boring saturday

Sunday, March 07, 2004

not so good saturday for me. i woke up at 3 am shivering, covered from head to toe with my blanket. if my comforter wasn't folded, i would have been under it already. i don't know how i got the fever. before i slept, i felt fine. weird. then i felt my throat fell like it was closing up. i suspected i had the beginnings of a throat infection. grrrr!

i took some medicines (which i keep in a pillbox by my nightstand), but it didn't feel like it worked or if it did, it took a long time. i was awake from 3 am to 5 am, listening to the radio, coz there wasn't anything good on cable tv at those times. i caught the tailend of 24K Friday.

my sister woke me up at 8 am to tell me she & my brother were leaving for work (chie) & school (toppet). mom & dad left around 6:30 am, which means, i'll be home alone (with our 5 dogs :p) until about lunch time. "good. i can sleep", i thought to myself. mom & dad didn't know i was sick coz they left before i woke up. it's okay though. i don't want to worry them unnecessarily (coz they always say i get fever easily & they worry why i do).

i was asleep from about 8 till 10 am. i woke up to my cellphone alarm. i had forgotten that today was the qualifyings for the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix. got up, got ready, and straightened up the house a bit. then i watched the qualifyings.

that was the highlight of my day. hehehe! too bad though coz my favorite, Kimi Raikkonen of the Mclaren-Mercedes Team was just 10th position.

kimi raikkonen

kimi in action

Bad start for the mclarens. i hope their strategy would work though, coz they've done it before: winning from 10th place. i guess i'll just have to wait & see if they can do it again tomorrow.

kaines. i hope michael schumacher wouldn't win the world championship this year. tama na naka-6 na sha noh. iba naman.

ayoko din manalo si
JP Montoya - he's too cocky.

if Kimi wouldn't win, then it's okay if Reubens Barrichello or Fernando Alonso wins. Chige na nga, Jenson BUtton na din (which i doubt coz his car isn't as superior as a ferrari, mercedes or a bmw.

waaah! i am so green with envy. my friend inna is in australia right now, watching the Grand Prix from Melbourne Park. i will console myself with the wonderful pictures she posted on her blog. :D

my friend mylin is in the country right now. she arrived this morning to attend her brother's wedding. kaka-aliw coz it was a surprise. i will see her & some other friends on tuesday. we'll have lunch. yay! :D

eep! nagalit si mother. bakit daw gising pa ko at nasa harap ng computer, eh may sakit ako? huling-huli! wala akong maidahilan. hahaha! till next update!

good night, world!

♥ JeN

PS: thanks to F1-live and Kimi Raikkonen's Official site for the pictures.