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Thursday, February 19, 2004

I got two emails with the same subject this morning. One came from a friend and the other one from our high school batch yahoogroup. I opened my friend's email first. It was about a Filipina's engagement to her American boyfriend in Paris. The email said it was a very romantic story. So I clicked the link, intending to read their love story (i'm a sucker for romantic stories :p)

As soon as I got to the webpage and the picture loaded, I was shocked! Why? coz I know the girl. She's one of my HS batchmates. Add the fact that as far as I know, my friend has no connection whatsoever to her. Kaya din ako na-shock, kasi kumalat na sha sa internet.

I was happy for her especially after reading her story, even if we weren't friends back in HS coz we ran with different crowds,. Shempre, kinilig din ako. Hahahaha!


One night in January, I couldn't sleep. Guess what I did? hehehee.. I got the digicam and took pictures of myself. Bwahahahah! Para akong tanga, click ng click, bura din naman ng bura kasi most of the pictures, either nose or eyes, & even my forehead lang ang lumalabas. If not, super lapit - nakakakilabot! I took the pics around 3 am. Yes, on one of my vampire days. ;) See what no sleep can do to a person. Mwehehehe!

Here are my "walang-magawa-hindi-makatulog" pics:

o diba? stariray!

ayan... feeling sweet. pa-tweetums! har har har!

tama na, baka kinikilabutan na kayo :p sa susunod na lang yung iba. hehehe....


ayan... meron uli! :D

complete from A to Z! (thanks to vampie - got this from her friendster bulletin board post)

A - Age : 27
B - Band listening to right now: evanescence
C - Career in future: executive of a fortune 500 company (wahehe!); mega-nanay :p
D - Dad's name: benjamin nickname:ben, yung comedy: bentot! hehehe...
E - Easiest person to talk to: pwede ba madami? mom, Maita, Ellen, Mylin, Ria, Rica, Gilbert (hay naku... nasaan ka na ba? magpakita ka naman, kahit minsan...:p)
F - Favourite song at the moment: ay naku, madami din! my immortal-evanescence, a little bit-mymp, rainbow-southborder, the last days-hourglass, hey ya!-outkast
G - Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms: doesn't matter. i like 'em both ;)
H - Hometown: las pinas
I - Instrument/s: piano, guitar (please... turuan nyo ako!)
K - Kids: yep. :D (pero hanapin ko muna yung papa nila - o kaya gayumahin ko na - bwahahaha!)
L - Longest car ride ever: literally: las pinas to baguio; figuratively: when i am in the car with someone I don't like and i have no choice but to ride with them. if you're my cousin, you know who i'm talking about (nyahahaha!- BAAAAD!)
M - Mom's name: divina. nickname: divine
N - Number of siblings: 2 both younger, one sister & one brother
P - Phobia[s]: nyarks! madami din :p snakes, creepy crawlies, frogs (yaaak!), dark places (pwera lang pag may kasama - hehehe!), blood, needles (inaaay....!)
Q - Favourite Quote: "when was the last time you did something for the first time?" - unknown (saw it on an Emirates commercial)
R - Reason to smile: madami din :) most are listed on the LOVES portion on my profile. pero hmmm.... si ano... chaka si ano..., my favorite song on the radio, new shoes (shempre, girl ako noh!), butterflies, when i wake up hearing birds singing/chirping near my window.... there are lots of things to smile about :)
S - Song you sang last: rainbow-southborder ("....take a little time, baby, see the butterfly's clors, listen to the birds that were sent to sing for me & you...")
T - Time you wake up: hahaha! don't ask :p
U - Unknown fact about me: i can write cursive quite legibly, using my left hand, i can do splits (pwera biro, hanggang ngayon kaya ko pa :D), i can stay underwater close to a minute (uy, hirap yun ah!)
V - Vegetable you hate: okra, ampalaya, saluyot, kalabasa,
W - Worst habit: smoking (pero try na ko stop.. pramis!)
X - X-rays you've had: right hand (pero hindi dahil dun sa kagat ng insect ha. iba naman :p)
Y - Yummy food: asus! dami din :p pasta (specially pag white sauce), choco mousse, japanese food (tempura & butadon... yum!), adobo, mommy's roast beef & paella, salads (macaroni, fruit, potato..) ay tama na, nagugutom na ko! :p
Z - Zodiac sign: aries