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Friday, February 13, 2004

I had an "adventure" last week. I woke up exactly a week ago today, with an aching right ring finger. Apparently some freaking insect bit it overnight. I didn't mind it much, until about lunch time when it started to itch and ache more. Mom, my sister and I had a "shopping appointment" (hehehe!) so i didn't mind it. I just took pain medicine and got an anti-itch ointment. And lo and behold, by the time we got home, my finger was so painful. Stubborn me didn't want to go to the doctor, so I just looked up our medicine books and read what one should do about insect stings. I first got an ice pack (to help relieve the swelling), and made a baking soda paste, which the book said would help with the sting and the itch. I was fine after that.

But around 2:30 am, my finger was double it's normal size. It was horrible! As in! My hand looked like an inflated surgical glove and my finger looked like a sausage. Ewww! Now I can laugh when I remember how it looked like, but last week, I was scared. I even cried coz it was throbbing so badly and iIthought my hand was gonna burst!


And of course, i didn"t mind it, coz I felt the swelling would go down after some time. Besides, I didn't want to wake up my mom and dad coz I know they'd take me to the hospital. And I absolutely hated hospitals and needles! 


But then I got scared coz I could feel the blood pumping, and it felt like my veins were getting squished coz of the swelling. Finally at 3 am I woke mom and dad and told them my hand looked and felt horrible. Then we went to the nearby hospital. The doctor on call took one look at my finger and said, "What bit you? You had an allergic reaction to the sting." I wanted to say, "Hello? Don't you think I know that? I wouldn't be here if I didn't."


Then, horror of horrors! He gets this big syringe and told the nurse to get antihistamine. I felt weak-kneed. I asked the doctor, "Couldn't I take antihistamine tablet instead?" And of course he laughed coz maybe he thought that it was funny for someone my size to be scared of a needle. (If I didn't feel bad, I would have smacked him. Hahaha! But he was there to help me so I didn't.) The doctor said the antihistamine shot would take effect faster than the tablet. Then i said, "It's fine with me, I endured the pain for a day already, a couple of hours wouldn't matter."


I kinda glanced at my mom and she was looking at like she was saying, "Earlier you were bawling your eyes out and now that you're here, you don't want to feel better?"Hhehehe! Long story short, I took the shot (with my eyes closed, of course ). then I was told to take antibiotics (geez, 90 bucks a pop and I was to take 15) and antihistamines. So after a week of discomfort, mind-numbing itch (I tell you, it was torture, the closest way I could describe it is that the itch was coming from the inside. That no matter how you scratch it, it wouldn't make a difference), and ugly looking right hand (hard to eat with my left hand, but at least, I was relieved of dishwashing duties - mwehehe!), now I am back to normal. all I have to do is find the freaking insect that bit me, and kill it all it's relatives. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!


I won a compilation cd from my favorite radio station the other day. Every afternoon, they have this game called "the pyramid game" where listeners would call in and answer 5 level questions about anything. Last Tuesday, it was about anything Brad Pitt. I didn't really want to join, I was just in my room listening while I was dressing up (I just got out of the shower). Then, several people called in and couldn't answer the last question which was something like this: "Which movie did Brad Pitt's name first appeared in the opening credits?" I knew the answer coz I read it somewhere and I've seen the movie on cable before. The answer was, Happy Together. Then I dialled the station's number and the deejay, Alan picked up. Hahaha! He said I sounded like I knew the answer. We had idle chit-chat first, then I answered. And of course, I won! hahaha! That's the second time I won something from the station. The first was two tickets to the Limp Bizkit concert (which was cancelled at the last minute :( ). So woo-hoo! for me.


Anyhoo, this has been quite a long entry. Till next time! Au revior!