survey time!

Friday, February 13, 2004

I love answering surveys. I like reading them too, coz you get to learn more about a person through these questions (assuming they are telling the truth, hehe.). geez, this is quite long....


Have you ever:

- Been so drunk you blacked out? never
- Missed school because it was raining? only when there are typhoons (and there's a lot in my country - average of 19 a year), or flash flooding
- Put a body part on fire for amusement? hehehe. only on stupid occasions when i wanted to find out how long i could hold a lighted match stick
- Been hurt emotionally? who hasn't?
- Kept a secret from everyone? but of course
- Had an imaginary friend? i think so. i don't really remember
- Cried during a Movie? i'm a cry baby. i cry at every sappy movie
- Had a crush on a teacher? yes i have. freshman year high school, social studies teacher, Mr. Santos. hehehe but that was only for a month. hahaha! i finally admitted it to myself
- Thought an animated character was hot? hahahaha! i can't remember right now, but i know i have
- Had a New Kids on the Block tape: every tape. bwahahahaha!
- Been on stage: yes, i have. all through grade school and high school. we would present plays every year.
- Cut your hair by yourself: yup, i have. i'm also my sister's "stylist" i cut and style her hair regularly, though i'm not a hairdresser by profession. hahaha!

- Shampoo: i have sensitive skin, my doctor told me to use ivory or neutrogena only, but i also like salon selectives, citre shine, pantene, rejoice or finesse
- Soap: ysa papaya (hahaha!) irish spring, safeguard citrus scent
- Color: blue, maroon, green, black
- Day/Night: night. i'm a vampire
- Summer: summer, baby! (besides, there's no winter here)
- day: Tuesday, Friday & Saturday!
- month: April & December
- song at the moment: why can't i - liz phair, the last days - hourglass, rainbow - southborder, a little bit - mymp, hey ya - andre 3000/outkast, taken & world's collide by plumb, my immortal - evanescence
- Lace or satin: satin, lace is itchy (hehehe)
- Fave cartoon Characters: patrick star of spongebob squarepants, bart & homer simpson..
- Fave Food: tempura, adobo, sbarro's baked ziti in alfredo sauce, mom's roast beef, chocolate mousse, salads (fruit, potato, veggie, macaroni...)
- Radio commercial: RT40 commercial: "Jeremiah Jr: Sean Paul used to be a transvestite, right? Liz: Where are you getting your information?! Jerry: oh i'm sorry, that's Ru Paul!"; and the Get Up & Go Show radio add with Schmoey and Alexxx
- Fave Movie: too many off the top of my head: bend it like beckham, clueless, get over it, the man on the moon, cruel intentions, minority report, LOTR, never been kissed, the ring, the virgin suicides, braveheart, the wedding singer, dead poet's society, ever after, dazed & confused, zoolander, band of brothers, jack, taken. all time faves: circle of friends, 16 candles & the breakfast club
- Fave Ice Cream/s: cookies and cream, double dutch, chocolate marble, rocky road, arce dairy avocado..
- Fave Subject/s: history, literature,
- Fave 'normal' Drink: water
- Fave Persons to talk to online: poste peeps, mylin, neil, my rt buds, my cousins
---------RIGHT NOW-------------
- Wearing: dark blue shorts, maroon shirt, white undies , technomarine watch, rose quartz and swarovski crystal braclet made by mom
- Hair is: in a pony
- I'm feeling: hot (i think it's over 30 degrees right now)
- Eating : nothing
- Drinking: nothing
- Thinking about: michael (i wish i wasn't )
- Listening to: drops of jupiter - train
- Talking to: no one
----------IN THE LAST 24 HRS----------
- Cried: yup, coz i watched survivor and it was an emotional episode, where jenna morasco quit the game to be with her sick mom, and 8 days after she returned, her mom lost her long battle with cancer. so sad
- wore a skirt: nope
- Met someone new: nope
- Cleaned your room: does dusting count?
- Done laundry: nope.
- Drove a car: nope
- helped someone: Yes
- bought something: nope
- gone to the movies: nope.
- gone out for dinner: nope
- said, "I love you": nope.
- written a real letter: nope.
- talked to an ex: no
- missed an ex: yes. i wish i didn't, though.
- written in a journal: yes. i'm writing an entry right now
- had a serious talk: No...don't think so....or maybe I have...I dunno.
- hugged someone: Nope.
- kissed someone: no.
- fought with your parents: Nope.
- fought with a friend: Nope
-----------DO YOU BELIEVE IN----------
- Yourself: of course!
- Your friends: yes
- Santa Claus: i used to (kids are gullible )
- Tooth Fairy: no
- Destiny/Fate: yes.
- Angels: yes
- Ghosts: yes, i believe i've seen some.
- UFO's: dunno. maybe. it's possible
----------FRIENDS AND LIFE--------
- Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? none at the moment..
- Who's the shyest: i think it's Ning
- Who's the loudest : Abby! sorry, friend, but it is true :p
- Who do you go to for advice: mom or my favorite aunt, tita belle
- Who do you cry to: depends. i usually cry alone in my room. sometimes i cry to my best friend, or my mom..
- When did you cry the most: when we learned mom had breast cancer and she had to undergo surgery first, then chemotherapy
- What's the best feeling(s) in the world: when you love someone and you know that he loves you back.
- Worst feeling(s): rejection, helplessness, neglected, feeling like you don't exist
- Who will respond to this email the fastest? no idea
- Who sent this to you: i got this from my friendster bulletin board

Last Person Who...

x. Slept in your bed - Other than myself? my cousin, i think
x. Saw you cry - mom
.x. Made you cry - my siblings (we had a disagreement); on tv: it was jenna of survivor's fault
.x. Spent the night at your house - my cousin, Geng
.x. You shared a drink with - hmmm.. don't remember.
x. You went to the movies with -
mom, my sister & my cousin
.x. You went to the mall with - my sister & my mom
.x. Yelled at you - don't remember. but if someone yelled at me, i yell back. hahahaa!
.x. Sent you an e-mail - *checks email* my friend serelle

Have Your Ever...
.x. Said "I love you"
- yes, of course. i don't say "i love you" without meaning it.
.x. Dreamed something? oh yeah! i dream in color sometimes

Pick One...

.x. Apples or bananas? i like both
.x. Red or blue? Blue of course! i like red. too, but not as much as my friend, Ria
.x. Walmart or Kmart? doesn't matter
.x. Math or English? English...Math sucks!
.x. radio or CD? both
.x. drawing or painting? Drawing
.x. High school or college? high school was the best. college was fun too, but i was more serious with my studies

The Last Few Questions...
.x. Last time you went out of town-
wow, summer, i think.
.x. Lucky number - 5, 8
.x. Things you like in a girl/guy - can make me laugh, responsible, someone i can talk to about anything - be it serious or nonsensical things, thoughtful, beautiful eyes, nice voice...
.x. Weirdest thing about you? - i can write with my left hand quite legibly (i taught myself how in 3rd grade), i can write cursive backwards with my left hand (the type where you can read it with a mirror), i can sense "ghosts"
.x. What do you think of 0uija board? - Creepy as hell! LoL!
.x. What book are you reading now? - the purpose driven life by rick warren. according to the book, i'm supposed to read it a chapter a day and reflect on each chapter, but i'm stuck at the 3rd chapter.
.x. What's on your mouse pad? - nothing. it's red. it's boring. it used to be bugs bunny being chased by tasmanian devil
.x. Favorite board game? - monopoly, pictionary (er.. not a board game ), snakes & ladders (hahaha!)
.x. Favorite magazine? - Cosmopolitan, Vogue, YM. seventeen, preview
.x. What is the first thing you think when you wake in the morning? - 5 minutes more, or "Syet! It's already ______ ?!"
.x. Do you like scary or exciting roller coasters- EXCITING!!
.x. How many rings before you answer? - 2 or 3
.x. Future daughter's name? - i have several in mind, but i can't find my list
.x. Future son's name? - same as above, although Matthew seems to pop up .
.x. Chocolate or vanilla? - Chocolate...OMG...chocolate.
.x. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? - I sleep with lots of pillows & a big stuffed sheep. i used to sleep with the teddy bear an ex gave me, now it's just beside my bed collecting dust. hahahaa!
.x. If you could have any job you wanted, what would it be? - big executive of a fortune 500 company. Heehee! or simon cowell's job (i don't understand why so many people hate him, he's just being honest. i mean have you heard how some people sing? terrible! and when he does give compliments, you're sure he's sincere and well earned)
.x. What are you going to do after you finish this survey? - Take a shower and then sleep
.x. What was the last food you ate? - cheesedog
.x. you bored? - Not really...just tired...and sleepy
.x. How many buddies are on? - I have no idea...not signed on.
.x. Last movie you saw? outbreak on cable, crying ladies on the cinema
.x. Three things you are often complimented for: My eyes, my drawings, my singing voice
.x. You get embarrassed when: someone brings up the topic of sex around ANY guy hahaha!
.x. You keep a diary: I have 2 online...and one i write on.
.x. You like to cook: yes, but sometimes i cook coz i have to not coz i'd like to, and that i don't enjoy
.x. You have a secret you have not shared with anyone: yes
.x. You set your watch a few minutes ahead: nope. coz even if i did, it wouldn't matter coz i know i set it a few minutes ahead. i still wouldn't go any faster
.x. You bite your fingernails: when i was a kid, i used to. now i love my nails. haha! that sounded vain .
.x. You believe in love: Of course.

Who is...?
..x. The sexiest person of the opposite sex:
BRAD PITT! don't forget COLIN FARRELL! Oh my Gawd!x. The weirdest person you know: i'd rather not name anyone. hahaha!
.x. Your close friends: Maita, Jacque, Ria, Ellen, Rica, Mylin, Jojo, Gilbert
.x. The person that knows the most about you: Maita, Ellen, Rica. Ria
.x. Most boring teacher: My senior hs world literature teacher. I'd rather have sewing class than her class. UGH! I love literature, but she made me want to pinch myself silly, to avoid sleeping in her class..

What is?
x. Your most overused phrase on IM:
lol, lmao, heehee!, bwahaha! mwehehe! (I laugh a lot haha) <--SEE?
x. Last image/thought you go to sleep with: Happy thoughts...sometimes of cute guys...(mwahaha!)
x. Your best feature: people say my eyes .
x. Take a shower everyday: but of course! p to 3 times during the summer (i live in a tropical country)
x. Have a (any) crush (es): yup, pero secret na lang, baka mabasa nya ito
x. Think you've been in love: yes, which made it much harder when we broke up .
x. Want to get married: Yes I do...someday.
x. Have any tattoos/where?: none. too damned scared to have one.
x. Piercing/where?: My ears
x. Get along with you parents: Yes I do.

x. Ryan:
seacrest hehe! i love american idol!.
x. Rob: Mariano (i just watched survivor all stars )
x. Stephanie: childhood acquaintance
x. Heather: don't know any heather, but i thought about the movie
x. Aaron: former office mate.
x. Amy: Amy Grant.
x. Eve: barbershop
x. Jon: of NKOTB. hahahaa!
x. Alex: college blockmate, funny guy
x. Justin: Timberlake.
x. Ricky: our driver
x. Jack: Black

SIGN: Aries
CURRENT HAIR COLOR: reddish brown
EYE COLOR: dark brown

CUDDLE OR MAKE OUT?: sweet...I love that. Making out is awesome tho too..heehee.
MILK, DARK, OR WHITE CHOCOLATE?: don't like white chocolate, but any other chocolate will do... with nuts, with fruits...ay caramba!.