normal na uli ako :D

Friday, March 19, 2004

Before I ramble on, I wanna thank Jacque, Clare & Ginny for the nice comments. Thanks you guys for making me feel better. halabshu! (hehehe, mala-bading ang dating. :p)

I'm back to normal. :) Salamat naman, coz I really hate having a pity party. I'd rather be cheerful & carefree. Who doesn't, di ba? :)

I finally got to watch the American Idol Uncut, Uncensored, UNTALENTED show last Wednesday night. Hehehe! Funny! Shempre William Hung was there and he performed "She Bangs!" with 4 "groupies", as Ryan Seacrest said. He closed the show with his own rendition of Elton John's "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" He actually sounded better, if you compare his performance to his audition piece. Dapat lang noh, he's had ample practice from all the performances he's done since he first appeared on American Idol.

Anyway, here are some of the pictures my sister took from the Incubus concert, last Friday (mejo malabo kasi camera phone yung gamit):

l-r: jose, ben, brandon, mike, dj kilmore (this was during megalomaniac yata, basta bandang start ng show - note the shiny heads of the security people :p)

kasalukuyang sumisigaw pa ako :p

...malamang dito din

ben & jose, si brandon parang ghostly image hahaha!

brandon solo.. haaaay...

balik kayo ha........

to show you how near we were to the stage (although nagkalayo kami, mas malapit ako sa gitna), on the foreground were the shiny bald heads of the security people.

haay... wala nang shirt si brandon. GRABEH!!!

this was how Chie & I looked after the concert nung nagkita-kita uli kami. kinut ko yung brother ko coz I know maiinis sha pag sinama ko yung pic nya, kasi nakakatawa expression niya. hahahaha!


Mom just called, she has free tickets to the Keith Martin (Because of You) concert with Kyla. Nood daw kami. :p Hehehe.. di ko mashado type pero okay yun, libre naman eh. Trying to contact my Tita if she wants to watch. Phone busy. My cousin is probably online. :p I-YM ko nga...

Concert hopping ako ah. Hehehe! ibang genre naman ngayon :p


♥ JeN