peechur! peechur! :D

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

okay, i do hope that i got it right. only one way to find out... hehehe! here are the pics i took from our trip to tagaytay last sunday. story later... pics first. hahaha! i hope it works. fingers, toes, eyes and legs crossed..... wahehe!

hey ya..... (my cousin genrick dancing ala andre 3000 in the car)

behold.. the pineapple child :p

posing at the palace in the sky (l-r: nanay lita, mom, genrick & tita belle)

the tiny dot among the fog is taal volcano (the volcano within the lake)

view of tagaytay higlands from the palace in the sky (i was actually taking a picture of the rays of the sun... :p)