summer's here! :D

Monday, March 22, 2004

It's Monday again, time flies fast. Gah! I feel like Garfield. I remember back in school, I was really grumpy on Monday mornings. i would usually sleep in the car on the way to school, and would grumble when mom would wake me up coz we're already there. I would grumble from the car all the way to my classroom, or until I'd see my friends. My grumpiness would disappear once I've seen my friends, and the giggly, talkative side of me would emerge. Schizo! hahaha!

It's so hot today... I cannot wait to go swimming, or go to Baguio, this summer. My mom, my aunt and I talked about our annual family outing last Friday, albeit briefly. We're going to scout for a resort, probably this week. Yay!

I always look forward to our family outings. We usually go during Holy Week or the week either my sister's or my birthday (our birthdays are exactly a week apart). My cousins and I start talking about it during our Christmas reunion and we all get excited we can't wait for it to come. Sometimes we go swimming or we go up to Baguio or we do both. Mom, my tita Belle & I are usually the ones who organize it, which we usually do when March rolls along. Woohoo! Counting the days...

My grandfather's sister, Lola Fracing called last Friday and said she was going home on the 29th. She lives in Alaska with her family. She usually goes home once a year. She was here February last year and she was able to go with us on our family outing. This year, I hope she can come, too.

She'll be accompanied by her late husband's nieces coz their father is sick and they want to visit him. So from the international airport, Lola & her nieces in law will go straight to the Domestic airport to fly to the province of Aklan. I don't know when she'll fly back to Manila, but I hope she can come with us on our overnight swimming trip.

My mom & her sisters have been planning to go to Aklan since January. I heard them planning and I said I wanted to go, too. I haven't been there in almost six years. I want to visit our realtives and of course, go to Boracay once again.

If you haven't been to Boracay, I strongly suggest you do. It's like a little piece of heaven (if heaven was a tropical paradise). Nice blue waters, fine white sand, beautiful dive sites, mysterious coves, and serious partying all night long.

Check out the photos of Boracay taken by award winning photographer, Gunther Deichmann here.

I don't know if my mom & my aunts are going with Lola, but i sure as heck would invite myself along if they will. Hahahaha!

I love summer... :D

♥ JeN

Last night...
Sunday, March 21, 2004

1. Where were you? I was at home. boring :p
2. What time did you sleep? 2:30 am
3. What were you thinking about? lots of things. mom's health, our family outing, things to do this week.
4. Did you brush your teeth? of course! :D
5. Did you visit Daily Dirt? sorry, i didn't.

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