sunday na agad?

Sunday, March 07, 2004

I'm feeling a lot better now. YaY!! I didn't have fever the whole day, and my throat feels better, too. Last time I had fever was around dawn, and hopefully it wouldn't come back anymore.

We spent the whole day at home, just relaxing at our own little nooks, doing our own little things. :) it was just a lazy sunday for all of us, a day for relaxation.

I woke up late again. I actually woke up before 6 am, but i quickly fell back to sleep. Hehehe! The next thing I knew, my cellphone alarm was on. It was already 10:45 am! And it was the start of the Australian Grand Prix in Alberta Park, Melbourne, Australia. Yay! The first race of the 2004-2005 Season.

The track was located by the bay, it was amazing. And there must have been around 100,000 people watching the Grand Prix. it was a sight to see. A sea of people, most of whom were wearing something red (obviously Scuderia-Ferrari-Marlboro fans). The race was off to a good start, but it quickly turned sour for me. My favorite Kimi Raikkonen had an engine blow-out right after Sauber's Felipe Massa overtook him.

It was obvious from his actions that he was really upset that the MP4-19 wasn't up to par with the Ferrari, the BMW & even the Renault. Asar!

As expected, it was a Ferrari 1-2 finish (Schumi then Reubens), and at third was Renault's Fernando Alonso.

shempre, taas ng talon nya :p

The winners: l-r Jean Todt, Reubens, Schumi, & Alonso

The race was pretty much decided early on. Oh well.. 17 races to go. I hope the McLaren team could adjust quickly. hehehe... obvious ba na favorite ko ang formula 1?

Time flies fast, it's already the second week of March. Nyay! Maya-maya, April na, tapos birthday ko na... NOOOOOOO!!! Hahahaha!

Ay wag muna yun...

Tuesday, I shall be meeting a few friends for lunch. yay! Then on Friday... Incubus... here I come!!! :D

I hope this week will be a great week. :)

♥ JeN

thanks to F1-Live for the race pictures.