coffee & cigarettes
2. Movies, music or sleep? all!!! :D
3. Clubs, pubs or pizza joints? all
4. Europe, Asia or USA? Europe
5. Shopping, eating out or chatting? :D all!

--- from Daily Dirt

i'm ranting again

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

I was fuming mad earlier. As in magtago-ka-na-kung-ayaw-mong-madamay kind of mad.

Lola F & I were going to St. Luke's again to visit her brother-in-law (to comfort her sister-in-law who was understandably in such low spirits). Since it was only the two of us in the car, she called my aunt and asked who wanted to go with us. We were going to drop off my cousins at home so anyone of my aunts or cousins, who lived at the compound, could go with us.

Before we left the house, I called my favorite aunt, Tita Belle (Geng & Genrick's mom), to ask who was going with us. And that was when I blew my top. Tita Belle told me that my bwiset aunt and her equally bwiset husband were going with us. THE NERVE! They don't talk to my mom and even me, and they tell things behind our backs, and here they were hitching a ride in our car?!

Since Lola F arrived from Alaska, my aunt hasn't seen her nor even talked to her on the phone simply because Lola is staying with us. Lola has been here for two weeks and she doesn't call. Si lola pa ang tumawag sa kanya, di na nahiya.

Ever since I can remember, that aunt of mine hasn't been on my favorite persons list, coz she's always so contrary. I suspect she has superiority complex, coz she always has to be right. And her husband is a first class a**hole! (Sorry, I just really get mad when I think of them) There have been occasions when her husband has been known to say stuff about my mom, coz mom is the only one vocal about disagreeing with them on certain issues. Then last year my aunt misinterpreted something mom said, which I agreed on. Next thing I knew, they were saying stuff about me & my mom, behind our backs of course.

My aunt knows my mom is battling cancer, and there is always that possiblity that she'll get worse. So we're all living on borrowed time. She doesn't even call to ask how mom is doing, rather we hear some of the negative things she's been saying. Nakakainis talaga sila! She doesn't even remember that when her 14 yr old daughter had to be confined at a hospital for manic depression, we were there to help her out. Whenever they need something, we try our best to help. I'm not saying she has to repay what we've done, coz helping them out was very sincere on our parts, besides they're family. And if there's one thing i remember my late grandmother said, your family is the first to help you out when you're in need.

After all that they have done to my mom, she and her husband would hitch in our car? Hindi naman sa pinagmamadamot ko ang kotse namin, pero nampoocha naman, kung ano-ano sinasabi nila tungkol sa mommy ko, tapos di nila kinakausap, dumadagdag pa sila sa sakit na nararamdaman ng mom ko, tapos ngayon, sasabay sila sa kotse namin? kapal! If not for Lola F, I would have told that to them straight. But Lola F wanted to see them so I kept my mouth shut (which was REALLY, REALLY hard to do).

It was a good thing when we arrived at their place, her husband wasn't there & another aunt was with her. She made a lame excuse that her husband was tired so he opted not to go. I'm sure when he learned that I was gonna be there, he backed out. Coz he knew I wouldn't back down if provoked. My other aunt Neng whispered to me that when I called he was already dressed. He probably thought Lola was going to be driven by our driver. He didn't count on me being there. Hahaha! sometimes it helps when people know that I can be a total bitch when provoked.

It makes me sad that we have this kind of situation. I don't enjoy having resentments about people. Mabigat sa dibdib, sabi nga ng iba. And it's hard to supress how I really feel about them. I don't want to disrespect them, but it's kinda hard to respect someone who acts like that. Di ko naman sila binabastos, coz that wasn't how my siblings and I were brought up by our parents. Nakaka-bad trip lang talaga sila!

Hay naku, asar talaga, Holy Week pa naman... nagkakasala na naman ako.

♥ JeN

PS: When I'm in this kind of mood, naiisip ko, dapat siguro ang blogname ko hindi videokequeen, kungdi MALDITA. bwahahaha!


I am 32% evil.

I could go either way. I have sinned quite a bit but I still have a bit of room for error. My life is a tug of war between good and evil.

Are you evil? find out at

Would You Rather...
Wednesday, April 07, 2004

1. Eat a live worm or eat a dead frog? Oh geez, do I have to choose? NEITHER! eeeewww....
2. Lose your long term memory or lose your short term memory? Short term memory (uy, feeling Lucy Whitmore of 50 first dates - hihihi!). I'd hate to lose my memories while growing up, of friends I've known a long time, my family of course. It's like losing my identity.
3. Die without saying goodbye to your friend or your friend dying without them saying goodbye? Die without saying goodbye to my friend.
4. Make a bull mad or make an alligator mad? nyah! wala :p
5. Die in a fire or die drowning? I'd rather die drowning. Dying in a fire is more horrible. It's dying slowly and in excruciating pain. Ouch!

--- from Daily Dirt

contemplating on a boring day

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Today turned out to be pretty boring. :p My siblings, our cousins, Geng & Genrick and I were supposed to go somewhere, but it was too hot and we didn't feel like going. We ended up staying at home watching tv, listening to the radio, and hanging out.

I should be used to the heat, after all, I've lived here all my life. But it seems every year it's becoming even hotter. Global warming? Probably. Sheesh... I so need to soak in a pool or the beach. Sana lang, pwedeng mag-swimming buong araw ng hindi nangingitim. Nyahaha! Asa pa ako. I burn easily, but I love the water too much. As long as I am in the water or the vicinity of a body of water, I'll be happy. The skin on my fingers might looked wrinkled like a prune, but it wouldn't make me go out of the water. Some of my friends tease me that I must've been a fish or a mermaid in a previous life. :D Maybe...

Staying at home made me think about some stuff (or people) I'd rather not think about. That's the problem when I'm doing nothing. I tend to think a lot. :p I wondered if Michael would call me on my birthday and I asked myself, "Will I be disappointed if he didn't?" or "What would I do if he does call?" Argh! I shouldn't be thinking about him anymore. It's been almost seven months since I last talked to him and about eight months since I last saw him, but I couldn't help but wonder how he's doing. Kaines!

Then there's this guy I really liked a lot, but lately I found myself kinda getting turned off by him. I don't know, it just feels weird talking to him lately. And now when we talk, there are these awkward silences. It's as if we've run out of things to say/talk about. Unlike before, when we could talk about anything under the sun, and we'd laugh a lot.

We're not dating, we're just friends (showbiz statement, pero totoo :D). Maybe I read his signals wrong, or he's just a really accomplished flirt. Whatever. Man-woman issues confuse me. :p Then I heard from a friend that he might like someone else. I wasn't jealous or anything, after all, I had no right to be, but yeah, I admit I felt a pinch or something like it. Hay naku...

Ginny, Mylin & Eloisa, oo sha yun. Utang na loob, walang mag-rereact! No names, no initals even. I'm not sure but I have a strong feeling he might come across this, and when I'm feeling like this, I'm rarely wrong :D

I wonder why i feel like this everytime my birthday is near? :p

♥ JeN

Blah, Blah, Blah...
Tuesday, April 06, 2004

1. Do you talk a lot? Yes, but sometimes I'm really quiet.
2. Do you like/hate it when people talk to you a lot? Depends on my mood and what the person is talking about. If it's all gibberish or nonsense or talking trash about someone, I tell them to shut up nicely.
3. Who do you talk to the most on the net? Mylin, Eloisa, Geng, Genrick
4. Who do you talk to the most over the phone? Maita, Tess, Ellen
5. What kind of conversations bore you? Depends on the person I'm conversing with. I mean if the person I'm talking to is interesting, it doesn't matter what we talk about, I won't get bored. If the person I'm talking to has the personality of a rock, any topic would be boring.

---- from Daily Dirt

50 first dates :D

Monday, April 05, 2004

My sister and i spent the day at the mall today. We were only supposed to buy stuf for our family outing (which has been temporarily postponed - coz Lola F didn't wanna go during Holy Week :( ), but we ended up watching a movie. We watched 50 First Dates, and it was worth it.

I loved the movie. The plot may be simple and Lucy Whitmore's (Drew Barrymore) sickness, short-term memory loss, may be somewhat hard to believe, but i absolutely loved it. Primarily because it was an Adam Sandler movie and I loved his first movie pair-up with Drew, The Wedding Singer. BUt mostly, it was because of the thought of someone loving you so much, he's willing to make you fall in love with him everyday. Wow. That was how much Henry Roth (Adam Sandler) loved Lucy. Awww... Makes me wonder if there are still guys like that around. Heehee! No offense guys... maybe I have to look harder :D

some scenes from the movie:

drew & adam with jaco the walrus :D

adam with willie the penguin (one of my favorite scenes)

I liked the movie so much, i bought the soundtrack right after the movie. I also bought a cd of The Darkness (I believe in a thing called love...) for my sister's birthday.

When we got home, mom said Lola was gonna go to St. Luke's Hospital to visit her brother-in-law who was in the ICU. He was going to have surgery. We picked up Tita Belle & my cousin Geng on the way. At St. Luke's we met Lola's late husband's relatives. They were a nice bunch of people. They reminded me how my family is during family reunions. :p

Lola & i dropped off Tita Belle but Geng & her brother Genrick went home with us. They're staying until Wednesday. It should be fun. :) I like having my cousins around at home. :)

♥ JeN

PS: thanks to yahoo! movies for the pictures

Have you ever part 2
Monday, April 05, 2004

1. Been let down by a friend when you needed them? Nope. My friends are amazing, and for that I am grateful. :D
2. Done something for somebody even though you didnt want to? Yup, there have been times.
3. Been really low? I have those moments :)
4. Let down a friend when they needed you? I try not to. I try to be there as much as possible and help in any way I can.
5. wanted somebody you couldnt have? Ay sus! oo naman :p

---from Daily Dirt

bakit nga ba?

Sunday, April 04, 2004

A lot of people have been asking me why my blogname is videokequeen. It's quite simple really. I love to sing but it wasn't until recently that I've been "thick-skinned" enough to sing with people around. Hihihi!

I love music and I would always sing along when I hear a song that I like. But I don't sing when there are other people around to hear me. I feel really conscious. Now however, I've learned to "let go" when I'm singing. I don"t care if someone hears me, just as long as I am enjoying what I do. Pero di naman ako nangbubulahaw tulad ng kapitbahay naming super sintunado. Grabe yung mga yun. Walang tatalo! Mwahahaha!

During our graduation song practice in High School, our Music teacher had each of us sing so he'd know where he would classify us, and which part of the graduation song we would sing. That was terrifying. Singing in front of him & the whole class, while he's playing the piano. Having a surname which starts with S, I was naturally one of the last ones called so the anticipation almost killed me. When my name was called, I was petrified, so I sang with my eyes closed. After I sang our teacher, Mr. Reyes looked at like he was angry and he stood up and jokingly strangled me and said, "Why didn't you join the Glee Club?!" I was so stunned I couldn't say a word and I just smiled weakly. That was the first time someone besides family told me I had a good voice, and I was surprised coz I thought they only say that coz they're family. Wala lang pala akong bilib sa sarili ko. But I didn't let that get into my head, basta kakanta ako pag feel ko :p Hanggang videoke lang naman ako eh. Hahaha!

Looking back, I kinda wanted to be in the St. Scho Glee Club, but I was terrified to audition so I didn't. And admittedly, some of the people in the Glee Club were not my favorite people. Sayang din, when I think about it. It would have been fun.

Whenever we have family gatherings, my cousin Geng & I are usually the ones who would hog the videoke. :p My signature song is "Weak" by SWV. Itaga mo sa bato, kahit saan, basta kasama yung kantang yan sa selection, kakantahin ko. :D

Actually, I think my blogname should be Ms. Sing-along, coz I sing along to the songs I like and I grew up in Singalong, Manila. Heehee! Ang corny. :p Pero, totoo naman eh. :) We lived in the Singalong area before we moved to Las Pinas, when I was seven. And my school was in the area too. My maternal grandparents lived in the area and I would always stay there with my cousins after class, until it was time for mom & dad to pick us up.

Inulut-ulit kong sabihin sa utak ko yung ms.singalong. Di ko type. Parang ang pangit pakinggan. Bwahahaha!

♥ JeN

Hocus Pocus...
Sunday, April 04, 2004

1. Can you perform magic tricks? nope. does disappearing food in my plate count? hahaha!
2. Who's your favourite magician? David Blaine! He ROCKS!
3. What's the most intriguing magic trick you've seen? any trick David Blaine does is intriguing. Creepy even :p
4. Who's your favourite TV witch/genie/fairy? genie from Alladin
5. If you have magic powers, which power would you like? the power to heal, so I could heal my mom. :)

-----from Daily Dirt

ang init!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 03, 2004

Andaming tao sa bahay... nawiwindang ako. Lola F arrived from Aklan and she was with Auntie Persing. My other aunts went to the house to visit lola who hasn't been here in a year. hehehehe... funny sila... sabay-sabay magsalita pero nagkakaintindihan.

Madaming tao sa bahay means, madaming huhugasang pinggan, kubyertos at baso. Ngek... dishwashing duty pa naman ako.

kitchen sink.. here i come!!!

♥ JeN

Long, long list...
Saturday, April 03, 2004

Give me your...
1. Top 5 favourite movies:
hard choice: hmmm... LOTR trilogy, the virgin suicides, bend it like beckham, the ring, never been kissed
2. Top 5 dates: ngek.... wala yata eh. wahahahah!
3. Top 5 drinks: coke, jose cuervo tequila, absolut citroen, smirnoff mule, white russian
4. Top 5 TV Shows: alias, CSI, sex and the city, friends, american idol
5. Top 5 websites: mine of course! hehehe, our family website, 99.5rt's website, friendster, tickle (emode)

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yeehah! friday na! :D

Friday, April 02, 2004

Ah yes, it's Friday once again. Woohoo! Can you tell I love Fridays? :p

April Fool's Day yesterday, were you able to prank someone? I wasn't able to. I had no creative ideas. Kawawa naman :p I was pranked by my favorite radio station, though. I didn't listen yesterday until it was about 3 pm. So I turned the stereo on and I heard different voices. I thought I was at a different station. :p It turns out the 99.5 RT deejays of The Playground (show title) switched places with the deejays of a sister station, Magic 89.9TM, for an hour. It was a cool prank, I got confused and from what I've heard, so did they. Hahaha! I wish I could come up with a creative prank like that. Sounded like fun. :D

I still haven't started reading The Alchemist. It has been by my bedside for a week and I still hadn't read a page. Weird. I haven't been in the mood to read. Hopefully this Holy Week I would be able to.

I need to clean out my room. That is one of the things I plan to do this Holy Week. I bet there are a lot of stuff I could live without, but is still somewhere in my room.

I'm a certified pack-rat.

Last year when we had the garage sale, I had every intention of disposing of lots of stuff. But some of it are still here coz it has sentimental value. Everytime I clean out my room/closets, I end up doing it the whole day because i look at every stuff. Like if I see a letter, i'll reread it. Or when I saw my old sketch pads, I browsed at every page.

I keep concert tickets, old letters, stuff given to me but I have outgrown. Anything that has a story behind it (which is most of it). But I'm surprised that my room is relatively neat. hehehe. I'm sure my mom would disagree.

♥ JeN

This or That...
Friday, April 02, 2004

1. Coffee OR Tea?coffee. though i like green tea :D
2. TV OR Radio? tough choice. but i guess radio.
3. Flirting OR Dating?dating
4. 'Friends' OR 'Sex And The City'?both. what? choose only one? please don't let me choose... :p
5. MSN OR AIM? MSN, but i prefer Yahoo! Messenger or Trillian so all my messengers are open but with only one window. :D

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April Fool's Day!

Thursday, April 01, 2004

April Fool's Day! A prankster's Day. :p Ingat sa mga nangungutang, hehehe.. malamang hindi na bayaran. :p

I got this text message from a friend:

You can let a fool kiss you or you can kiss a fool, but never let a kiss fool you. Happy April Fool's Day!

hehehe... that text applies to me. p I've let a fool kiss me, I've kissed that fool and I let his kiss fool me. Ay naku, the hazards of falling for the wrong person.

I was talking to a friend earlier and she was asking me if I have any suggestions to prank her husband. The suggestions I gave were very corny. Ngek! She picked the wrong time to ask me - my brain wasn't working. Heehee!

I had forgotten the last time I pulled a prank on someone. Sheesh.. I must be getting old. wahahaha!

Speaking of that... my birthday is exactly two weeks from now.... nyarks! But before I fret, My sister's birthday is coming first and then there's our birthday swimming blowout on the 10th. Woohoo! Magpakasaya muna bago tumanda. bwahahaha!

My brother and I were brainstorming what gift to give her. I wish I knew what her blog address is, I might get an idea from there. heehee!

♥ JeN

Hey baby…
Thursday, April 01, 2004

1. What's the worst pick up line you've heard? Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?
2. What's the best pick up line you've heard? I think pick-up lines are cheesy. :p
3. What's your favourite pick up line to use? I don't use pick-up lines.
4. What other ways can you pick up dates? hmmm... be yourself. smile. be confident. ngek. serious :p
5. Have you been picked up or picked up someone before with that method? Being yourself works all the time and having a great smile works wonders ;)

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