Saturday, March 13, 2004

first thoughts when I woke up:

OH MY GAWD!!!! I can die now ... wahahaha! ang morbid!i was spitting distance from brandon boyd.... as in front and center. seat numbers were forgotten, as soon as the lights went out, we ran to the barricades between the stage & the crowd. buti na lang mabilis kami, at sanay sa concert viewing sa Pinas. the best concert i ever attended!! so worth it!

they rocked!!! and we can see from their faces that they enjoyed playing for the pinoy crowd. Brandon was all smiles whenever the crowd would sing along (which was all the time ), it was also the new bassist, Ben's birthday and he was so happy when the crowd sang happy birthday to him (well, i'm not realy sure if it was his birthday or they say this everytime they hold a concert, either way, we sang happy birthday. hehehe!). they sang a total of 21 songs and brandon played the guitar on 2 songs (he said it was only the 4th time he played in a concert so, Manila was fortunate). ay naku.. nasa clouds pa ko...


more detailed entry:

I can't find my wits yet. hahaha!! I am having a serious INCUBUS hangover. I've been listening to all the Incubus songs on our MP3 player over and over - that must be around 70 songs with some songs having 2-3 versions (acoustic and live versions). I can still replay the whole concert in my head, but i am so hyper, i don't know how to put them into words.

My brother, his friend and I arrived at the concert venue around 6 pm - all hyped up. There were a lot of people at the standing sections but there weren't many people at our area yet (maybe because the seats were numbered (but i seriously doubt, it was followed). The venue was HUGE! with 2 video screens on both ends of the stage plus two more at the standing sections. We were surprised that the area in between the reserved seats and the standing area was big. As in yung mga nasa PhP900.00 area, ang layo sa amin. The barricades in between sections were super secured. Security was so tight. There were a lot of policemen in and around the venue, aside from the security people hired by the concert promoters.

My sister & her friend, Des, arrived from the Museo Pambata book launch (where they worked), a few minutes after 7 pm. We hung out near the stage (with the intention of standing in front of the barricades separating the stage and the crowd). I think most people thought of the same thing, except for the "mababait" that went back to their seats when the ushers told them to. Mabait nga ba o hindi sanay manood ng concert sa Pinas at akala eh masusunod ang seating arrangements? hahahaha!

While we were waiting for the show to start, there were some corny games hosted by the "official" radio station, Magic 89.9. Ngek! Bakit Magic? Di ba dapat NU107, the home of new rock? Weird. Anyway, back to the games, it was hosted by Mojo Jojo (what a name :p), and two kikay girls. Sorry, alam ko dj sila sa Magic, pero kikay talaga sila. The usual "bring me" games and "sing an Incubus song" were played. Geez! sana wala na lang nun, ang baduy talaga. Everyone that joined the "sing an Incubus Song", grabeh ang mga boses. :p wahaha! minurder yung songs.

Lots of celebrities walked around us, Rico Blanco & Cacoi of Rivermaya, Ira of Bamboo, Epy & boy2 Quizon (si July of Globe), Eric Menk & Alex Compton, Borgy Manotoc. I can't remember who else. But, the crowd near us were full of what we call the I.S. crowd. ASUS!

As soon as the lights dimmed, we walked in front of the stage, so when the concert started, we were already in in position. Nahiwalay ako sa mga kasama ko pero okay lang. I was front & center, about 7 people separating me from my companions. I was about 6 feet from the stage (which was the span between the stage and the barricades). Yun yung pwesto ng big, burly, mostly kalbo security people & the band's road manager.

The show was 30 minutes late & you could feel the excitement among the crowd. Anticipation was building, so when the show started, all the pent-up energies were released. GRABEH! Lights were closed but we could see the band taking their positions, so as soon as the first member (Mike the guitarist - you could see him coz of his big curly hair) entered the stage, people went wild. Even if I didn't want to jump, I was forced to, kasi mapapasama ka. Ganon kadikit, it was good that i was surrounded by girls. hehehe!

The first bars of Megalomaniac played. And we were all jumping and singing along. Oh, don't forget screaming. We did a lot of that. Hahaha! That's why I am paos & my sister has no voice :p They sang a total of 21 songs and we all sang and screamed along. At one point, Brandon got an electric guitar and played lead. He metioned it was only his 4th time to play at a concert. SWERTE NG PILIPINAS! I actually read about that at their official messageboard, that he played guitar on one of the concerts in the US. Drive brought the house down, as well as, A Certain Shade of Green, Talk Shows on Mute, Crow Left of the Murder, Warning and many more.

The band was great! Brandon was awesome. OH MY GAWD! When he took his shirt off, all the girls (and the gays, too :p) screamed at the top of their lungs. Sige na nga, pati ako sumigaw. BWAHAHAHA! I could hear shouts of, "I love you Brandon!", "Ang gwapo mo, Brandon!" then some guys shouted "Brandon, marry me!" hehehe, i'm sure they were joking, as did everyone else coz we all laughed.

Basta, ang galing nilang lahat. And you can tell that they were enjoying themselves and they loved the crowd's reactions, by the way they smiled widely. Brandon also played the bongo, the new bassist, Ben, played the drums with Jose, who was so awesome. Mike the guitarist was very serious ( i didn't even see him smile), but his guitar riffs would leave you breathless, and DJ Kilmore was galeng din!

At one point, Brandon looked like he was looking at me. DI ako nagiilusyon, noh. :p Basta dun sha nakatingin sa part ko. :D

We thought cameras wouldn't be allowed so we didn't bring the digicam. ACK! The guy next to me had one (ay, may katabi pala akong guy :p), but he was chummy with a few of the security people, kaya siguro meron sha. My sister took pics from her phone, though it was kinda far coz there was no zoom.

I recorded Wish You Were Here from my phone, which I almost forgot it could do :p. So I have a remembrance from one of the best concerts I have ever been to. I've played it over & over on the drive home, until now. Haaay....

When the band said goodbye, I said, "Nooo.. more pa, bitin!" Everyone started shouting. "more, more", when they got off the stage. And the stage hands were clearing the areas already. But i knew they'd come back, coz they haven't sung, "Pardon Me" yet.

The first one to come back was Ben, the new bassist. and we sang Happy Birthday to him, to his obvious delight. When Brandon returned he had a towel on his head and on his shoulders. Hahaha! parang handa nang umalis. And he had this big grin on his face, actually, they all had, even Mike had a hint of a smile (sobrang serious :p). They sang 2 encores, "Are You In?" and of course, "Pardon Me".

After the concert, I had a hard time calling people (was it because there were so many people using their cellphones, too, or because Smart was one of the major sponsors? hehehe.) I didn't get to see Jean, coz I couldn't contact her. On the way home, my sister, my brother, his friend and I were kinda dazed. hehehe! parang we were in our own little worlds replaying the whole thing. They were looking at the pics Chie took, which i didn't get to see coz they were at the backseat.

We were drenched in sweat, our ears were still ringing from being so near the stage, we were tired, but we were freaking happy!

I will not forget this day. I'll even have my ticket laminated. hahaha!

Will post some of the pics as soon as uploaded.

♥ JeN

my favorite incubus song from the "Morning View" cd (2000)


I dig my toes into the sand
The ocean looks like a thousand diamonds
strewn across a blue blanket
I lean against the wind,
pretend that I am weightless
And in this moment I am happy

I wish you were here
I wish you were here
I wish you were here
I wish you

I lay my head onto the sand
The sky resembles a back-lit canopy
with holes punched in it
I'm counting UFO's,
I signal them with my lighter
And in this moment i am happy

I wish you were here
I wish you were here
I wish you
Wish you were here

The world's a rollercoaster
And I am not strapped in
Maybe I should hold with care
But my hands are busy in the air, saying

I wish you were here
I wish you were...
I wish you were here
I wish you were here
I wish you
Wish you were here