peechur! peechur! uli! :D

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

It's not as hot as the last two days, but yeah.. summer's here!

I watched American Idol last night. The telecast is two weeks delayed from the US airing, so that means, I won't be seeing William Hung (hahaha! obvious bang favorite ko sha?) until after I see Incubus in concert.

William: "She bangs, She bangs!"
Simon: "you can't sing, you can't dance, so what are you going to say?"
William: "I already gave my best, and thus I have no regrets at all."

Hehehe... kakatawa talaga sha! :D His audition piece, She bangs by Ricky Martin, has been remixed with Outkast's Hey Ya! is on rotation at 99.5 RT . Hahaha! First ever American Idol reject to be famous :p

I just learned today that there are two Fil-Ams in American Idol. I thought it was only Camille Velasco, but my friend says there's another one, I forgot her first name but her surname is Trias. Aliw ako! Galing talaga kumanta ng Pinoy!

I fell asleep kinda early last night. That's a rare occurrence, mind you. Last thing I heard was Neil's laughter on the radio & I woke up to Joe Schmoe's laugh. Weird. :p Sayang! I didn't hear Mylin call from the US. Hahaha! Nagulat siguro si Slyde. I was dead to the world. As in tulog-mantika! :p

Yay! long overdue pictures from sean's baptism/swimming have been uploaded. Pictures were taken by Chie or by yours truly. :) Na-lipat na rin at last from the digicam & chie's phone.

my nephew gian with his godzilla look (taken last christmas at home)

asus! serious daw :p (l-r: geebee, chie, genrick, ate weng, hannah, jec, emman)

yan! ganyan talaga sila sa totoong buhay :p (hannah, ate weng, chie, jec, geebee, emman, genrick)

the butt patrol :p

uuy.. si hannah.. pa-cute! :p

ang cute na magninang :D

sexy! (tita dely & mommy)

hala hannah.. ayan na sila!!! (hannah, j, emman, genrick)

giant chie & the liliputans (chie, j, geebee)

sarap! (geebee & emman)


mwahahahaha! tita neng :p

sa iband slide naman... (tita neng & geebee)

chie & j at a mall after the family outing