happy 2005!

Thursday, December 30, 2004

We'll soon be ushering the new year and I'm still pondering what I've learned this year. hehehe!

For certain, 2004 is a year filled with ups and downs, but I'm glad I'm still here and I've survived. Although for the next year, I really wish all the stuff that bothered & worried me and what I ranted about would all be gone. Year 2004, as you leave, please take all the bad stuff with you!

Life would be so much better if it's next to perfect. I didn't say I'd want life to be perfect, coz if it were, I wouldn't have anything more to look forward to. I'd gladly settle for something a little less than perfect. :)

I got this from a friend's email. It's been a while since I've done surveys and this seems appropriate to cap the year off.

1. What did you do in 2004 that you'd never done before?
ehrm... I can't remember doing anything I haven't done before. How boring is that?

2. Did you keep your new years' resolutions, and will you make more for next year?
I've never kept a new year's resolution. Ever. I'm enthusiastic at the start, but the enthusiasm wanes until I find myself not following it anymore. Hehehe...

3. Did anyone close to you give birth?
No one.

4. Did anyone close to you die?
My uncle died last July. +RIP

5. What countries did you visit?
None. Stuck in the Philippines, mwehehe...

6. What would you like to have in 2005 that you lacked in 2004?
a laptop, a new phone, direction :p

7. What date from 2004 will remain etched upon your memory, and why?
April 15. Shempre, birthday ko yun eh :D and March 12, coz I was spitting distance from Brandon Boyd and Incubus, and I screamed my head off during the concert.

8. What was your biggest achievement of the year?
Inner strength

9. What was your biggest failure?

10. Did you suffer illness or injury?
I thought I had endometriosis, turns out I was just stressed and paranoid. :)

11. What was the best thing you bought?
Nothing fancy, but a big journal I've been looking for for quite a while. I finally found it at Powerbooks.

12. Whose behavior merited celebration?
I think my whole family for being so strong when mom was undergoing chemo.

13. Whose behaviour appalled you and made you depressed?
ehh... I'd rather not divulge who they are. Kung kamag-anak kita, alam mo na kung sino. Bwahahah!

14. Where did most of your money go?
books and bills

15 What did you get really, really, really excited about?
Christmas and the reunion, the unexpected text from friend A and he said he's back in the country. Uyyyy... nyahaha!

16. What song will always remind you of 2004?
My Boo by Alicia Keys & Usher and Wag na Wag Mong Sasabihin by Kitchie Nadal, coz it's all over the airwaves :P

17. Compared to last year, are you?
i. happier or more sad? more sad
ii. thinner or fatter? about the same - eh, di naman nagbabago :p
iii. richer or poorer? ehehe.. poorer yata

18. What do you wish you'd done more of?
Seen more of my HS barkada, coz sadly, I've seen them (all at the same time) only once this year and I had to pass on two dinners - last night and tonight, but I know they understand why :)

19. What do you wish you'd done less of?
Crying and ranting.

20. How will you be spending Christmas?
We had our family reunion here at home.

22. Did you fall in love in 2004?
Nope, but hopefully I'm getting there. Mwehehe...

23. How many one-night stands?
Ngek! Wala, noh. good girl ako :D

24. What was your favourite TV program?
Sex and the City and Friends (which both ended, huhuhu!)

25. Do you hate anyone now that you didn't hate this time last year?
No one. Hated the same people I hated last year. Bwahahahaha!

26. What was the best book you read?
Of all the books I read this year (and it was quite a lot), I think Angels and Demons was the best.

27. What was your greatest musical discovery?
switchfoot and maroon 5

28. What did you want and get?
inner strength. Material? I've yet to get the one thing I really want.

29. What did you want and not get?
a powerbook (haay.. aasa pa ako :p)

30. Favorite film of this year?
I haven't seen it yet, but I'm sure it will be my favorite - Meet the Fockers.

31. What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you?
Spent my birthday swimming with my family (immediate and extended). Annual family outing and birthday blow-out of March & April birthday celebrators. How old? Ack! wag na!

32. What one thing would have made your year immeasurably more satisfying?
Good health for the family

33. How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2004?
what fashion concept? Haha! I wear whatever I feel comfortable wearing. Yep, even my "killer shoes".

34. What kept you sane?
prayers and blogging

35. Which celebrity/public figure did you fancy the most?
Michael Vartan :D

36. What political issue stirred you the most?
the elections

37. Who did you miss?
old friends I rarely see now and M (blech!)

38. Who was the best new person you met?
Everyone I met this year were great, can't make a distinction on who's the best. (uy, diplomatic :p)

39. Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2004.
Live life to the fullest. Carpe Diem! Seize the day.

40. Quote a song lyric that sums up your year

"Welcome to the planet
Welcome to existence
Everyone's here
Everyone's here
Everybody's watching you now
Everybody waits for you now
What happens next?
What happens next?

I dare you to move
I dare you to move
I dare you to lift yourself up off the floor
I dare you to move
I dare you to move
Like today never happened
Today never happened before

Welcome to the fallout
Welcome to resistance
The tension is here
The tension is here
Between who you are and who you could be
Between how it is and how it should be

I dare you to move
I dare you to move
I dare you to lift yourself up off the floor
I dare you to move
I dare you to move
Like today never happened
Today never happened

Maybe redemption has stories to tell
Maybe forgiveness is right where you fell
Where can you run to escape from yourself?
Where you gonna go?
Where you gonna go?
Salvation is here

I dare you to move
I dare you to move
I dare you to lift yourself
Lift yourself up off the floor
I dare you to move
I dare you to move
Like today never happened
Today never happened
Today never happened
Today never happened before"

- Dare You To Move by Switchfoot

Here's to a happier and more prosperous year for all of us!


Yahoo! News - Asian disaster toll surges past 55,000 as relief operations stall

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Yahoo! News - Asian disaster toll surges past 55,000 as relief operations stall

This is sad news indeed. Just reading about what happened and seeing the news footage is horrifying enough, I can only imagine how much worse it was being there. It was like a scene from the movie "The Day After Tomorrow", which was shown early this year.

I hope this never happens here.

Christmas at the Sales residence

Monday, December 27, 2004

Christmas, as always, is fun at our house, because aside from Christmas, we also celebrate my brother's birthday, and the family reunion is always held here.

There are lots of food, kaya bawal ang nagda-diet. Kasi kahit nagda-diet ka, makakalimutan mo yun. Non-stop eating :p Pero okay lang, kasi mawawala agad yung mga kinain namin dahil sa games na pakulo nila Mommy, Tita Belle, Tito Gerry at Kuya Gani. Nakakaiyak dahil sa sobrang kakatawa. We always have a program, hosted by our cousin Lon, and who ever gets suckered to perform, will perform. Usually, it's the little kids, but if we're "tinotopak" , we'd also perform - mwehehe! Then we'd have the games and the raffle.

This year, we didn't have the usual program, altough the kids, Gian & Hannah danced. They were so cute, especially Gian, who danced like a streetdancer. hahaha! We teased his dad, our cousin Caloy, that it was a good thing Gian didn't inherit his two left feet. Heehee! After cousins, Geng & Cherry danced, it was our cousin Genrick's turn to dance to "Hey Ya!", after a bit of prodding from everyone. After which, his dad, Tito Gerry danced along with him. Needless to say, it brought the house down. :p

After the games, it was videoke-time! :D I lived up to my blogname, kinareer ko ang videoke, hanggang dumating sila Dinah, her hubby Dennis, sister-in-law, Odet. After nun, mejo nahiya na ako. wahahaha!

Even if I'm still tired from our Christmas celebrations, and it's been two days since, it was worth it. It's the time of year I always look forward to. The perfect excuse to be with family & friends. And even if my wallet is empty after Christmas, the whoops of joy and excitement and the big smiles on the faces of the children makes it all worthwhile.

last minute shoppers

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Sa wakas, naka-Christmas shopping na din kami! :D

My sister and I were at the Ayala Center by 10 am because we thought that by the time lunch time rolls in and the lunch crowd arrives, we'd be finished or at least 3/4ths done with our shopping. And we were right! :P Another reason we were there by time the mall opened was that we were still going to go to St. Luke's for mom's treatment.

We had to be done by 1:30 pm, so that we'd be able to meet mom's appointment. In order to do that, we had to be as organized as possible, so before we arrived at Glorietta, we had a list of the shops we wanted to go to and planned our shopping expedition. I tell you, that plan was one of the best we've come up with. We were done at 1:30 pm on the dot and we were at the office to pick mom up 20 minutes later. :D We would have been there in 5-10 minutes, if not for the traffic at around the mall, Ayala & Makati Avenues, Paseo de Roxas and parts of Valero and HV dela Costa. Haay... talagang magpa-Pasko na! Everywhere we go there was traffic (especially on our way home from St. Luke's).

Actually, we still have to do some shopping and we plan to do the same tomorrow. Hopefully after that, we'd be finished. YAY!!!!

Friendly tip: The good thing about arriving at the mall as soon as it opens is that there are no lines at the gift-wrapping sections. :D

Yesterday was our Christmas Party, which was held at El Cirkulo for the third year in a row. No complaints there, coz I love the food they served. Hehehe!

The Christmas Party wasn't as flashy as the previous years, but it was as entertaining. In fact, I think it was more hilarious that before. There were no production numbers but I enjoyed the games. Everyone was laughing out loud because the games were kinda naughty, but it was all in good fun. Kung hindi nga lang incriminating yung mga pictures, i-po-post ko dito. Mwahaha!

After the games, we serenaded our President, Mr. JMP, coz it was also his birthday. We sang happy birthday and some Christmas carols with modified lyrics, to the enjoyment of Mr. JMP & his family. Next was the awarding of prizes to the winning teams of the bowling tournament and the awards for years of service.

Our EVP Atty. RLA gave his Christmas message, which was very profound. He's always joking around so I thought he'd give a funny message, but I was pleasantly surprised that he was serious yesterday. Even Mr. JMP said so before he gave his own Christmas message.

The Christmas party was over in 3 hours, including the eating portion :p (it was longer before). but I enjoyed this one better than the last one. :)

Just in case I'm not able to go online in the next few days, because things are very busy around here, I'd like to greet everyone who visits my blog (at pinagtiya-tiyagaang basahin ang mga minsang walang kwentang posts ko :p) a very Merry Christmas to you and your families! Enjoy the holiday season and remember the true meaning behind it :D God Bless!

♥, Jennie

PS: My brother is also celebrating his birthday on Christmas Day. :) Happy 18th birthday, Toppet!

one week to go :D

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Clare, eto na, new entry na :D

We just finished our "general cleaning", and I am exhausted. Actually, we're not finished with the whole house yet. We just finished for the day. Tomorrow, we will resume our "general cleaning". Haaaay... I'm going to clean my room. I think I need more than a day to do that. :p Let's hope I can also clean out my closet.

We changed the layout of the living room, that's why I'm exhausted. The side table and the center table have marble tops, and they were heavy. Good thing my brother was here to help. :) At least may katulong na tagabuhat. hihihi!

It's only now that I feel tired. While we were cleaning the house we didn't feel tired because we played our Christmas cds. We were singing along and it made the cleaning part enjoyable. We didn't even notice the time coz we were so into it. Time-tested na yun sa amin. Basta may music, hindi pumapasok sa isip yung pagod. :)

Finally, with exactly a week to go, the Christmas tree is up. Together with the Christmas decors we put up two weeks ago, the house has a very Christmassy feel to it.

Our company Christmas party will be held on Monday at El Cirkulo. It is also the birthday of our President, Mr. JMP, so obviously, it's a double celebration. :)

It's the third year in a row that we're holding the party at El Cirkulo, coz the Gamboas are friends of Mr. JMP. Hindi pa naman ako nagsasawa sa food ng El Cirkulo, in fact, I love their paella. But I hope next year, it will be held at another venue :p. It doesn't seem likely, though, but I'm stil hoping. :)

Sana manalo ako sa raffle. Mwehehe!

My friend A (yes, him :D) has been texting everyday and calling almost every night. La lang, masaya ako :D

♥, JeN


Wednesday, December 15, 2004

I learned a new word today. VERBOMANIA, which means, morbid talkativeness.

Mwehehe! The word describes one of the patients we're with in Radiotherapy. Sure her perky attitude could be admired. After all. it's hard to stay positive if you have cancer. But she doesn't know when to stop talking - very loudly. And mostly, she sounds like a know-it-all. You know, the kind of person who says, "I know that", "I know him/her", or "I'm like this", all the time. It also disturbs me how condescending she sounds when the person she's talking to doesn't know one thing. Kulang na lang sabihin nya na, "ang tanga mo naman, di mo alam yan." Grrr!

I know it sounds callous of me to talk about her like this, but one has to be there to understand where I'm coming from. I just find it very inconsiderate of her to talk very loudly, when there are other patients who are in worse conditions than her, who value some peace and quiet when undergoing treatment. I know she's there even before I enter the room because I can hear her voice from the outside - with the doors closed.

I really wish she'd tone her voice down, coz I'm not the only one distracted and irritated. Okay na lang sana kung ako lang ang na-aasar, pero naaawa din ako sa ibang mga pasyente, lalo na dun sa mga lolo at lola na nandun. Someone already called her attention about it, but obviously, it didn't work. :p

The only consolation I have about it, is that mom's treatment will be over in 6 working days. Yay!!!

Simbang gabi starts tomorrow, which also means it's only 9 days away till Christmas. WOO-HOO!!

an unusual day

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

I've never seen so many "usyuseros" in my life until yesterday.

Mom & I were are St. Luke's for mom's daily treatment session and the usual traffic along E. Rodriguez was much worse. There were too many people going to St. Luke's because former Presidential candidate & film actor Fernando Poe Jr (RIP+), was at the ICU.

All media outfits were there, policemen, lots of security people and throngs of fans. The fans can be classified into 2 groups: 1. the die-hard supporters of FPJ, who were in one corner praying, and 2. the people who were there to see the celebrities going to St. Luke's to visit FPJ. I couldn't help but shake my head at how some people mobbed some of the actors and actresses, who were in obvious and various stages of sadness. It was inconsiderate, to say the least. But I guess they couldn't help but get starstruck at how many big stars came to visit. It was just very bad timing.

The large number of "usyuseros" also made it quite inconvenient to the patients of the hospital. It was hard to get inside the hospital because a lot of people were blocking the way, and the security people had a really hard time in putting things into order. But when they did, everyone stayed where they were told to. Well, until the next big star arrived. :p

Hehehe.. nakakatawa pa yung mga tao (media & fans). Everytime a car arrives, they'd all be craning their necks and cameras would start panning to it. They were anticipating that a celebrity would emerge from the vehicles. I can imagine their disappointment when I got out of our car. Mwehehe! Sorry na lang sila, maganda ako pero hindi ako artista. Hahahaha! ANG KAPAL ko no?! Uy, joke lang yun, ah. :p

When we got to the radiation therapy room, I told mom I was gonna go upstairs. She teasingly said, "Bibisitahin mo si FPJ?" and I said, "No, I'm going to see which celebrities are in the 3rd Floor". Of course I was joking. :p I was going to the 4th floor to get mom's medical records for SSS purposes, which I was supposed to get last Friday. Although I admit that when the elevator doors opened at the 3rd floor, I looked around. Hehehe.

After mom's treatment and while waiting for our car at the lobby, I was teasing mom that we should keep smiling, coz we might be caught on camera. Wahaha! Feeling star! :p And yes, I admit, naghanap din ako ng artista, pero shempre pa-simple. LOL! The only one I saw up close was a very loud Anabelle Rama, waiting for the elevator.

I laughed when our car arrived coz for some reason, ever reliable driver Ricky was more alert. He was sitting up so straight and his eyes kept darting right to left. Nyahahah! Either naghahanap sha ng artista, or feeling nya makikita sha sa TV.

Ehrm.. it seems inappropriate that I'm laughing at my St. Luke's experience yesterday, when FPJ died this morning. I've never been a fan and I didn't vote for him last May, but they say he's helped so many people and has surely made countless happy because of his films. I feel for his family and friends who will be spending Christmas without him. And it's only a few days away. May he rest in peace.

♥, JeN

P.S. Showbiz post, noh? Feeling close :p

from ms. couch potato

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Being the couch potato that I am, it's a big deal for me when I say that watching local tv shows are a waste of time nowadays. I'm not being un-nationalistic or even "pa-sosy" or "pa-cono". I'm just getting frustrated with the current crop of tv fare.

There is hardly any tv show that teaches good moral values, educational shows are a dime a dozen. All I see on local tv are sensational news, showbiz talk shows where all the celebrities' dirty laundry are being paraded for everyone to see (latest example: Rosanna Roces' bombshells). I do admit I watch my share of showbiz talk shows :p, but one reaches a saturation point.

Comedy shows are mostly slapstick or with toilet humor. In variety shows, everyone absolutely must dance even if they have two left feet, and sing even if they are tone deaf. There are telenovelas where every possible bad thing happens to the protagonist. It's very disappointing to realize that I can count on one hand the really good shows on local tv today.

Gone are the days where there are intelligent comedy shows, drama shows that aren't too melodramatic, game shows that are both entertaining and educational and variety shows that would make you sit up and admire real talent. I'm not saying that the actors and actresses today don't have talent, but that the shows today focus on being a Star, rather than being an artist.

I am glad though that the local music industry is thriving and the resurgence of great Pinoy music is inspiring.

I know the people in the entertainment industry are talented and creative, that's why it's frustrating to see mediocre shows. I know they can come up with something better, but the question is, will the majority like it? Seems to me that it all boils down to one thing: revenue. The time tested formulas in producing a hit show makes money, and producing a show veering away from it is a big risk.

I'm not part of the industry so I really don't have any right to second guess them. But I am part of the public who would greatly appreciate it if the shows I watch are the best. I hope one day there will also be a resurgence of tv shows worth watching, where I am entertained and good moral values are highlighted.

Christmas is in the air

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Last Sunday, we were finally able to decorate the house. Yay! At last, feeling Christmas na sa bahay. :) These are just some of the pictures I took tonight. It took me quite a long time to post it though, coz I wasn't used to using flickr. I think it turned out all right. :)

DSCP1 044This is one of mom's numerous cross-stitch projects. It's one of my favorites, along with the other angel posted above. If I'm not mistaken, this is the Angel of Grace and the blue one is the Angel of Hope. Hehehe... I would have asked mom, but she's already sleeping. I'll know for sure, tomorrow. :)

Sidenote: It takes a lot of patience to finish a project like this, and I admire mom for her patience. I think it took 3 months for mom to finish it, coz it's quite big and she cross-stitches only on weekends and before she goes to bed. I know I wouldn't be able to do something like that. The only cross-stitch project I did, aside from the ones in school, took me a couple of months to finish. And it's not even big. I think it's less than a foot. Hahaha! Tastas pa ako ng tastas, kasi labo mata ko, kaya naduduling ako.

Time flies really fast, it's only 16 days till Christmas and it's getting colder at night and at dawn. Hehehe... bed weather everyday. :D

balik blogging :)

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Finally, I'm able to make a new post! :)

Nope, it's not because I was pre-occupied with you-know-who. Wishful thinking, sana nga yun yung dahilan. wahahahaha! I wasn't able to blog for the past few days because brother dear is finishing several projects - a feasibility study, a couple of reports - stuff I don't miss about school. :p

Being the "good" sister that I am (Ehem! Ehem!), of course I wouldn't bug him so I could use the computer to blog. My reward for not bugging him? I got to use his ipod for two days. Pretty fair trade-off, considering music is a constant in my life. :) I wonder how many hours of listening it would take for me to listen to all the songs in his ipod? Sakit siguro ng tenga ko pagkatapos. :p

Ay shucks! Kaines pa, my cellphone got disconnected tonight. Grrrrr! Shhhh.. Chie, quiet! di alam ni mommy :p I forgot to pay my bill last month and I had already planned on paying it tomorrow (coz it's the due date), but I guess, naninigurado sila na babayaran ko yun bukas, kaya ngayon pa lang dinis-connect na yung phone ko. ARGH!

As soon as I found out that I can only receive incoming calls and texts, I called Customer Service to complain (hehehe.. ako na yung nakalimot magbayad, ako pa yung nag-complain no? :p) Well, I did coz I didn't even receive a notice, and because I thought that I'd have to pay an extra charge for them to resume my cellphone services. Good thing I don't need to pay extra, coz if I have to, I'll probably switch to another cellphone company, and get the cellphone unit I want for free or for a lower price. But even if that's the case, I'm sure I'll still have second thoughts about switching, coz I've been a subscriber since they started (yup, mula nung free and unlimited ang text messaging nila). Ang labo ko ba? :p I've had no complaints, save for this one.

The girl I was able to talk to told me that they can resume cellphone services within the day of payment. Hopefully, tomorrow after lunch, my phone will be back to normal.

Friends, if I don't reply to your texts tomorrow, you know the reason why. :p So save your load, don't text me tomorrow. Hehehe!

I was going to blog about last Saturday's events (Keane's first birthday and the Museo Pambata outdoor concert, but I haven't gathered my thoughts yet. I keep deleting what I wrote, coz I'm not satisfied with it. Rather than waste my time and energy composing then deleting it, I decided to do it another day. :)

**update** as of 11:36 am, my cellphone is back to normal. :D

happy happy joy joy :p

Sunday, December 05, 2004

I woke up with a smile today. Nevermind if I wasn't able to sleep until 3 am, or that I have a cold. I woke up when I heard my cellphone's texttone and I saw an unexpected name. It was A asking me how I was doing. Shucks! Apparently he's back in the country, after staying in New York for 8 months.

I was wide awake as soon as I read his message and I texted him back with this silly grin on my face. Nyahaha! Kinilig talaga ako. I felt like I was in High School all over again.

I met A when I was still working for the multinational firm I left 4 years ago. He worked for the firm occupying the floor below our floor and we'd always bump into each other at the lobby, in the elevators and the canteen on the 7th floor. We were smiling buddies first, then I found out we had a common friend when all three of us were in the same elevator. My thesismate for my Lia course (I took Lia-com in College), was his officemate and that was the start of our friendship. We'd have lunch together and he'd sometimes go up to our floor just to say hi.

When I left the firm, we didn't lose contact, but of course, we saw less of each other. The next thing I knew, he had a girlfriend already (who was a very jealous girl :p) and we kinda drifted apart. When they broke up our friendship was rekindled, he'd call the house late at night and we'd end up talking until 3 am (hehe... helps when the phone is just next to my bed :p). I don't know why I never told anyone, other than my best friend, about him. But I knew my brother was intrigued, coz sometimes he'd be the one to answer the phone, though he never said anything :P He jsut asked me once, who A was. I doubt if he remembers. Hahaha!

Early this year, he mentioned that he was going to New York, coz aside from his mom, his whole family is already there. He was going to go with his mom and he was thinking of settling in NY for good. I was sad, because I know I already felt something other than friendship for him. It started way back when I had a crush on him when we were "smiling buddies" at Citibank Tower, and I woke up one day knowing I like him a lot and I'd anticipate his phonecalls and I was giddy everytime I get a text message from him.

He left in April, my birthday month, but he didn't forget my birthday :)

I remember telling my friend that nanghihinayang ako that he left without me ever knowing if he felt the same about me, or that we didn't have the chance to know where that friendship will lead us. Now he's back and I'm happy. Not that I'm expecting we'd end up together - that's thinking too far into the future.

I'm just happy that he's back.

He called before lunch today and we talked for an hour, catching up on things. Which is partly the reason why I can't wipe the smile off my face today. It was good to hear his voice and his laugh again. And it was nice to know that even if he was in NY for 8 months, we were talking as if we talked just the day before.

♥ JeN

PS: I'll write about yesterday's Museo Pambata event and our nephew Keane's 1st birthday tomorrow. :) Kinikilig pa kasi ako about the phone call. Wahahahaha!

storm alert!

Thursday, December 02, 2004

The third typhoon in almost three weeks is on it's way to the country. The affected provinces haven't even recovered from last week's deadly typhoon Winnie, and now here comes another one, and a Super Typhoon at that! Seeing the weather reports at the major TV networks here, as well as in CNN & BBC, the extent of the typhoon encompasses the whole country. According to initial reports, typhoon Yoyong is going to be a really strong one with gusts of wind of up to 210-240/kph. In fact, there are already some provinces that are under storm signal number 4. Yikes! In all my years of existence, this is only the second typhoon with that signal I've encountered. The last one happened in the mid-nineties, and I remember that the wind was so strong, it almost uprooted our mango tree. It's still bearing fruit, but now the mango tree is angled about 45 degrees to the left.

When I was in school, I was glad when there were typhoons coz classes would be suspended. Now I dread it because of the destruction it brings - flash floods, landslides, loss of life and property. It's disheartening to see the people directly affected by the typhoon's wrath, and the path of destruction it leaves.

I was watching the news last night and it was distressful. The last I heard, more than 400 people died and several more are still misssing, from the last typhoon that hit the country. I was teary-eyed when I saw the children who survived, after being swept away by the raging flood waters, and even more so, when footages of those who perished were shown. I feel sorry for the people who lost their properties, their livelihood and most especially, their loved ones. It makes it even more sad because in only a few weeks, it'll already be Christmas. :(

A computer simulation of the landslides in Aurora province showed the gravity of the situation, caused mainly by illegal logging activities. Now the government officials are at an uproar. Sus, too late! It makes me feel outraged that the illegal logging situation is addressed only when there are deadly landslides. Why is it that people have to die first before the ones concerned do something?

As I write this, I can see the swaying of the leaves of the trees at the parking area below, from the office windows. There are also spurts of rain, indicating that the storm is inching it's way and will have landfall in the next 24 hours. I pray that in the next few hours, the storm will lose its strength and veer away from the country. If not, I pray that there will be no loss of life.

Be safe, everyone!

a better day :)

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

This day was considerably better than the one I had yesterday. Big YAY! for me :) It wasn't the best day ever, but it has significantly improved, as compared to yesterday.

As I write this, though, it looks as if it's about to turn a bit unpleasant. Hehehe. I gotta turn the volume up. I need music to drive the bad vibes away.

Anyway, the linear accelerator has finally been fixed and mom was able to resume her radiation treatment. Hallelujah! Another week of non-treatment and heads will certainly roll. I've actually thought about suing the hospital & the radiation staff for malpractice and emotional distress, if it has gone longer. Long periods of non-treatment is very risky. They should know that. The least they could do was refer us to another hospital (never mind if there was going to be another planning session and simulation), or they could have used the other machine. Their reason for not using the other one was it would take a long time to configure it. Hello?! What's more important, the time it takes to configure the machine or the life of their patient? It's a no-brainer, really.

I can understand that it took a while to get it fixed coz the parts needed to be imported, and it took them 2 days to have the part released by Customs (hay.. Customs talaga!). But for sure, they should have had alternative treatments for situations like this.

When we went there last week for mom's check-up with her primary oncologist and to complain about the long period of non treatment, it was good that they were apologetic about the situation and they at least reassured us that they were doing everything they could to have it fixed ASAP. If they weren't, the biatch in me would have probably reared it's ugly head. Hehehe, wawa naman sila, if ever nangyari yun. :p

Oh well, mejo matagal yata yung pag-rant ko. :p I should be thankful that the treatment is on again. And I am. Feel ko lang dumada. Hahahaha!

After the treatment, mom, my sister (she didn't go to work today coz she went to work yesterday - wise, noh? double pay kasi kahapon dahil holiday - Chie, joke lang!) and I went to DV (heehee! Divisoria po, mas cute lang pakinggan kung DV, diba? :p). We bought Christmas decorations there, coz it was at least 50% cheaper than the ones we buy at the big malls. The decors were exactly the same, but it was cheaper at DV, and we can make tawad. (wahaha! make tawad - Kris na Kris ang dating, ah! :p)

There were many people but it wasn't as crowded as it was the same time last year, when we bought beads and crystals for bracelets. Last year, we could hardly walk inside DV Mall, coz it was packed. As in, kailangan magaling ka magbalya ng tao para makalakad ka. This afternoon though, we could walk comfortably, which was great. It wasn't tiring and we weren't drenched in sweat by the time we finished. :D

Ay! I'm excited to decorate the house na.

Wow! Can you believe it? It'll be December tomorrow. 24 days to go and it's Christmas. Woohoo!

i hate this day

Monday, November 29, 2004

I hate this day!

This is one of those days I'd rather erase from my memory. Everything I do seems to turn out wrong and whatever I say is taken not as I intended it should. Kaka-bad trip talaga! Even the gloomy weather is commiserating with me.

I'm not being a drama queen, but this this day just doesn't seem to end. I don't know what to do anymore. My eyes are already puffy from all the crying I've done and I've been biting my tongue so I wouldn't blurt out anything that could be taken the wrong way.

To top it off, I was talking to a male friend on YM, and as I said bye, I mistakenly sent him a Chinese audible of a girl with a heart. Dang it! I was so embarrassed, I disconnected right away. Granted it was in Chinese, and he can't understand Chinese, but the flying heart and the fluttering eyes will surely give me away. ARGH!!!!

Haaaaay....... matapos na sana ang araw na ito.

last weekend of November

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Nyah! Weekend na naman. That was fast. I barely even remember what happened all week. :p Hoooo! it's also the last weekend of November. In just a few weeks, it'll be Christmas and then BOOM! it's already 2005. Ang bilis!

It's a holiday on Monday, actually it's supposed to be on Tuesday, but it was moved to Monday, so we'll have another 3-day weekend. Hopefully we'll be able to decorate the house this time. I want to be able to feel that Christmas is in the air already, and having the decorations certainly helps to make me feel that way. :) Actually, the Santa Claus chime was never taken down, as well as the garland with the grape lights on the front door, so we could claim that it was Christmas all year round at our house. Heehee!

Have I mentioned that Christmas is my favorite season? Oh yeah, I have. Countless times. :p

I've been feeling quite relieved since mom and I went to St. Luke last Thursday. We were able to talk to her doctors about mom having fever on and off. I'm still worried, but I've had peace of mind (and more importantly, I think mom has, too.) The linear accelerator will be operational on Monday (keeping my fingers, toes, legs :p, eyes and whatever else could be crossed, crossed), and I'm so glad that mom's radiation treatment would resume on Tuesday. The sooner it's resumed, the better.

The results of mom's blood work were good and that makes me ecstatic. Dra. Gorospe also gave mom a prescription to induce her appetite. It's quite expensive at almost 300 bucks a tablet, but it's very effective. Since mom took it she's had a good appetite and has even been craving food. :)

I, however, have had disturbing dreams lately. Sometimes I don't want to sleep for fear that I'll have it again. I don't want to wake up bawling my eyes out, and having difficulty breathing because the dreams hurt. The worries I've kept at the back of my mind were visualized in my dreams. It felt so real that I wake up crying. I hate those kinds of dreams, but heck, who likes bad dreams anyway?

Why can't I have exciting dreams? Dang it! I'd settle for a corny dream, just don't let me have the disturbing ones I've had lately. I wish I could somehow dictate what I would dream about. Speaking of which, I saw a feature in the news a couple of weeks back, about this dream machine that's the biggest thing in Japan nowadays. It's a small machine that you place by your bedside, and you press a button and say what you want to dream about, before going to sleep. You can be as specific as you want. When you've reached REM, the machine will play back what you said, and the manufacturers say that this would induce your dreams. Cool, huh?

I wonder if it works and if it will be sold here. :p I'll probably get one if it reaches our shores. But I hope it won't be expensive coz I won't get it if it is. I have to be smart with my purchases, no more luho, as much as possible. Times are hard and I gotta think of my future. Naks, ako ba nagsulat non? Parang hindi, ah! Hahaha!

Happy weekend, everyone!


PS: Did anyone watch the Bench Understatement show on Studio 23 last night? Ayayay! That's all I could say. Nyahahahaha!


Friday, November 26, 2004

commercial muna :) c/o sister dear:


The country's premier interactive museum for children celebrates Christmas and its anniversary in this special 2-night event. Visitors will get the rare opportunity to visit the museum after dark, a first in the museum's 11-year history. Fun and exciting magic shows, shadow plays, celebrity storytelling sessions, musical performances and other family activities will be held all over the museum. There will also be aChristmas bazaar in the museum grounds. On the second night, a live musical concert will close the event with some of the country's best bands as performers.

3 & 4 December 2004 / Saturday & Sunday / 6 P.M.-10 P.M.

Museo Pambata, Roxas Boulevard corner South Drive, Manila

Performances from Anino Shadow Play Collective, Blue Jean Junkies,Cocojam, Roence Santos of Joint Project, Magicians Foundation of the Philippines, Newspaper Taxis, Sando and many more.

Des Lleno
Programs Director

Maricel Montero
Advocacy Program Coordinator

Chie Sales
PR Director

during ofc hours: 5231797 or 98
email pr-prog@museopambata.org;
or message Chie/Des/Museo Pambata's account at Friendster (email: mpfi@lycos.com)

* We welcome volunteers to help us with the program, tours, photo/video documentation, bazaar etc. Call us! More details (other performers and such) to follow. Please please pass. SALAMAT! *

weekend update

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

I've been trying to write for 3 days. :p I started a draft Sunday night and not a word has been added since then. I actually wanted to write about a lot of things, but I can't put them into words. All I have are drafts.

I have a notebook at home where I write down stuff I want to blog about. I have topics, outlines and some I've finished writing but I'm not in the mood to tranfer here yet. Nyahaha! Kakaiba. I don't know if that's eccentricity, being OC or just plain quirky. Hahaha!

I spent the weekend shopping, but I wasn't really able to buy a lot of stuff. Fiscal crisis remember? Hehehe... I haven't done my Christmas shopping yet, but my sister and I made plans to do so this week. Hopefully.

Saturday morning my brother had another derma appointment. Mom and I picked him up from school and proceeded to Cardinal Santos Medical Center. It was a good thing we were a bit early coz there was only one patient before us. His treatment was done after an hour and we decided to go to Market! Market! to have lunch. We thought Greenhills would have lots of people coz it's a Saturday, so we didn't go there even if it was closer to Cardinal Santos.

When we got to Market! Market! we were kinda surprised that there were lots of people there, too. The last time we were there, the crowd wasn't as big as it was last Saturday. I guess since it's newly opened, more people are curious about it, and they heard that the items were reasonably priced.

When we're there, we always eat at Aling Ineng's Barbeque. We like it so much we still went there even if there was a long line (and I mean loooooooong.) I think I was in line for about 30 minutes. But it was worth it. Next time I hope we eat at Trellis. I miss eating there. :D

After lunch we went inside the Market Mall to window shop. We weren't really planning to buy anything, our initial plan was just to have lunch there, then go home. We ended up buying an ipod for my brother. Gah! I wish my birthday was Christmas, too. Toppet didn't even have to be persistent. He just told mom he wanted it for his birthday/Christmas instead of a new cellphone (which they talked about weeks ago). There was a sale at Abenson and I thought we were just going to ask around, but we went home with an ipod. Saya noh? :p Only boy kasi eh, bunso pa. It's okay though, at least he let me borrow the ipod since he got it. Hehehe...

My sister and I spent Sunday at the mall. She had to have her eyeglasses replaced and we were also able to buy some necessities, as well as canvass for new phones. Bonding time na din, coz we haven't spent much time together lately.

It's funny how me and my sister's minds work sometimes. I swear my cattiness comes out when I'm with her, specially when we're people watching. I'll whisper something to her and she'd laugh and say she was thinking of the same thing. We have this thing where we just look at each other and we'd know what the other one was trying to say. Pag nagkatinginan na kami, tatawa na lang kami bigla kasi alam na namin kung ano yun. Basta, fun mag-people watching sa mall! :p

Aside from shopping, eating and people-watching, we were able to make business plans for next year. I hope it pushes through, coz I'm already excited. We gotta do our research :)

Compared to all the Sundays near Christmas we spent at the mall, there wasn't much of a crowd last Sunday. That's when I realized that this year is harder on the pockets, than last year. During the previous years, I could really feel the Christmas commercialism (:p) in the air. Last Sunday, I couldn't feel it. Sure there were decors all around, but it didn't feel like Christmas. Kinda sad, but as I wrote earlier, Christmas isn't about the material things, but about family and celebrating the birth of our Lord. Hopefully, even if things are kinda hard this year, we'd have a memorable Christmas. After all, it's still a few weeks away, we still have time to feel the season. :)



Friday, November 19, 2004

I'm back to my old self again. :D Can I just say being sick SUCKS? This is the first time since Saturday that I've felt better. No more headaches, no more fever, but only slight body malaise and fatigue. I'm not groggy with medication anymore and best of all, I can taste the food I'm eating. Woohoo! Oh, water still has an aftertaste. Weird.

It felt like I lost at least 5 pounds. Another WOOHOO! Nyahahahaha! Shux, dapat lang, noh. After feeling crappy for a week, losing much needed poundage is a good reward. But being able to taste the food, could also mean I could gain the pounds I lost. Darn it!

I'm still feeling a bit lazy, but I'm glad I closed a deal before 10 am today. Thanks to my cousin, Kuya Gani, my production had another increase. :D

Mom is also back to work. She has no fever anymore. See? Sabay talaga kami. Kakaiba. She was able to talk to the doctor yesterday and it gave us (her, more importantly) peace of mind. Dra. Uy said that 2-4 weeks of radiation therapy interruption would mean just an added day of treatment. St. Luke's Radiation Therapy staff also called yesterday and said that the replacement part that had to be imported will arrive on Monday. I'm hoping there will be no glitches in Customs so the part could be released immediately.

The weekend is off to a good start. :)

We're planning to decorate the house this weekend. Usually, we decorate for Christmas as early as the first weekend after All Saint's Day. We were supposed to put the tree up last Monday, coz it was a holiday. We didn't coz my brother wants to help (owwws? hehehe!), but he had to go somewhere, and mom & I were sick.

I can't wait for Christmas. It's my favorite time of the year. It's also my brother's birthday and our annual family reunion is held here at home. We always have a program hosted by our cousin, Lon. Kung sino mauuto, magpeperform, hahaha! There are games, usually headed by Tito Gerry and a raffle c/o Mommy and Tita Belle. Our house becomes happy chaotic, and I love it. I just don't like the cleaning up right after. Heehee! Who does anyway? :P

I've heard quite a number of people say that they don't feel like Christmas is near yet because of the rising costs and the fiscal problem (which Pres. GMA says is over, but I'm skeptical). But Christmas isn't about what you eat, your new clothes and other gadgets or what gifts you receive (although it's always great). Christmas is about the family. As long as we're together, it will be a great Christmas for me (but it would be even better if Mom cooks her roast beef or paella). :D

ang labo ko talaga

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Yup, malabo ako, minsan. O sige na nga, mas madalas sa minsan, pero hindi lagi. Hahahahah! Talagang kailangan i-justify.

I decided to bring back the Haloscan comment box. La lang. Feel ko lang ibalik. Labo talaga. I blame this ficklemindedness to my not having fully recovered from the flu virus. My brain is still addled. :p

Ay! I almost forgot!

Happy Birthday, Daddy! :D

It's been almost two weeks since mom's last radiation therapy session. The machine is still being fixed and I am getting worried. They assured us that it was okay, but until I hear it from the doctor, I won't stop worrying. The thing is, mom's radiation oncologist is still abroad. He'll be back tomorrow. I want to hear good news from him!

It's so frustrating coz I can't do anything about the situation. I can't very well tell the radiation therapy staff to hurry it up, when the parts for replacement had to be imported. Ugh! If I could get it myself, I would. But what could I do? Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Wala.

Nothing but whine, in the comfort of my own room of course. I wouldn't want mom to hear me rant and whine, coz I know she'll only get worked up.

I hope and pray that the freaking linear accelerator would get fixed this week. If not, someone's head will be bitten off.

I didn't realize that I get sick everytime mom does, until she mentioned it this morning. She has observed that whenever she has fever, I follow suit, as if to suck the fever out of her (her words, not mine :p) I wonder if there is such a thing as Sympathetic Sickness (kinda like sypathetic pregnancy). I gotta research on that.

Anyhoo, that'll be all for today. I'm getting dizzy already. Will bloghop soon.


Yahoo! News - Hanks, Howard Do "Da Vinci"

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Another movie to look forward to. :D

Tom Hanks is older than what I pictured Robert Langdon to be, but I like him better than Russell Crowe, who was earlier rumored to play the lead character in The Da Vinci Code.

Click here for full story.


It would have been nice to go out of town for the long weekend, but I spent it mostly in bed coz I was sick. Blah!

Will blog more when I've recovered fully.

thank you, Lord

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Staying home on a Saturday night, there's nothing much to do but go online and surf or watch television. I'm doing both. :p Well, actually, I'm online and peeking from time to time while dad's watching tv.

There was this show that caught our attention and I felt a range of emotions as I listened to the show on the background. It was Boy Abunda's show, Kontrobersyal. Tonight's show tackled the growing hunger situation in the country.

I was incensed, saddened and I couldn't help but shed a tear over what I heard. It came as a shock learning that more people were digging for food in the trash, washes it, recooks, then resells it to others. I was SHOCKED. I mean, I know it's a sad reality that some people look for food in the trash, but I didn't expect that there would be people who'd make a living out of it. I don't know how I would feel about them. I don't want to judge them for what they're doing. On one hand they were driven to it by desperation, but on the other hand, let's face it, it's disgusting, it's unsanitary and it's inhuman.

When I see people driven by desperation to do something they wouldn't normally do, I can't help but be grateful, that compared to them, I'm living the good life. I may not be filthy rich, but my family & I live comfortably. We eat more than 3 times a day, we could afford some luxuries that our poor brothers and sisters could only dream of. My parents did everything they could to send us to prestigious schools. I've lived a privileged life, compared to them. And I thank God everyday that I have.

It makes me realize that there are some things I could live without, and that I shouldn't be wasteful. I should cherish what I have, and prepare for my future coz it all could change in an instant. I have a social responsibilty and I should do something about it in my own little way.

It's a good thing that through the efforts of Fr. Robert Reyes (yup, the running priest), restaurant owners from the Timog area, are setting up a Soup Kitchen, for our less privileged kababayans. It would certainly be a great help. But I also agree with some sectors that the less privileged should be given livelihood program opporunities, so they wouldn't just rely on the help others can give them. That way they could be self-suffient, which I think is good, coz it gives them their dignity.

I'm not feeling well. I think I'm going to be sick. Hay... I hate getting sick! I should turn off this computer now, so I could rest.

I decided to delete the Haloscan comment box, coz it only archives for a few months and it deletes the comments after that. Too bad I wasn't able to copy the previous comments. :(

me, serious? since when? :p

Friday, November 12, 2004

It took a while for me to discover how much I've changed over the years. I didn't think I changed much coz the changes were gradual. But I got the chance to read my previous diaries one night, when sleep eluded me.

When have I become so responsible and mature? Not that I was very irresponsible and immature before. Hehehe... But now I think things over before going through it. I'm not as impulsive as I was, and I think of the consequences before doing anything.

I was never a party girl, but I like going out. I, however, didn't spend it getting wasted (hehehe.. high tolerance for alcohol, maybe :p) I'd rather hang out with friends and my cousins, eat out or go on road trips, than bar-hopping. Once in while is all right, but barhopping everytime we go out? That's not for me. Well, not now anyway. :)

I've lost count of the times I begged off from nights out that one of my friends called me a hermit. :p I just didn't want to go out and have fun, while my mom was sick. I feel guilty that I'm out painting the town red, while knowing she's battling a very stubborn disease. Mom didn't tell me not to go. It was my decision. In fact, she kept pushing me to go out with friends, but I just didn't have the heart to. It's a good thing my friends understood what my family and I were going through. I wouldn't be a strong as I am now if it hadn't been for their support and prayers.

Reading my old diaries, I just kept laughing coz my concerns and problems then were so trivial. And cheesy. But it was nice to look back. :)

okay na ako :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

I was thinking of deleting my previous post coz I didn't want to have a constant reminder of my disappointment. But I don't want to make a big deal out of it, so I left it as it is. :p Suffice to say that it has served it's purpose, coz since I wrote it, I've been feeling better. Thanks to friends who texted and those I got to talk to (er, rant with would probably the more appropriate term :p), and fellow bloggers who left comments.

I'm not the type of person who'd usually keep what I feel to myself. If something is bothering me I say it out loud, but not until I've played it in my head. It's like I have a script in my brain and I try to look at different scenarios, so I'd have a ready retort. Hahaha! Kakaiba ako no? :p

Family and friends have said countless times, that whatever I feel can easily be seen in my facial expressions. You'll know when I'm royally pissed coz my left eyebrow is raised, I roll my eyes and I pout. Gah! Not a pretty picture. :p When I'm happy or excited you'll know from a mile away coz i have this silly grin on my face and my eyes twinkle (that's what my cousins say). Sometimes I can pull off a poker face, but after a while, I'd laugh. Hmm.. maybe that's the reason why no one can teach me how to play poker or even pusoy dos? hehehe. :p

There are times that I keep things inside (usually very serious or emotional ones). I don't say a word to anyone, but I write it on my diary and more often than not, I cry as I write my thoughts down. Masakit sa dibdib kung walang outlet para sa mabibigat na problema at emosyon. May nakapagsabi sa akin na nakakabaliw yun. Yoko nga mangyari sa ken yun. Hehehe!

♥ JeN

PS: Happy birthday to my cousin, Geng. Thanks for the saheti wid mitbols. Nyahahah!

Belated birthday greetings to: Pangga-cious :p, Mylin, Tita Del, Cousins Genrick & Emman, & Lola Freda :D

hay nakoh...

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

I haven't been feeling well the past few days. No, I'm not sick. I'm just depressed. Maybe depressed is not the right word. Disappointed. Or a bit sad, maybe. I think it's somewhere between sadness and depression.

I found out from two college friends recently that there was some sort of college barkada get together a couple of weeks ago, coz our friend flew in from D.C. I don't know what's worse, knowing that I wasn't informed of it or learning about it from another friend, who's in another country. Ugh! Yeah, Lori, I lied. When you asked me about it, I said I couldn't go, but I just said it coz I didn't want to let you know I was left out.

Friend A, who celebrated her birthday a few days ago sent me an email, thanking me for the greeting. On that same email, she asked me why I didn't show up for dinner again a couple of weeks ago. Uh, hello?! How can I show up when no one informed me? What irks me about it is since I got an email from A2 (friend from DC), that she was going on vacation, I was excited. Only to find out that she's already here, they had some get togethers, I wasn't there (obviously), and I found out all about it, 2 weeks after it happened. And I found out from a friend in the US. She knows about it and she's 11,000 miles away from us?! I'm in the same country, same city even, I'm a text, call or email away and I didn't know? There is something seriously wrong about that. And this isn't the first time it has happened. The last time friend A2 was here, I didn't know about it either. Yeah, I get the picture.

I texted friend D and I said I was hurt that no one told me, after all, she's the one I'm in constant communication with. She texted back after a day, apologized and said that it was "madalian lang". But the others were there, they obviously knew, so why wasn't I informed? I wouldn't still be disappointed and ranting about it, if I bought the explanation.

I don't know why things are like this now, we've always been good friends. Or so I thought. Have we drifted that far apart? Have I done something wrong? Whatever it is, I certainly think that I DO NOT deserve to be treated this way. Not to be conceited, but I know I am a good friend. Maybe we have grown apart... and that's the really sad part about it.

Damn it! I hate feeling this way. There's this song on the Broadway musical, Avenue Q, and I remembered it today because that was how I felt the past few days. The title of the song is, "It Sucks To Be Me". How fitting.

I know it's inappropriate to compare sets of friends, but stuff like this makes me feel grateful that I have friends like the ones I've had since grade school and high school. I think our friendship is much deeper than the ones I made in College. We've been through a lot together and we know each other inside out. And even though we have disagreements sometimes, we're still friends. We may not see each other as often as we used to and as often as we liked, but when we're together, that doesn't seem to matter. We pick up from where we left off. They're more than friends to me, they're like sisters, and I thank God for them.

another lazy saturday

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Christmas is definitely in the air. It's getting harder to wake up every morning coz it's colder. It's so nice to stay in the warmth of our own beds, snuggled cocoon-like, or snuggled with your someone special (if you have one :p).

This morning, it was even harder to wake up coz it was raining. My five minute extension turned into another 30 minutes. Finally, I stopped hitting the snooze button. I dragged myself out of bed, coz we were supposed to go to St. Luke's today for mom's treatment (the linear accelerator was on preventive maintenance yesterday), and my brother's class starts at 9 am. Imagine how dificult it is to wake up at 7 am on a Saturday, when the weather is so conducive to sleeping. Haaay...

As soon as the cold water hit me, I was wide awake. Sobrang lamig! Hahaha!

I was already getting ready when the phone rang. It was the Radiotherapy Dep't. of St. Luke's, and they said there will be no treatment today coz the machine is still being fixed. ARGH! I wish they could have called earlier so I didn't have to get dressed for nothing. But it was all right. At least I was able to resume whatever dream I was having. Hahaha!

I went to bed, listened to the radio for a bit, read a book and then fell asleep again. I woke up at 2 pm feeling sooo relaxed. :D I even slept through lunch. Hehehe!

I just love lazy weekends :D

psycho strikes

Thursday, November 04, 2004

I hate it when I've typed up an entry and when I click the publish button, the error in connection page shows up, and I have no way of retrieving my entry. Grrrrrr! And to make me feel worse, a split second before I clicked the button, I asked myself if I should save it first. ARGH! I should have followed my instincts.

I'm still here in the office and I'm using our EVP's computer and internet connection. Hehehe... He asked me to search the Princeton University Press and Stanford University Press websites for Oriental Literary Classics. It's not part of my job description, but I don't mind coz while the search is being done, I am blogging on the side. Hahahaha!

From what I remember, this is what I wrote earlier:

I was sleeping in the car whan I was woken up by a bumping sound followed by mom's startled voice. Shempre windang-windang pa ako :p I was so disoriented that I couldn't fathom at first where I was and what was happening. I was even more startled when I saw a scruffy looking man tap the trunk of our car loudly and he was looking at us angrily (we were stuck in traffic). I thought we bumped him coz he looked really pissed off.

He was cursing us and he was flailing his arms wildly. I was so stunned I wasn't able to react. Hehehe.. natameme ako. All the whiile I just stared at him, so did mom, and our driver Ricky looked confused. Shems.. as in, wala kaming nagawa. Hahahaha! Then, the guy spat on his palm and wiped it on our rear windshield. EEEEEEEEEEWWWW!!!! It was then that I was able to react, I kept shooing him away (nyahaha! ginawang langaw :p) while I was mentally cursing the traffic to move. I heard the jeepney drivers shout, "Baliw yan!" Uh, yeah... I kinda figured that out. :p

The man stopped abruptly and I thought he was gonna go away. I felt relieved but it was short-lived. He moved because he picked up garbage and he hurled it on our rear windsheld. Yuck! Kadiri talaga! Finally, the traffic moved and we were able to get away from the psycho. We then drove to the nearest gasoline station to have the car cleaned.

Hay naku, umagang-umaga adventure agad. :p

long weekend?

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Eh? What happened to my chatterbox? I hope it's down because they're upgrading :D

Long weekend is over. It didn't seem that long though. I'm still wondering why Nov. 2 wasn't declared a holiday, the prior years naman, ganun. Oh well.. don't fret members of the work force, Nov. 15 is a holiday. :)

Me & my big mouth struck again over the weekend. I really should learn to keep it shut, the less I say, the less people I hurt inadvertently. Hay... buti na lang everything's fine now. I wrote mom a letter and left it on their dresser before I went to bed. I find I could express myself more in writing, coz if I do it face to face, I either end up crying and babbling incoherently, or I dig a deeper hole for myself. Chaka buti na yun, coz I won't be able to answer back. I woke up this morning with a kiss from mom, which means my letter did its job. Yay!

The original version of The Grudge was on TV last Sunday. Of course I watched it again. And yes, I did sleep with the lights on. I just don't get why I keep watching horror movies and scary shows, when I always end up sleeping with the lights on, coz of my very active imagination. But dang it! Katakot talaga! Specially the part where the ghost peeked at the girl from inside her blanket. Ack! As in, nakatalukbong yung girl, pos yung babaeng mumu nakasilip sa kanya mula sa loob. Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh.... Mommmmmmyyyy!!! Shems... natatawa ako sa sarili ko. Weird.

I wonder if the Hollywood version of The Grudge will be as scary. Hmmmm....

Current LSS: I love this song by a revived Session Road :)

Session Road

Hindi mo ba alam
Damdamin ko'y pinagtakpan
Makasama ka'y suntok sa buwan

'Di mo nga alam
Mundo mo nga'y iyong tignan
Kung ganyan, walang pupuntahan

Hindi ko 'to gusto
Pero wag kang lalayo

Itanong mo sa akin
At tatanungin ko rin
Kung ika'y aamin
Lahat ay gagawin

'Di mo napapansin
Kailangan mo akong dinggin
'Di habang buhay ika'y aantayin

Ito’y aking hiling
At sana naman ay tanggapin
Ng puso ko'y 'di nabibitin...

(repeat refrain)
(repeat chorus)

BOO!!! happy halloween!!

Friday, October 29, 2004

You know Halloween, All Saint's Day & All Soul's Day are just around the corner, when every television program starts showing scary stuff. There's an abundance of ghost stories, scary apparitions, possesions, seances, exorcism, horror movies and everything else that could scare the crap out of anyone.

Honestly, even if I'm probably one of the world's biggest cowards, I love watching those shows. I like scaring myself. Hahaha! What I don't like is how my imagination runs wild when I'm alone in my room and about to sleep. Because of the hair-raising shows I've watched, I end up sleeping with the lights on. Heehee!

Maybe it's because I've had my share of ghostly experiences. I still can't explain it until now, but the most vivid experience I could remember happened when we were doing our thesis.

My thesismates and I were finishing the draft of our thesis and we pulled an allnighter at our thesismate's compound in Leon Guinto (it was nearest school). One of our thesismates, Chi, was very sensitive to ghosts. We were the ones tasked to type while the others rested (we worked alternately and had different assigned tasks). It was already around 2 am and we suddenly felt a hot breeze by our ears, like someone blew air at us. I looked at my friend and her eyes were closed and she was praying. I followed suit coz I had goosebumps all over and I felt chilly, inspite of the hot breeze I felt by my ear. We heard a voice we didn't recognize say something unintelligible. At the corner of my eye I could see a woman wearing a Maria Clara outfit by the door. As soon as I turned my head "she" was gone and I thought I imagined it. After a few minutes (though it felt like an hour), the chill was gone and I was shaking as I asked Chi if she saw what I saw. She said yes and that there was also a Japanese soldier standing behind her, looking menacingly at us. She could see him on the computer monitor, but when she looked back, she didn't see anything.

On another thesis cramming session, the boys were in the living room while us girls were in the dining room, finishing our assigned tasks. We decided to have a break and joined the guys in the living room. We stopped at our tracks when we saw one of our thesismates seated on the sofa, but there was space between him and the sofa. He looked like he was sitting but he was floating! Nyay! Chi said he was sitting on the lap of the Japanese soldier she saw before. Aaaaaaaaah!!!!

high school reunion

Tonight is our High School Reunion, but my friends and I aren't going. And from what I've gathered so far, quite a number won't be going either. It's not that I don't like my batchmates or High School for that matter, coz I don't. I loved High School. If I were to compare and choose, I'd choose it over College. I met my dearest friends in High School and we had so many (mis)adventures. I'm just not in the mood to be plastic tonight, and rub elbows with the cliques. Gawd! that sounded bitter. Hahaha!

Quite frankly, most of the people who are going are the ones I'd rather not see. I'm sure most of them have changed since HS graduation, but I'm not inclined to mingle. Besides, I bump into most of them everywhere. And the ones I want to see, I'm still in contact with and could see them anytime I want to. :)

murphy's law?

Thursday, October 28, 2004

What do you do when you're stuck in traffic, you're halfway home, and you desperately need to pee? Me? I prayed. Real hard.

It irks me how everything in the cosmos seems to be ganging up on you, when you're in a desparate situation. Everything that could possibly delay you happens, and no matter how you try to avoid it, it catches up on you. Gah!

Yesterday after mom's radiation session, we felt hungry coz we waited a long time. I was craving for a chocolate sundae so we went to the Jollibee drive-thru near St. Luke's. There was a mix up and instead of the regular cokes, which came with the value meal, we got the upsized cokes. That's where it all started.

By the time we were near NAIA, I had goosebumps coz I really needed to go. I distracted myself by singing along to the radio. Didn't work. Then mom said we need to get gas and I was somewhat relieved coz I could finally go to a restroom. Eeep! Didn't work, too, coz OC me didn't think that particular gasoline station restroom was sanitary. Arte talaga. It was only about 10 minutes to our house and I thought it was okay. Wrong again, Jen. The gasoline station attendant was as slow as a turtle and I wanted to curse him to move faster, but it would take too much energy. I decided to keep quiet, close my eyes and pray. Hehehe.

Pag minamalas ka nga naman, tuloy-tuloy. I don't know why, but all the cars in front of us seemed to be driving 10 mph. It was a good thing, ever-reliable driver Ricky can drive like a snake when needed. Hahaha! But goodness, every hump in the village added to my torture.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, we were home. I jumped out of the car, sprinted as fast as I could and thanked the good Lord I made it.

Kasalanan yun ng crew ng Jollibee. Nung hindi nila kami binigyan ng large coke, hindi ako magkakaganon. Nyahahaha! Nanisi pa :p

back to blogging :D

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

I didn't know when I posted the previous entry earlier that I would be able to blog tonight. YaY! Finally after days of trying to blog, I have time tonight. :)

Today was mom's 4th radiation therapy session. Every afternoon for 28 weekdays, mom and I will be at St. Luke's. The sessions last for less than a minute, but because of the adjustment settings, mom is in the linear accelerator for about 15 minutes.

As usual, it's the waiting that bugs me. Patience really isn't my virtue. hehehe... That's why I always bring a book with me, so I won't get bored. I finished 2 books already and I'm halfway done with the book I brought today. I won't read it tonight coz at the rate I'm going, I'll probably finish all the books I have at home that I haven't read yet in just two weeks. :p

Radiation Therapy is standard procedure now after chemotherapy. Specialists say that the chances of remission are increased after both procedures. Just a few years ago, it wasn't like this, and I am glad that through continuous research, the medical profession has many options now. And it's great that this treatment doesn't have the same side effects as that of chemo. This one is relatively easier. The only side effect I notice is fatigue right after the treatment, but it's alright coz after the treatment, we drive home and mom could rest. I hope and pray that the treatment will be successful.

cellphone canvassing

Last Saturday, mom and I accompanied my brother to his derma appointment at Cardinal Santos. Hehehe... even if he's turning 18 this Christmas, sometimes he's still like a kid. He didn't want to go to the derma alone. :p We picked him up after his Saturday classes and after his treatment we went to greenhills to eat. We ate at italliani's (hay.. sumuko kami pareho, ang laki talaga ng servings, pero ang sarap :D - obvious ba na favorite ko italianni's :p)

We decided to canvass for new cellphones (para mawala ang busog namin). After going to each stall, I've decided on what to buy. I want a sony ericsson k700i! I'll have to wait until after Christmas to get it. My patience will be tested once again, but I think it will be worth it. Hehehe!

I almost didn't want to let go when we went to The Hub. Nyahahaha! The whole time we were there, I kept going back to the unit sample that when I do get it, I wouldn't need the manual to know how each feature works.

I also looked at the other phone models, like the nokia7610, the samsung e800 slide phone, sony ericsson k500i (which has almost the same features as the k700i, but it has a smaller memory and has no bluetooth), and the P910. I wanted the P910, but I am not going to shell out P42,000 for it. It's nice to look at and the features are great, but it's still too much. It's still k700i for me. :D

channel surfing

Yes, I love my tv. :) My day isn't complete if I don't watch tv. :p And I think having a tv in my room is one of the reasons why I sleep late. I have this habit of turning it on before going to bed, and when a good show is on, I watch it. :p

These were some of the shows I watched over the weekend:

1. The Formula 1 Brazilian Grand Prix: I stayed up until 3 am to watch the live coverage of the last race of the season. JP Montoya won (booo!! I don't like him, he's a very arrogant driver), Kimi Raikkonen was 2nd (sayang, he was just 1.6 secs behind) and Rubens Barrichello was 3rd on his home race. Testings shall be done during the winter break and the new season shall start in March 2005, with the Australian GP in Albert Park, Melbourne.

2. World Series: I'm not a baseball fan, but the Boston Red Sox have been playing awesome games and I was intrigued if they could break the "82 year old curse". When I read that they had a come from behind win against the Yankees, I wanted to watch their next games and I was able to catch Game 2 against the St. Louis Cardinals. I was amazed at Schilling, the pitcher. He was playing with an injured ankle (which they said could only be healed by undergoing surgery), but it was as if he wasn't injured. He was all heart. It was a good game, but I'm still not a die-hard baseball fan ;)

3. Oprah Primetime: The stars of Ladder 49, John Travolta, Joaquin Phoenix and Jacinda (oh, no! I forgot her surname :p) were there to promote the movie and to give tribute to heroes. It was a touching episode and I'm not ashamed to say that I shed some tears, particularly when I saw John Travolta crying unabashedly, when two heroic firefighters were given medals of courage by the firefighter they saved. I also cried when they paid tribute to Mattie Stepanek, the courageous poet and author of the Heartsongs books, who had a rare form of muscular dystrophy and passed away at the age of 14 last summer. My lachrymal glands were on overdrive. Mattie's mom spoke about the last moments of Mattie and I think only a person without a heart wouldn't feel choked up and cry, after hearing that.

4. Superfriends: Last night before we had dinner, I was in my room channel surfing and I saw my favorite show when I was a kid on the Cartoon Network. It was an episode of the Superfriends and the original Justice League! Hahaha! I remember when I was about 5, I loved the Saturday morning cartoons on Channel 9, coz it had the Superfriends, Captain Caveman, Astroboy and the Hannah-Barbera cartoons. It was fun to watch this episode coz Superman, Batman, Wonderwoman, Hawkman, Aquaman, Green lantern, the Indian who'd turn into a giant (ack! what's his name? Colossus? ewan :p), and even the Wondertwins and their annoying space monkey were there. What was the name of that monkey? Gleep? Bleep? Nyahaha! I'm sure only the people my age could relate to this.

buh-bye Chie!

My sister is going to Bacolod tomorrow for work. She'll be gone for 4 days. Hay, sarap! Chay, pasalubong namin, ha? Uwian mo ako ng Ilonggo. Bwahahaha! Ingats!

to blog or not to blog...

haaaay... i haven't been able to blog lately. i'll find time soon. promise!

cellphone withdrawals

Friday, October 22, 2004

I left my cellphone at home. We were running a bit late and turning back to get it would delay our trip even more, so I said it was okay not to. Now I'm having withdrawal symptoms. :p I keep thinking how many messages I have, who sent them, if I had missed calls, etc. And it's only 11:20 am! I still have a few hours before I get home and hold my cellphone again. Haaay...

I was never like this before. I had my first cellphone when I was in my senior year in college and even then, it was only for emergencies. Now, the first thing I do when I wake up is check my phone. The last thing I hold when I'm about to sleep is my phone. When I'm waiting for something, someone or when I'm in line, I play games, check my email or listen to my radio with my phone. Or I text friends. My cellphone has become indispensible. A necessity. :p Sabi ko nga dati, "Maiwan na ang lahat, wag lang ang cellphone!"

a simple life

Since our cable provider doesn't carry the ETC channel (well, it used to, but *POOF!* it just disappeared one day), it was only last night that I got to watch season 1 of "a simple life", starring Hotel heiress Paris Hilton and her best friend, Nicole Richie. I caught the second airing of the first episode on StarWorld around midnight. I laughed my a$$ off, because they were absolutely clueless! And I don't mean the cute clueless like Alicia & company were in the movie. Sorry Clare, but Paris could give Jessica Simpson a run for her money. Hahahahaha! She didn't even know what Walmart was. "Walmart? What's that? Do they sell walls there?" Bwahahahahahaha!!!

I'll definitely watch the next episodes, but I gotta say, shows like this, dull the brain. :p

the day we ate leaves, petals and grass

Monday, October 18, 2004

Nyahahaha! Yes, you read the title correctly. We did eat leaves, petals and grass. The day was Saturday and I was with my barkada in Tagaytay. Technically, it's in Batangas already, but it was near Tagaytay Royale Estates. The place was Sonia's Garden - a bed & breakfast with really great ambiance, but for a meatlover like me, it wasn't the place to be. The garden was beautiful. There were flowers of every size and color everywhere. There were trellises and fountains, big ceramic pots with water and floating flowers. It was breathtaking. And there were several daybeds, with white curtains, at strategic places around the garden. A massage service was also provided, it was too bad we didn't avail of it. Sonia's Garden is a beautiful place, but I will always remember it as the place where I ate a petal. Now I know how goats feel like. Hahahahaha!

Backtrack a bit before I get to the petal-eating story. :p

My barkada & I (no boyfriends and hubbies included - girls only) were going on a trip to Tagaytay last Saturday. One of our friends, Elaine, flew in from California last week and we wanted to have another road trip. It was supposed to be her wedding shower, coz she's getting married in the US next year, but somewhere along the planning stages, it became a lunch trip to Tagaytay. Aimee, Arlene & Maita picked me up at the Jollibee branch, near the Sucat exit of the South Superhighway, while the others in Michelle's SUV went ahead.

We missed the Sucat tollplaza because I didn't have my eyeglasses on and I assumed Arlene knew where we would turn, so we were at the Service road until Fil-Estate Alabang. Hehehe. In fairness, the Sucat interchange is a motorist's nightmare. There were no clear road signs, most of the time there were no traffic enforcers and it was every driver for himself. If you're not familiar with the place, you'd end up at the service road.

Even if we were in the service road and it was slower that if we were at the South Expressway, it didn't matter coz we were all laughing. Arlene said her Toyota Revo should be rechristened Mitsubishi Adventure because of the adventures they had from the moment they left Makati, until the time we got to Fil-Estate Alabang.

The thing I love about roadtrips is the "car bonding". From the time I got in the vehicle, to the time we arrived at Sonia's Garden, it was non-stop conversation. Our conversation centered around food, how big our younger brothers and sisters were, and how older we feel when we see them. But mostly it was about food.

We knew we were eating organic veggies at Sonia's, but we didn't know if they served any meat dishes. Maita mentioned that when her Aunt ate there, Sonia, the owner, offered them a petal and said it was edible. At that point we were like, "Oh no! Why did we end up having reservations at Sonia's?" Aims & Arlene didn't have breakfast, and every food place we passed by were temptations, coz all four of us in the Revo were carnivores. We saw a bulalo restaurant and our reaction was, "wow bulalo, yummmm...". We passed by Josephine's and said, "sana sa Josephine's na lang tayo, o kaya Antonio's". Were were craving for meat and we haven't even arrived at Sonia's yet!

At some point I told a story about a friend mistakenly calling Burger King, Burger Machine, and Arlene started singing the old Burger Machine jingle. No, not the one by Eraserheads, but the one that goes, "Burger machine, the burger that never sleeps... you're never far from a burger, a burger machine" Wahaahaha! See what the thought of meat deprivation can do to a person?

Nearing the turn towards Sonia's, we saw two road vendors selling yummy crabs. We were thinking that if we end up eating an all-veggie lunch, we'd pass by mushroom burger, Josephine's, the bulaluhan, or buy the crabs and go to Arlene's house in Tagaytay, cook it and eat it there. I said, "It's okay if we eat veggies, I like it naman. Just don't make me eat damo and I'll be fine." We laughed and a couple of minutes later we were at Sonia's.

Elaine, Michelle, Monski, Mela, Bel and Michelle (Elaine's fiance Mark's sister) were already there and eating the salad greens. We exchanged pleasantries and started eating. I laughed when I got the salad greens and there was something grass like there. Maita saw it and said, "Hala, J, may damo nga!" There were some petals, too, by the way. Hahaha! It was actually good, coz I had lots of carrot & sinkamas strips, lettuce, parmesan & feta cheese, eggs, soya (soya nga ba yun? :p) and dressing. Then the pasta arrived and Arlene, Maita and I looked at each other and smiled as if to say, "Hallelujah! may pasta!" It was delicious. It was like a make-your-own-pasta-dish. You can choose if you want it with tomato sauce, white sauce, pesto. There were shrimps, mushrooms, anchovies. We tried all combinations. hahaha! It was filling because it was all-you-can-eat. :p

After eating we toured the place, went to the gift shop and of course the bathroom. The bathrooms were so nice. One was overlooking the hill below and the design was rustic yet the amenities were very modern. Yup, we're girls, we notice stuff like that. Hahaha!

After the garden we went to the massage area and the cottages. On the way, there was a cow mooing in the background. We laughed when Maita said the cow was telling the meatlovers that he was there and we could still eat him if we wanted to. Haha!

After Sonia's Aims, Arlene, Maita & I went to Calaruega. We wanted to check the place coz Aimee's boyfriend Eric's sister is going to get married there (and maybe Aims and Eric, in the near future). The others went ahead and we were just gonna meet them at Bel's house in Paranaque, on the way to Makati to have dinner (oo, kakain na naman kami ;p) with friends Ria, Abby, Mona & Jenny So, who couldn't join us in Tagaytay.

There was a wedding when we arrived and we decided to take a peek. We parked quite a distance from the church, and were on the way up when a boy around the age of 10, said something to us. We couldn't understand him coz he was covering his mouth with his shirt (don't know why, hahaha!), so we continued hiking up and talking.

"Ano yung sabi nung bata?"

"Ewan.. parang sabi nya walang daan dun"

"What if the boy is right and there is no way up there?"

"May daan eh. Look, may taong bumaba."

So we climbed the stone steps and a guard peeked and said, "Ma'am, di pwede dito." Ack! We should have listened to the boy (if we could understand him :p) Aims asked if it was okay if we just take a peek from where we were and that guard said yes. For lack of a better word, I'd say the place was beautiful. Just the right place for a romantic, solemn wedding. I was out of breath and not entirely because of the hike up, but because of the place.

On the way to the car, we were thinking of what to say to the boy when we pass by him and he says, "I told you so"

"Hindi mo naman sinabi, eh"

"Di ka namin naintindihan kasi nagtatago ka sa loob ng shirt mo."

When we passed by him again, he didn't say "I told you so" but something else we still couldn't understand. Nyahahaha!

We went to Arlene's house before going back to Manila, coz she had to give something to Mang Ambo, the caretaker. I've always loved that house (Arlene, *wink *wink. hahahaha!). The view from there was amazing. From the garden and from the balcony, you'd be looking directly at Taal Volcano. We hadn't been there in years and we said the small pond with the bridge looked smaller than we remembered it. But of course it didn't shrink, we grew up. :)

Before leaving Tagaytay, we went to 7-11 and bought supplies (water, gummy bears, chichiria, ciggies). We saw some Mister Donut Belgian munchies, the ones they called loveknots last valentine. It was divine! The chocolate just melts in your mouth. :D The stuff we bought at 7-11 totally negated all the healthy food we ate at Sonia's. :p

It was a Saturday to remember. A day with friends is always fun and I hope we can do that again soon. We all need breaks from our busy schedules, right?

can't think of a title :D

Friday, October 15, 2004

This week has been relatively busy, with 2 trips to St. Luke's for mom's consult with Dr. Ramos, last quarter insurance renewals and computation of profit commissions (wowee! :D). I missed two dinners with the Poste peeps, one at Rockwell last Wednesday and last night at Jennyso"s house. But that's okay, I'll see them tomorrow.

Yay! Excited na ako. It's been a while since I've seen them. Sigurado ako, sa car pa lang, non-stop na yung conversations.

My college friend, Yeye, texted me yesterday. She was inviting me to our friends, Jeff & Caryl's post birthday celebrations at her house. It would also serve as a reunion of sorts for our DLSU College Block. LC30. I wanted to go, coz it would be great to see them again. I started texting our other blockmates and even posted the invite on the friendster bulletin board. There's only one problem: the party/reunion will be held tomorrow. Yup, the same day I'll be seeing my high school friends for Elaine's wedding shower. ARGH! Kaines. What are the chances of having two reunions on the same day? Hehehe.. in demand ako (kapal :p)

When I realized that it would be on the same day, I immediately texted Yeye that I couldn't make it, due to a previous engagement. There will be other opportunities to see my college buds, especially since Anna will fly in from Washington D.C. next month.

I was about to sleep last night but I felt I had to turn my tv on. Bad idea, coz "Jerry Maguire" was on one of the Japanese cable channels and I ended up sleeping past 2 am again. Jonathan Lipnicki was soooo cute and Tom Cruise was simply divine. Grabeh! I fell in love with Tom Cruise all over again and I forgot Colin Farrell & Michael Vartan ever existed. Bwahahahaha!

It's been so long since I've seen that movie, and last night I realized how cheesy the dialogues were. I mean c'mon... "You had me at hello." and "You complete me.". Baduy, diba? Pero kinilig pa din ako. Wahahaha!


Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Yahoo! News - "Superman" Christopher Reeve Dies

My childhood hero died last Sunday. :(

Since I was a kid, I have always loved Superman. And there was only one Superman for me - Christopher Reeve. It didn't matter that there were Supermans before him, for me he was the only one.

I have lost count how many times I've watched Superman: The Movie & Superman 2 (my favorite). I, however, thought Superman 3 & 4 were corny.

When Christopher Reeve was paralyzed after a horseback riding accident in 1995 and he survived against all odds, I thought that he was a real life Superman.

Basta, favorite ko sha.

Goodbye Superman, Godspeed.

Here's a tribute to Chris Reeve, written by a fan.

I didn't know Rio Diaz Cojuangco personally, but I was saddened by her death. She served as me and my mom's inspirations, because of her faith in the Lord, even when she was diagnosed with cancer. We could relate to her situation and her triumphs and setbacks became ours.

Her death is a mixture of happiness and sadness. Happiness because she's at peace with the Lord now, and she's not in pain anymore. Sadness because she's gone.

I wish her family well.

monday na naman

Monday, October 11, 2004

I was deleting files from the mypictures folder when I saw the picture above. Aimee emailed it about a month ago, along with several pictures we had in high school and college, where everyone looked so innocent (?!). This picture put me on reminiscing mode again, which is kinda fitting coz I will see them this Saturday. YaaaY!

I was bloghopping and several of my blog friends have commented about all the hoopla surrounding Jasmine Trias' visit to Manila, and I agree with them whole-heartedly. Over exposure talaga! Yes, I cheered her on when she was on American Idol season three, along with another Pinay, Camille Velasco. But frankly, the attention she's getting is too much. Jas-mania, as others have said.

I am sick and tired of seeing her face on tv, plastered on the newspapers, and even the welcome banners she has along EDSA. I cannot turn my tv on, without seeing her Smart, McDonald's & herbench commercials (o free plugging pa yan, ha).

What is it with Pinoys getting so starstruck? Which reminds me, umpisa ngayon ng Starstruck at Star Circle Quest. Bwahahahahaha!

What irks me about the Jas-mania, is that she hasn't been vocal about being Pinoy before and it's only now that it was acknowleged. On American Idol, she had portrayed herself to be a Hawaiian with a mix of Chinese, Spanish, Filipino & Malay blood. Sure she was born in Hawaii, which makes her an American, but let's face it, her grandparents and her parents are pure Pinoys. Isang tingin mo lang naman sa kanila, alam mong Pinoy talaga.

On a recent TVPatrol interview, Jasmine said she was surprised that she was very popular in a country she doesn't know anything about. I felt sad when she said that. Didn't her grandparents and her parents tell her anything about our country? Yan ang hirap sa ibang Pinoy eh, nakatungtong lang sa ibang bansa, nakalimutan na kung saan nanggaling. And for the record, liking sinigang or any other Pinoy food, does not make one Filipino.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not mad at her, nakakapanghinayang lang na wala shang alam sa Pilipinas. But hey, maybe this visit would make her realize how beautiful our country is and how wonderful the people are, even if we do have lots of problems.