new look

Saturday, February 21, 2004

la lang... just experimenting with certain looks for my blog. thanks to Blogger, & especially to dreamwalker for designing it. i'm still making up my mind which skin to use. :)

i like this blog skin coz it has lots in it. there's a game, a calendar, a search bar, and a clock. cool, huh? only problem is the font color. i don't know if i should change it coz dreamwalker might not want me to. coz it his/her design after all. oh well...

My fraternal twin cousins Marlon & Lalaine, along with their mom went to the house today to surprise mom. Marlon called the house but the line was busy. He texted me but I was asleep so I didn't hear my phone. Then he texted my sister, Chie who was at the office. They tried calling the house & my phone, ut I was enjoying my sleep too much, hehehe (i was the only one left at the house). It turns out I kicked the phone in my room while I as asleep, & that was the reason why the line was busy. Yup, tulog-mantika ako kanina. bwahaha!

We had fun. Lots of yummy food & the company was great. I'm really grateful that I get along well with everyone (well, almost everyone -teehee!) in my family. Everytime we're together it's always a blast.

I got to talk to two of my friends online today, both of whom are in the US. It was waaaaaay cool! I really like hearing from friends and that's why I am glad there's internet & instant messengers, coz even if they're half a world away, i can still converse with them. Mylin is in San Fransisco and CeeKay is in New York (or were you in New Jersey when I talked to you? hahaha!) Basta, happy ako everytime I talk to any of my friends, lalo na shempre pag malayo sila at matagal na kaming di nakakapag-usap. Hooray for internet!!! :D