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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

I couldn't sleep last night. As usual I was up until about 3 am. Nope not because I was used to sleeping at that time, but because I slept in a different room. My Lola arrived yesterday and she slept in my room, while I slept at Chie's room (she spent the night at Des' pad coz they were leaving at 5 am for their Strategic Planning in Laguna). Namahay ako. Errr... wrong term yata kasi di naman ako nagstay sa ibang bahay, ibang room lang. Uh, nangwarto? Bwahahah! Ampanget!

sidenote: Bilib ako sa lola ko. Imagine, she's already 84 years old & she commutes from Binangonan, Rizal to our house in Las Pinas, or sometimes to my tita's house in Dasmarinas, Cavite?! Yes you read it right, she's already 84! Matindi no? She's very strong for her age, but I get scared whenever she does that. My grandmother (paternal side) is very stubborn. No one can stop her if she wants to go. I think even if you lock the doors, she'll figure out a way to get out of it, just to go wherever she wants to go. Scary lang talaga coz even if she's strong, she shouldn't be doing that at her age. Minsan, talagang pinapagalitan sha ni daddy kasi ang stubborn talaga. Hay naku, all I can do i pray really hard that she'll arrive safely whereever she goes. We already told her that if she wants to go here, she'd ask one of my aunts to call us & we'd fetch her. No use. makulit talaga si lola. hay naku, I hope I won't be that stubborn when I reach her age. :p I doubt it though, coz one of the things I hate doing is commuting. Hahaha!

Anyway, back to my story: I was actually sleepy around 11 pm, but I still couldn't sleep. I tried reading, watching cable tv, writing on my journal, and listening to the radio, just so my eyes could feel tired enough for me to really have no choice but sleep. Nothing worked. If at all, listening to the radio made me more awake, coz I joined Neil's discussion topic & chatted with him & Mylin (hi sis!) & my cousin-in-law Rochelle (kahit sandali lang) at YM via gprs.

Funny lang, kasi pinagpilitan ko talagang maghanap ng signal. The signal at Chie's room was fluctuating so I kept disconnecting until I found the perfect place. Only trouble was, I had to contort myself. Mwahahah! Parang tanga noh? Just to go on YM, I had to make it difficult for myself, trying to look for a decent signal. But it was okay, coz when I found the perfect place, I was lying in bed, staying close to the wall. Needless to say, my thumbs were kinda sore when I logged out. Hahahaha! Parang ewan talaga!

Anyway, on to my Sunday story. It was my nephew Sean's, baptism. It was held at the Double V Resort in Dasmarinas, Cavite. Thanks to shortcuts & "friendship routes' we were there at the place within an hour, even if it was kinda far. We planned to leave the house by 8 am to be at the resort before 10 am, but as usual, ang tagal ni daddy. :p hehehe... bukuhin ba ang tatay ko? It would have been okay if we were late though coz the service, which was supposed to start at 10, started around 11:30.

We were among the first to arrive, except for some of my cousin-in-law Ate Cel's relatives. The place was nice, there were 4 slides. one big pool with a refreshment kiosk in the middle of the pool, a children's pool, a videoke "hut", and a fish pond (which was kinda murky though :p)

Before the service started, my cousins & I took lots of pictures (to be posted at a later date coz my sister hasn't uploaded it yet). Shempre, basta kaming magpipinsan, nakakatawa yung pictures. Only about half of us were there coz the others had a previous engagement & my other nephew Gian was sick. But even if we weren't complete, we had lots of fun.

When my cousin's pastor arrived, I whispered to my cousin Ate Weng, that their pastor looks like, Paolo Santos. Hahaha! No joke, they could pass off as twins. A while later, the service started. I was used to the Catholic way of baptism, but it was okay. :) Forty-five minutes later, I was a ninang once again.

Sean was a good baby. He didn't cry during the service & he seemed to like the water. :p He became kinda cranky after lunch though, maybe because it was kinda hot.

After lunch, we jumped on the pool. The water was darn cold. But it was colder if you stay out of it, so even if we looked liked prunes, we would stay in the pool. Besides, I love being in the water. My niece Hannah, like ninang Jennie, loves the water so we spent most of the time in the pool together. Well, aside from the fact that her mom, my cousin Weng, ddin't want to go in the pool coz it was cold (chicken!). My sister Chie took our crazy pictures in and out of the pool, coz it was a not a good day for her to swim. :p

In between pool time, we were at the videoke hut. Shempre, ako pa? di ko papalampasin yon. Hahahah! Mom, my aunts, my cousins Geebee, Weng & I had out turns with the mic. :D

All in all. it was a fun day, even if there was quite a number of us who couldn't be there, including my brother Toppet, coz he had a school project. (owws?! hehehe!) The weather was perfect. Not too sunny, but it also didn't rain. So I didn't get a tan or worse, a sunburn.

We got home around 6:30 pm, with a brief stop-over at a nearby mall to buy an illustration board for Toppet. Damn that trip to the mall! Brief though it was, Chie, Mom & I were able to buy a pair of shoes each, oops, 2 pala kay Chie. Hahahahah!!! Oki lang, I love the shoes! It was a black, pointy pair of mules. Pareho kami ng binili ni Chie. We both liked it and we didn't care if we have the same shoes, different sizes naman eh. Hahaha!

Anyhoo, this is another long entry so I'm gonna stop rambling now. Till next update, toodles!

♥ Jen

This is one of my favorite songs of the moment. I can't get enough of it:

South Border

Fallin' out, fallin' in
Nothings sure in this world, no no
Breaking down, breaking in
Never knowing what lies ahead
We can really never tell it all, no no

Say goodbye, say hello
To a lover or friend
Sometimes we could never understand
Why some things begin with just love
We can never have it all
No no no ohh

(But oh/Cause oh), can't you see
That no matter what happens
Life goes on and on
And so baby just smile
Cause I'm always around you
And I'll make you see
How beautiful life is
For you and me

Take a little time baby
See the butterfly's colors
Listen to the birds
That were sent to sing
For me and you
Can you feel me?
This is such a wonderful place to me
Even if there is pain now
Everything will be alright
For as long as the world still turns
There will be night and day
Can you hear me?
Yhere's a rainbow always
After the rain

Hittin' high, hittin' low
Win or lose, you should go
Yeah yeah
Getting warm, getting cold
Weather can be so good or bad
But baby, this is life so don't get mad
No no no


Life's full of challenges
Not all the time
We get what we want
But don't despair, my dear
You'll take it each trial
And you'll make it through the storm
Cause youre strong
My faith in you is clear
So I say once again
This world's beautiful
Let us celebrate life
That is so beautiful
So beautiful...