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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Lola Fracing arrived yesterday. Mom and I met her and her nieces-in-law at the Centenial Airport Terminal 2, coz we have their tickets for Aklan (They decided to fly to Aklan the same day they arrived in Manila from Alaska). We were supposed to meet at the Philippine Airlines Ticket Office but there was some kind of mix up. Mom looked for them while she told me to stay put at the ticket office, just in case they go there. Mom found them and it was a happy albeit short reunion, coz they had to go inside and check-in for their next flight. :) It was good to see lola, 75 years old and still chipper. She doesn't look 75, heck she walks faster than me (maybe coz i was wearing heels and i was forced to walk more ladylike. hahaha! :p). We will see them in a couple of weeks, I guess.

While I was waiting for them at the ticket office, someone sat beside me and got into a conversation with someone else. I was busy checking email on gprs so she didn't bother me, thank goodness, or maybe i had a don't bother me aura. Dunno what. I'm just glad she didn't talk to me, but I was really bothered about what she said.

At first glance, she looks like a balikbayan or a Filipino who lived in a foreign country and came back for a visit. Dyed reddish blonde hair, kinda fair skinned. As she sat beside me she asked the other girl (mejo jologs :p) "Saan ba ang magandang tourist destination dito sa Pilipinas, galing kasi ako ng States kaya di ko alam?" (roughly translated: "What is a nice tourist destination here in the Philippines? I just came from the States that's why I don't know") Sounds like an innocent enough question, right? What made my eyebrow rise and get ticked off is the way she said it. She said it very arrogantly and with a very distinct Ilonggo accent. No disrespect to Ilonggos. What I meant to say was, she has an Ilonggo accent but she doesn't know what tourist destinations are in the Philippines? And the way she spoke the Native language was better than I could. Please, she's such a poser.

Then they had to wait a while for their number be called, she thought the office closed coz it was already lunch time. She said, "Ugaling Pinoy talaga." Hello? bakit sha ba hindi Pinoy? nakalimutan na nya kung san sha nang-galing.

Let's get real, nakatungtong lang sha sa ibang bansa akala mo kung sino na sha. Nakapa-asawa lang ng Amerikano, nakalimutan na ang sariling bayan.

That's what I hate about some people. They just lived at a foreign country for a while, or married a foreigner, they already forget where they came from. They have no sense of patriotism. They act like they're better than everybody else just coz they lived in another country. I wanted to tel her that just to shut her up (coz she's telling the girl about her life in the US), but then I realized, she's not worth my time. Although I could tell she knew that I was ticked off coz I looked at her with raised eyebrows when she asked that question, and her voice kinda lowered.

You know that Petron commercial where the grandmother arrives form the US and she says, "walang ganyan sa States" whenever she has a complain about the Philippines? I hate that commercial! The first time I saw that I said, "eh di dun ka na lang sa States, wag ka na bumalik dito. di namin kelangan ng mga taong nakatira lang sa States eh kala mo kung sino na."

One of the worst kinds of people are those who have no sense of identity and nationhood and would immediately turn their backs on their home country just because they've tasted the good life somewhere else. Sad reality.

♥ JeN


I heard something funny when the pretentious woman was talking to the kinda jologs girl. They were talking about the tousirt spots here in the Philippines like Boracay Island and Amanpulo. The conversation went something like this:

PRETENTIOUS WOMAN: Saan naman yun Plantation? Sabi ng kaibigan ko maganda daw dun. (Where is Plantation? My friend said it's beautiful there) She was asking about Plantation Bay, a resort in Mactan Island, Cebu.

KINDA JOLOGS GIRL: Plantation? Ano tinatanim doon? Pinya? (Plantation? What is planted there? Pineapples?)