who is jennie?

Thursday, February 12, 2004

I LOVE... God, life, my family and friends, bryan greenberg, clive owen & gerard butler (mwehehehe!), drawing/painting, to sing, BOOKS! laughing so hard my tummy aches and tears stream down my face, looking at old photographs and remembering the story behind that picture, walking/running around in the rain, singing in the shower (wooohaha!!), ice cream and chocolate mousse, late night conversations with my best friends, music, 99.5RT, Klite103.5, NU107, going on roadtrips, the beach, meeting new people, getting phone calls/texts (especially unexpected ones) from the people i love/like, getting reacquainted with people i've lost touch with, the Christmas Season, our Christmas reunion, watching movies, shopping, shoes, book sales, surfing the net, forum posting at the RT website, chatting with friends on YM, tempura, sbarro's and it's baked ziti in alfredo sauce, starbucks' choco frappuccino, ricoa flat tops :p, ALMONETS!!! watching concerts, soundtracks of the wedding singer and singles (the best!), spongebob squarepants (especially patrick star!!!!); fairly odd parents, movies; the mclaren-mercedes f1 team (kimi raikkonen rules!!!), summer trips with my cousins, swimming, Baguio, Boracay, Tagaytay, listening to and telling ghost/scary stories (but I am a certified scaredy-cat :p).



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