sunday fun day :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

WOO-HOO!!!! It worked! But then again, it was too small, next time i post, it has to be a bit bigger.

Anyhoo... the pictures were taken last Sunday. Mom & my aunts planned the trip Saturday afternoon & when I heard about it, I said, I wanted to go, too. Shempre, sasama ako, noh. Ako pa? hahaha! My sister wanted to go, too but she was at her friend, Des' place (coz they went to the UP Fair, Saturday night), besides, we wouldn't fit in the car.

I told myself the night before that I was gonna sleep early coz we planned to leave before 5 am. Why that early? Well, coz we wanted to be in Tagaytay before 7 am (para malamig pa , chaka susunduin pa namin mga tita ko ).

Well... I still wasn't able to sleep early, not because lumabas na naman pagka-vampire ko. But because one of our dogs, Piggy (obviously, mataba sha), got out of house and was running around at the vacant lot behind our house. Hay, naku! Asar talaga! I thought she was just at our bahay-kubo sa likod, but she got past the fence. Dad & I tried to catch her, but everytime she'd see dad, she'd just run farther. I on the other hand, would follow her. Stupid! It was really dark outside and I forgot to take a flashlight. I was relying on the moonlight. E diba, super duwag ako? Hahaha! On our way back to the house, Piggy stopped and growled at someone. Near sighted me could only see a white thing walking towards me. My heart started pumping wildly... i was terrified! But it turned out to be dad, I could only see his white shirt clearly. Tang ina! tinakot ko sarili ko. Sa sobrang labo ng mata, white shirt lang ng daddy ko nakita ko.

I wanted to strangle our dog for making me chase after her in the middle of the night, but she looked so cute staring at me as I was scolding her. She looked liked she could understand what I was saying and was telling me, "I'm sorry. I won't do it again."

I was able to sleep around 2 am, then my i woke up at 4 am coz the alarm went off. It was time for me to get ready for our trip. As usual, I said, five minutes more, which turned to another 15 minutes in bed. Mom & I left the house a little past 5 to drive to Manila & pick up my aunts & my cousin, then drove to Tagaytay. No traffic! That's what I like about leaving the house early. We got to Tagaytay a few minutes before 7. It was still foggy and the temperature was heavenly. There was a strong breeze. SARAP!

Since we left quite early, we weren't able to have breakfast. So we went to McDonald's TM first to have breakfast. My aunt said, we had to drive for more than an hour, just to have breakfast at McDo. Hahahaha!

After breakfast, we went to the Palace in the Sky, coz we haven't been there before and we were so used to the other sites. It was quite a ride. Steep road going to the highest point in Tagaytay. It was beautiful there. Cooler and more windy. More fog. good thing we brought our jackets. The view from up there was amazing. So I snapped away. There was a wishing well so we all took turns making wishes I don't know how long we were there. We just enjoyed the view and the cool weather, snapped pics. It was nice.

After that we went to the market to buy lots of pinapples to bring home to Manila. And of course, Collette's Buko Pie, panucha, espasol, and other treats.

On the way home, we decided to go to my two cousin's houses (they're neighbors) in Dasmarinas, Cavite. Had lunch there and my aunt lita was happy coz she was able to visit her two children and their families. My niece Hannah and my nephews, Nikko and baby Sean were so cute! Specially baby Sean. Hannah is a little kikay kid hahaha! kanino kaya nagmana?

I was able to get about an hour's sleep at my kuya's house. Which was a good thing coz I was really sleepy . We left their house around 4 pm and was home by 6 pm (after bringing my aunts home). It was a fun Sunday... even if I was kinda sleepy.

This Sunday we'll see each other again coz it's baby Sean's christening. Yep, I'm a godmother again. Lemme see.... as of today, I have 7 godsons & goddaughters. Yikes! dumadami ang tataguan ko sa pasko!

Swimming right after the christening. WOO-HOO!! mangingitim na naman ako.

peechur uli!

ang tatlong maria :p

baby Sean. cutie pie!

awww.... tulog na sha....