vampiric days are here again....

Saturday, February 21, 2004

Let me get this out of my system first: JASON MRAZ is a HOTTIE! He's a great guitar player, his voice is just wow!, he is a good songwriter, and he's funny to boot. *sigh* i like him better than John Mayer. :)

He was at the RT booth this afternoon & I was listening, but i was disappointed coz it was Noel who interviewed Jason Mraz. Noel sounded so full of himself. All he could talk about was himself, and it seemed to me that with every question, he would incorporate something about himself. Kaines talaga! The interview would have gone way better had Alan done the interview (coz he always does the international artist interviews). It was a good thing naki-ride lang si Jason (ehem! close kami :p).

Mom, Chie & I went malling again. :p We were only supposed to buy a baptismal gift for Sean, but I bought two blouses as well. (Which reminds me, I should clean out my closet). :p haha! my credit cards should have been left somewhere.

Ooooh! swimming this Sunday. YaY!!!

Obviously, i like answering surveys. & yes, that's what I do when I can't sleep. :)

thanks to Clare for the questions.

B a s i c s
Single or taken: Single (malapit nang maging taken _ bwahahaha! sana... bagal kasi eh :p)
Sex: Femme ;)
B'day: last day of filing of income tax: April 15, 1976 (aww shucks! lapit na...)
Sign: Aries
06. Siblings: 1 sister, 1 brother, both younger
Hair color: now? dark reddish brown, natural: dark brown/black
08. Eye color: dark brown
09. Shoe size: 9 (ay! barko :p)
10. Height: 5'2 1/2'' (don't forget the 1/2! :D)

r e l a t i o n s h i p s
Who are your friends?
too many to write their names down, but i love all of them & i'm glad they're my friends
do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? girlfriend? hindi pwede, girl din ako (nagulat ka noh? oo gurl ako!!!) boyfriend? haay... isa lang masasabi ko... either torpe sha or ayaw nya ako (boo-hoo!) ewan :)

f a s h i o n | s t u f f
Where is your favorite place to shop?
I can find all I need at Ayala Center, sometimes at Designer Depot ;)
Any tattoos or piercings? piercings on both ears only. too damned chicken to have more piercings & to have a tattoo

s p e c i f i c s
Do you do drugs?
Ooooh... only the legal ones ;)
What are you most scared of? failure, the dark
What are you listening to right now? spiderweb - no doubt (24K Friday on RT)
Where do you want to get married? Tagaytay Highlands... sunset (o diba?)
How many buddies are online right now? 10 on YM, on msn & aim: no idea coz i'm not signed on

f a v o r i t e s
Subjects in school:
art subjects, english lit, history... math subjects? blech!
Animal: doggies!
Sports: sports i do (haha!) swimming lang ;) i love to watch the following though: tennis, formula1 (wala akong pinapalampas kahit replay pinapanood ko. kimi raikkonen rules!), figure skating, soccer (real madrid & manchester united, arsenal pwede na rin :p), gymnastics, american football, superbowl lang haha!

h a v e | y o u | e v e r
Given anyone a bath?
hehehe... when my brother was still a toddler (with mom's assistance of course) sha lang yata... bwahahaha!
Smoked? yes
Bungee jumped? nyarks! di kaya maputol yung cord? bwahahaha! yoko! takot ako
Made yourself throw up? Yep
Skinny dipped? nope hmmm...
Ever been in love? yes i have
Made yourself cry to get out of trouble? hahaha! hasn't every girl done that? i remember i cried when i got my calculus course card & i got a big fat zero, then my professor changed my grade. hehehe
Pictured your crush naked? hahahaha!
Actually seen your crush naked? i might faint :p
Cried when someone died? Of course. I don't have a heart of stone. kahit di ko kilala, minsan naiiyak ako when i see their family cry. i'm a crybaby.
Lied? Who hasn't lied in his/her entire life?
Fallen for your (guy) best friend? ay naku, next question please.....
Been rejected? It's part of life
Rejected someone? It's part of life
Used someone? i wouldn't wanna be used so i don't do that :)
Done something you regret?no regrets. i can only hope that i've learned from my mistakes & vow never to do it again.

c u r r e n t
white giordano shirt, black shorts, black undies(mwahaha!), technomarine watch, rosequartz bracelet made by mom :)
Music: as i type this i am listening the one of my favorite songs, When I'm Thinking About You by the Sundays. i like music in general, except for the pinoy novelty songs (masculados, hotbabes, sex bomb...grrr!), nakakapag-init ng ulo; & hillbilly country songs
make-up: my face is make-up free right now ;)
Smell: Marks & Spencer lavender
Favorite band: too many to mention. off the top of my head (and in no way complete): the sundays, foo fighters, incubus, maroon 5, all american rejects, evanescence, our lady peace, black eyed peas, lemonheads, gin blossoms, toad the wet sprocket... etc...
CD in player: almost kinda acoustic 2

l a s t | p e r s o n
you touched:
you IMed: Eloisa
yelled at: i don't remember

a r e | y o u
i try to be :) but i think most of the time I am
open-minded: yes
Arrogant: haha! i think there is a streak of arrogance in me, but i keep it in check.
Interesting: i should hope i am ;)
Random: Sometimes.
Hungry: hahaha… di na tinatanong yan :p
Smart: I'd like to think so
Hardworking: yeah
Organized: i'm a bit OC. hehehe things should be as i left it or how i arranged it, otherwise, i'd feel weird
Healthy: i don't think so. haha! i love my sweets too much
Shy: not really. i'm one of those people who talk or smile at others when waiting in line
Difficult: hahaha! there are moments when I am
Bored easily: yes!
Messy: nope, not really
Responsible: I think I am.
Obsessed: hehehe.. depends
Angry: Right now I'm not.
Sad: no
Happy: I'm generally a happy person :)
Trusting: yes, sometimes too trusting
Talkative: sus! i can outtalk Kris Aquino when I'm in the mood, or if i have lots of kwentos. hahaha!
Legal: yup yup yup!

r a n d o m
In the morning i am:
very, very lazy. i'm not a morning person
All i need is: love ;) my family & friends, music, pen & paper, books/magazines, my cellphone & i'll be fine
Love is: a very special bond you have with someone

w h i c h | i s | b e t t e r
Coke or pepsi:
flowers or candy: Flowers.
tall or short: tall

o p p o s i t e | s e x
What do you notice first:
eyes, then the smile... then the butt (hahahaa!)
Last person you slow danced with: Mike :(
Who gives you butterflies in your tummy when you see them: haha! wag na lang... secret ko na yun :p
Who do you have a crush on: ay... yoko :p
Who has a crush on you: I wouldn't know.

d o | y o u | e v e r
Sit on the internet all night waiting for someone to IM you:
No, pathetic nun ah. Usually nga nagtatago ako eh :p
Save conversations: yup
Wish you were younger: not really
Cry because someone said something to you: oh yeah

n u m b e r |of|
times i have had my heart broken:
of hearts i have broken:ewan :p
of guys I've kissed: why do I feel like I shouldn't answer this? chige na nga... guesstimate, i'd say about 4
of girls i've kissed: madami, pero beso-beso lang noh!
of continents i have lived in: One
of tight friends: more or less 10
of cds i own: i have no idea. count ko bukas :p
of scars on my body: parang wala na (well, except for chicken pox marks haha!)
of things that i regret: no regrets

y o u r | t h o u g h t s
I know:
that God has a plan for me (uy... serious)
I want to know: my future (as in!)
I want: a good career, a happy family of my own
I wish: I was thinner heehee!
I hate: hypocrites, snakes, posers, stupid drivers, traffic jams, user-friendly people, creepy crawlies, carlos agassi (hahahahah! basta! kumukulo dugo ko sa kanya :p)
I fear: failure, the dark, blood, needles
I fight back tears: because I don't want to seem weak, i have to be strong for my family (specially when mom was undergoing chemo)
I wonder: what the future holds for me
I love loudest: ha? ano daw?

f i n a l | q u e s t i o n s
do you like filling these out:
obvious ba? :p
gold or silver: silver
what was the last film you saw at the movies: nyarks, crying ladies pa yata :p
favorite cartoon/anime: spongebob squarepants (especailly patrick star)
what did you have for breakfast this morning: i don't eat breakfast
who would you love being locked in a room with: ay sus! si ano.. o kaya si ano.... :p
could you live without your computer: i doubt it. nagkaka-withdrawal symptoms ako pag wala
would you color your hair: i do
hablas español: si!
how many people are on your buddy list: dami! Yahoo, MSN or AIM?
drink alcohol: yes, yes, yes :p
like watching sunrises or sunsets: i like sunsets more